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    Hi everyone! It’s been a while, huh? Many excellent people are still here, some come and go, and many more, like me, hover around lurking, mostly checking in to see if it’s still here and how things are. It’s still here. The main reason I’m posting is to give you guys an update so you know where in the universe Atomic sits and what its future is, because some things just changed. The big news is that a couple of months ago Atomic’s owner nextmedia sold off its tech and games assets to Future Publishing. Making Future the fourth company to own Atomic. Future is huge, if you didn’t know. I wanted to work there once, in the 1990s when I loved PC Gamer. Well I work here now because with the titles Future bought (PC & Tech Authority, PC PowerPlay, Hyper and Atomic), they also hired David Hawkeye Hollingworth and myself. They also fixed the bloody crypto CPU killing infestation, so off to a good start in the good books with that. What it all means for Atomic is a big happy nothing. Future will keep the site going and everything will be tops. Now, being a supergiant global media empire, Future is keeping busy with a great many things. It also bought the parent company of Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware earlier this year. That means that this little corner of the internet is a low priority. Probably the lowest. And that’s fine with me. We don’t want meddling, we want to be left alone in peace. One day, perhaps, a time will be right to use the name Atomic and everything it stands for to do some kind of new media tech endeavour. That's not the main reason why these Atomic forums are being kept going though. It's because there are people here that want to stay being here. There is true love for Atomic. From you reading this, obviously, or you wouldn’t be here, so thanks for still being part of it Most of all from the guardians of the site Nich, Chaos and Elvenwhore. I know you know how fabulous they are and all their efforts and care are very much known and appreciated by me, David and those that matter here. I can’t thank them enough. So. As you were. I know there are bits and pieces here and there that need attention, and perhaps we’ll get to that, but the core remains and will continue to do so. Atomic. It lives because of you.
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    so...what youre saying is, Atomic has a future because Future has Atomic, and Future has Atomic because Atomic has a future? well, i, for one, welcome our new tautological overlords
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    It seems more like it's because of you Rob.
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    Curiosity got the better of me when newegg sent me a $30 discount ontop of there black Friday sale and so I have picked up a second kit of Samsung b die (3200c14 Flare X $244) 4 single rank kits should provide the same performance benefits as a 2x16GB dual rank kit but with a good MB 4x8GB can hit higher clock speeds. I was also tempted to play with a ITX 2600 system but wised up in time as all in all it would have cost as much as a RTX 2080 or a G-Sync monitor which would help my gaming rig much more than anything else. Back on topic so when the new kit arrives I will be running a bunch of detailed tests to see what effect it has since nobody else out there has done a good job of it yet as far as I can see. Toms hardware had a crack but its a bit short on details like what sub timings each kit had
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    Not including me. My knowledge of hiphop and rap could easily be engraved on the head of a pin by someone with a jewelers glass.
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    current events seem to suggest he might be thrown under it
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    Some of these aren't bad.
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    Down With The Sickness.....Disturbed
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    All you regulars, sheesh. It's like living in 2002 all over again. But with a lot less stress excitement. Which is pleasantly nice. Yeah, the poms own us now. But in a way they kinda did in the beginning, it was a pair of poms that started the company that started Atomic. For the last several years we've been owned by the Germans, then before that some different poms. Now new poms. I'd be very surprised if they wanted to do anything big with atomic. Or anything at all. I'd wanna go big. A few times over the years various suggestions were made to do a kinda atomic one-off special - but using content available from the vast pool of global syndication. Hence it wouldn't have been atomic but something like the UK's Custom PC but dressed up as atomic. So obviously we can't have that... who knows what the future holds. Anyway. Nice to hear from you again xx
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    Good to see you still around, Ben! Or, around again, maybe. TBH, if fb had bought the place, I'd be leaving behind dust. I never wanted anything top do with it even before all the evil bubbled into the public spotlight, and now you'd need to pay me well and provide me with a VPN, fake ID, and spoofed DNS.
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    Issue 44 set aside for you Nichers!
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    Err, you told us.. All of Nextmedia's tech assets!
