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Can't remember your login details?


Quite a few people are coming back to have a look down memory lane and maybe say a quick hello or goodbye.

Because Atomic has existed, in one form or another, for just over 19 years, there's a good chance quite a few of you won't remember your passwords, may have your forum account attached to a lapsed email account.

While there is a link you can try to use to reset your password via email, if you still have access to that email account, a lot of people are having issues with it - no mail arrives in their inbox or their spamfolder.

There's still a few weeks yet, but while there's a lot of interest and the word is out, the mods will be happy to help you reset the password manually.  What this means is you need to convince us that you actually owned that account.  We may ask a few specific (or general questions) when you get in touch with us, or we may know who you are and your link to the account because we've kept in touch over the years in other places and can see the continuity.  But to simplify things for us, when you reach out to one of us, try to provide as much info as you think we might see listed on your account: as mods, we can see all the private details you're asked during account creation, that a quick forum or google search won't reveal.

How can you reach out to us?  With luck and grace.  But also, it'll depend if we happen to know you outside of the forums, or only in here - there've been a lot of social gatherings over the last 19 years (and longer, for some who moved here from elsewhere at the start), but we know not everyone has been able to attend.  Reach out on facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, discord if you're on those platforms and you can find us on those platforms.  But if you don't have accounts in those places or know us in those places, reach out via email to atomicrego@gmail.com and we'll try to get in touch shortly. 

Who're the mods?

@Chaos.Lady, @elvenwhore, @Nich..., and @scruffy1

Let us know how we can help