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Full Version: Nvidia 3D Goggles ...... 3D monitor essential or just good idea?
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I was reading up on nvidia 3d Vision. I saw some nVidia 3D goggles with USB IR transmitter etc.

So.... Is the 120 Hz monitor essential or just a bloody good idea?

My rig lets me play most games at 60 FPS. So my theory is that I can use 3D Vision and achieve 30fps on my existing monitor. The I can buy a 120 Hz monitor later. I am happy with 30fps for single player etc
it will look choppy if you go with your standard monitor, you really need 120hz.
QUOTE (nesquick @ Nov 4 2011, 03:51 PM) *
it will look choppy if you go with your standard monitor, you really need 120hz.

Oh, OK

Does this mean that you have seen it work and that it was choppy?
u need a 120hz monitor for 3d to work, wont work with an ordinary 60hz monitor unfortunately, also some games take a bigger toll on your gpu than half, so u wanna make sure your getting at least 80fps for a smooth 30fps with 3d vision enabled, honestly i dont think it is worth it until they sort out how dark it makes things, especially the ghosting, with FPS's you get a double set of crosshairs if 3d is set too high which makes it too hard to aim properly unless you close one eye while shooting, also 120hz helps a bit with 2d with how smooth things are but at the same time not worth the money spent
So has anyone used a 60hz monitor for 3D or is everyone making educated guess/assumptions based on theory and Internet evidence?


BTW I believe that 3D Vision 2 provides much brighter experience.
Sorry for reopening a month old thread, just got an email saying Express PC Parts have the Samsung 23 inch 120Hz 3D ready monitor including a pair of Bluetooth 3D active glasses on sale at $320 up until tomorrow 2pm (Syd time)

I can't find any info on the glasses. They may be the original nVidia set, or another 3rd party. Samsung do have thier own glasses.

Not a bad deal if you want to try out 3D computing.

To reply to this post,
I have only used the nVidia setup. And out of the box it will not work on 60Hz monitors, the software will check your Windows resolution before it enables the feature. There may be hacks/mods out there to get around this.
Dread Emperor
What model is the monitor?

The ones released by Samsung recently, arn't completely 3D vision compatible.
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