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For the love of everything cardboard, plastic or painted. Euro love, wargamer, Monopoly - it's all about board games.

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  2. Yeah I have a friend who has both. I've played it with him but I should borrow it some time and give them a go.
  3. Chaos.Lady

    Christmas Board Games

    A game I can really recommend to play with younger kids is Forbidden Island or Forbidden Desert. They are both co-op games with reasonably simple rules. If you are careful how you quarterback it, the kids will have a blast.
  4. OK so I have played Queen Domino a few times now as King Domino with a couple of added rules to make the extra building tiles work (you get a random building on placing one) and it seems to work really well and both the kids (6 and 10) are really enjoying it played that way. It should make it easier to transition to the full game at some stage.
  5. It's like that with games though. I went to play Puerto Rico with my wife the other day and figured it would all come back to me when I opened the box but I had no idea when I looked at all the components. HAve to read up on all that again ? or just play my newer game ? but then why do I keep the older games ?
  6. Splendour is one of my faves atm, so I like that Spice Road takes a lot of similar elements. After one game, I'm still getting my head around the similar but different mechanics: only being able to play one card (or reset) per round feels like it slows the game down a lot, but also forces a different kind of play, in terms of generators. I dig the 'Ticket to ride' vibe Iberia has, but truth be told I barely remember how the original works at this point.'
  7. Betrayal is somewhere around being my favourite game. It's great fun and you can have newbies into the game in minutes as it starts co-op, although they may struggle to act as the traitor so an experienced player may take over there). The legacy version is a bit more refined in it's rules too. I have original Betrayal and the expansion (because your house needs a bathroom) already but I've heard once you go legacy you never go back. I plan on playing Queen Domino as King Domino until the kids are ready for the expanded rules. I've played splendor a lot on the tablet and it seems like fun. Century spice road sounds ok but it sound like it will be amazing when you mix it with the other 2 games.
  8. Chaos.Lady

    Christmas Board Games

    Iberia is really fun, very different take on pandemic in many ways. Splendor is one of my all time favorite games. Spice rush ii haven't tried yet. It's on the wish list tho. Coup I've always heard was good, but haven't played. QueenDomino is really good. Betrayal legacy looks ok, but I haven't heard all that great things about Betrayal so not sure. Interested in how that one goes.
  9. Didn't give/receive, but recently been playing some Pandemic: Iberia, Splendor, and Spice Road, with some Coup thrown in to lighten the tone.
  10. Gave the kids Queen Domino and Stuffed Tales. I got Betrayal Legacy. Pretty excited to play that one. I haven't played any of the games you have there. Just vanilla and legacy season one pandemic. I'm quite curious about Keyforge and Secret Hitler as I've heard good things.
  11. So I was lucky enough to get a few board games for Christmas this year. Pandemic: Fall of Rome Pandemic: Rising Tide Wildlands Brass: Birmingham Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Box Secret Hitler Keyforge (2 decks). Woohoo! I've played Pandemic: Rising Tide, Wildlands and Keyforge so far. All very awesome. Wildlands is a very different game and one I'm still kinda struggling to get my head around. Rising Tide as well - it's a bit more like base pandemic than others, but with enough twists to do your head right in. I'm still working on the strategy for it. Anyone else?