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    my personal knowledge of mesh "complications" is limited, although it has been notified to gp's as an issue on the childbirth bit - i disagree strongly "natural" (ha! hardly a great descriptor) childbirth is preferable to intervention for a large number of women, but between increasing age of reproduction, and relatively large babies in western society (too much food, anyone ?), it needs careful consideration "elective" caesarean without any medical indication puts women at significant other risk - it is after all a major surgical procedure, and they all carry risks that are too numerous to be bothered typing as one of my colleagues once noted, people wouldn't agree to panadol if they bothered to read all the small print about potential effects; he also noted that it should be listed on any important medication that "TAKING THIS MEDICINE WILL STOP YOU BEING PREMATURELY DEAD FROM THE PROBLEMS IT IS TREATING" but yeah, the tga has dropped the ball on mandatory reporting i have other issues with them, but don't get me started - suffice to say i was somewhat instrumental in preventing them from outsourcing their communications to an american firm, the result of which would have been for them the ignore their statutory requirement to uphold australian privacy laws, and would have essentially permitted isp's in the states to harvest therapeutic goods information and on-sell it to big pharma (let's not mention "my health record" as a potential goldmine)
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    Lost 2 drives out of about 40 in 25 odd years. One was part of a RAID5 array, so no concern there, the other was an 2.5" external USB drive that after about 4-5 years started struggling to read content. I think I lost a few worthless files - videos or music. After running RAID1 for a few years, then RAID5 for a decade the last PC was built without them. These days my total storage requirements are <5TB - While I have about 6-7 computers for different purposes, most of them don't really hold any data of value. Dropbox, and a budget NAS mean that the <1GB of documents and files that are important are easily managed. Extra copies on the NAS and an offsite USB HDD keep the photo collections from special events that do take up about 1TB, that I would prefer not to lose - but that's a post-event sync that's easy to cover off. The rest is able to be reaquired - I don't have any torrent collections to get precious about.- just a ripped CD collection, and some OS & apps to be installed. Yeah, it would take time and be annoying - but that MIGHT happen, where as stressing about data backup. As for my latest RL purchase... Decided to get into console gaming, so with the BF/CM sales: PS4 PRO, Playstation Plus, Spiderman Game, Destiny 2 pack, G29 steering wheel. Also some network gear. An extra network switch (so I can trunk VLANs from the rack to the office - The network now has 5 switches in total), and a GPS so I can run serial/1PPS NTP directly on my gateway and retire the separate Raspberry Pi Stratum 1 NTP server.
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    faith no more - king for a day, fool for a lifetime i confess i googled the song, but i guessed the band spontaneously
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    Ahhh, this is why we be such goooood mates I think Chaos.Lady might have won the baton though
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    I'd be pleasantly surprised, but who knows. It's been a long time since I was a regular reader of Future publications from the UK, and they (almost) all seemed to go the same way.
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    when i first heard about this, i thought it must be referring to the ruling of some demented judge. (like the nutjob we had a while back suggesting a husband can use "reasonable force" to coerce sex out of his wife). however, i just found out the source of the outrage in this case is a defence lawyer, and much of the outrage is being directed at her — which is beyond stupid. a barrister's job is to make a persuasive argument, period. and, if the 'skimpy underwear is tantamount to consent' argument is actually a persuasive one in and of itself, then thats orders of magnitude more an indictment of the jury and the attitudes of the public from which it is drawn than anything else. heres a quote from the woman who started the hashtag: “Simply put, clothing is not consent. This kind of victim blaming is archaic and had no place in our court system." victim blaming? er, no. thats putting the cart before the horse. the purpose of the trial was to establish whether or not there was a victim. according to the court, there wasnt one. and i dont know the full context of how the underwear argument was raised, nor is there any way to know if it was instrumental in the verdict. people need to appreciate, that whatever the crime in question, it is often a regrettable necessity in trials dominated by hearsay and a dearth of material evidence, that all sorts of contentious peripheral details become the scraps over which the burden of proof must be contested. thereby, many aspects that ordinarily are, or should be, completely irrelevant to complicity, are rendered potentially relevant pending a jury's (or judge's) determination that they are not. so, whilst i applaud #thisisnotconsent for justifiably railing against the persistence of outmoded attitudes, and believe that stamping out these attitudes in the public at large may severely curtail their usefulness in court, i am nevertheless pissed off at the pillorying this lawyer has received, especially the hate she is getting from other women.
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    ".. Atomic. It Lives ..." If you don't mind Mr Mansill I'd like to grab that and add to my signature. Thankyou for the news.
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    Hi Doctor Nick Ben! Good to see you post again, and nice to hear the news that the forums will continue. It would be awesome if Atomic found a way to live again as some tech media product it the match is right. But should it stay just the forums, I still appreciate it as something a bit different from other online places.
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