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    maybe for the other two, but Dutton definitely doesnt wear one! its actually discernible if you zoom in and apply just the right mix of contrast and edge enhancement filtering, like so...
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    I've just spent a month being with mum in hospital. Thank fuck she's getting better. It's just a long, long journey back to health.
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    i'm up for advertising being banned altogether the interweb can have sites linked to search engines (yay! banggood), but unless i'm asking for it, my relationship with advertising should be like consensual sex rather than (visual +/- audio) assault
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    I'm always joking! Remember when I locked my key in the apartment? Were you there when I needed the get a ladder over the Indian restaurant? Jesus fuck, yeah that was an edit alright! Fuck the dentist, he's causing you pain and you're worried about garlic? I'd be shoving dog shit in my mouth before going in! Wait...no.
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    I have two things to say about that; 1. I want my post count restored. 2. I will take one for the team and concede defeat now that LP has been allowed back Speaking of winning...forum activity is back up significantly in the last couple of days by allowing Logic to post again. I was the one who saw that and contacted Damo and said get back here now. Between the two of us we have increased the forum activity ten fold in two days hahahahaha. Win win, right?
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    I got banned on my 10,000th post for C U Next Tuesday! Soft cunts.
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    You need to speak their language but it has nothing to do with smoofty talk. Imagine 200 locals closing in on a vehicle, wouldn't move, everyone bugging out and my mate gets out with a motherfucking whip. Yes. A whip! BACK THE FUCK UP! CRACK! CRACK! They listen.
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    Here's a fact. This vegan is an idiot! https://7news.com.au/news/bushfires/vegan-slams-bunnings-over-national-sausage-sizzle-for-bushfire-victims-c-558219 Also, just to make this clear - I am not anti-vegan what so ever. You want to be a vegan? All the best. With a bit of planning and forward thinking I could actually become a vegan myself. I have no issue with it. I have an issue with activists that wont put their money where their mouth is, though.
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    From a Salvo shop recently - for use with Mame and other emulators. 20 bucks, though I believe they're going at clearance rates in other places. By the look of mine, new or barely used.
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    Nice though how the UK rag did point out the hypocracy of the protestors with leather bags and shoes. I was alfresco beef steaking the other day and this skinny guy walked past and said "You should be having a vegan meal!" I replied "Hey, it was vegan when it was in the paddock!"
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    quick point of personal privilege: please refrain from using animal based idioms, or at least consider providing a trigger warning in future kthnx
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    in health the wedge is the state versus federal responsibilities - both of whom show no generosity or co-operation my best anecdote to demonstrate : as a gp, i get supplied on request with "free" drugs for emergency use in my doctor's bag, some of which are quite costly (to the system; free to me) they get supplied in fixed quantities that bear little relationship to likely use pattern, but there is no wriggle room - want any, you get 10 as default, even if you might only ever use one in the shelf life most often these are not used, but need to be on hand in case i suggested to the local hospital (where i was also working at that stage) that it would be sensible to bring in my stock when it was close to expiry (a few months' remaining) and exchange it for newer stock, as the old stuff would get utilised in emergency before it could go out of date i was happy to swap for lesser quantities, because, well, that's what would be enough in reality rather than the defined arbitrary amounts no go federal law prevents me from doing so, as it is supplied for my use as a gp, and thus i must throw it out unused; can't even donate it for overseas use in countries where the use by date is less concerning than the total unavailability of basic useful stuff, because the contract for supply to the feds stipulates any such disposal would interfere with international marketing agreements - bad for business to give free redundant out-of-date stock to places that will never afford supplies anyway the suspicion is the exporting like so might encourage less scrupulous people to sell stock overseas (like patients are noted to do with common stuff got here under pbs, to send to their distant family - stuff as mundane as panadol, but other less otc (over the counter) items too here's the monthly allowables - https://www.pbs.gov.au/browse/doctorsbag note it's max quantities, but find a pharmacy to dispense a singe ampoule of anything, and i'll fall over dead from surprise, the pharmacy guild know how to make $ and so it goes
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    and here i was, thinking my opinion of you could not be lower
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    Yeah, demon cleaner off Sky Valley is amazing on what is a great start to finish album anyway. Edit: I think it's this sort of music that I go to because weed seems to not affect me. It gives me the feeling people describe when they get high.
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    Scomo is in my good books today. I received the Veterans Covenant today and my Lapel Pin. I'm not one to put much meaning into these things but the timing was nice, and it's certainly a nice gesture towards veterans before we all swallow a shotgun.
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    Saw son Jason at the Tivoli last year as part of the LZ experience, was bloody good. The girls do Black Dog very well.
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    Plenty of fake news out there, though. It's getting harder than ever to wade through the bullshit. Information technology has been great to us for so long, but now look at where it's put us....so much information it's difficult to manage. Which is what we now use huge analytical databases for...oh shit, back to square one
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    I just want to point out that not consuming pig vastly increases your chances of being a terrorist. Ergo bacon, that is all.
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    maybe it needs updating for the modern age. how about 11 seconds? fits in well the average maximum time many people can go without playing with their phone.
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