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    2 hours anathetics have knocked me around though
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    "If you don't mind me asking, how did you get the prosthetic?" "Got into a fight with a flesh eating disease. Yep...kicked it so hard I broke my foot off in it's arse!" good luck, TMFP. may tomorrow be the beginning of an ideal recovery.
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    Finally have build this new rig, quite happy with the case and everything is blacked out... RGB from the EK kit is nice with the tempered glass on this case... Have to say this has been a great case to work with, all the cable mgmt and being able to remove all the cages. had to move the rad close to the front for cpu pwr connections and there is only a few millimeters from the vrm on the mb area clearance. The monitor is so much better than my viotek was. Gsync works great too, really like having flat screen much better. Pics do not do it justice for how it looks thru the glass. Below is with core @ 2040 ~ 2055mhz / ram +1250mhz: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8030996/spy/9017762/spy/9895785 https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/21358942/fs/20068095/fs/20784772
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    It is what it is Up and about, scooting around in my wheelchair EDIT actually got out of the hospital and got me some sunshine
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    peth is on the outer now they get you stuck on variants of oxycodone, or more recently, tapentadol (the "new" tramadol) as my wise old mentor used to say "always use new drugs before they develop adverse effects"
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    https://www.theshovel.com.au/2019/12/19/sydney-man-missing/ :-P
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    I found another packet of those Santas when I got home this morning................................
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    stuck in hospital hospital unttiil at least next week
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    just zipped outside again, the booze shop was closed, but i think i could get to the KFC a block up @ scruffy1 , benifits of being a patient, once they admit you, they cannot kick you out i am supposed to get help when moving from the bed to the wheelchair, but as long as i can reach it ,i just stand and pivot into the chair the nurses berate me, but the doctors tell me to go for it and i have a theory, being able to be indipendant shows i am ready for the next step
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    they took the bandages off today i am healing well, but not well enough stuck in hospital over xmas,
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    There was an ep of Good News Week where Sandy did a nudie run through the audience but YT doesn't have a clip so this will have to do.
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    Action is about fear now. Fear and three word slogans. It's like the world is fluro so we don't know what to highlight with anymore and the baseline is hyper
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    I watched at least 10 minutes of that bichute video. It had a lot of clutching at straws. As far as her exploiting a girl with mental illness goes, major corporations should stop exploiting their poor psychopathic CEOs. It seems every time I see some scientists who are denying climate change there is someone tied up fossil fuels funding and leading them. That said, I also don't think the world is ending in 10 years or anything. I'm sure we'll adapt to what bed we make. I'm sure it'll be more expensive and worse than if we transitioned a few things (not tear it all down mind you, just transitioning).
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    sure thing there, professor, i will get right on that. ...when i get around to it though. because theres just so much other cool stuff to research! Space Aliens Live Quietly Among Us, Say Some Scientists and Officials 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life as Snake? Gives Verified Details of Encounter With Hunter Woman Has Near-Death Experience, Sees 'Hell,' and Comes Back a Better Person 5 Best UFO Sightings This Week: March 7-14 (+Photos +Videos) Nervous-System Damage From the Sky: 'Chemtrails' rain aluminum nanoparticles on man, beast, and land plus, i still have to finish my in depth exploratory into other contentious topics of our time, like if the earth really is 6000 years old, and is the earth actually flat (like my daddy always said, theres two sides to every story), and are we really safe from autism injections? ...not to mention all the quality white nationalist folk wisdom available on BitChute — waaaay more than this glue-sniffer can get through in even a long sitting [edit: for the record, i acknowledge that you did not expressly link to anything objectionable, nor intend any such association. presenting information to be considered on its own merits in isolation from the context in which it resides, is yours and anyone else's prerogative.] so whatever it is about this one little girl thats making you so shrill and whiny is just going to have to wait.
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    I haven’t posted anything really in this thread because I don’t understand one thing. Is Greta famous for anything apart from for being famous? Like is there an accomplishment of some merit that establishes global respect or is this just another Kardashian or an instagram influencr?
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    Yep, and so popular that it turns your NBN connection into dialup!
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    I don't know if this has been posted................but it's fabulous.
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    depends on who's doing the chopping back last century i have seen an above knee amputation done in under half an hour, but the surgeon was a local legend (for good reasons) below knee is more complex (2 bones versus one for above knee), and being diabetic, post op recovery may be more complicated so he might be trapped in high dependency area for longer even routine post op recovery ward stay can be a few hours, depending on what goes on hopefully he'll log in later tonight and report it's all good
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    Yep, that one. I wonder if he realises that the water is what's holding the ground up - once you dry it out, the surface subsides, sometimes by astonishing and uneven amounts. Right under all that excavation. I also wonder if one of his relatives or mates got the contract.
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    no you didnt. and no they arent. based on the most extensive fires list here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushfires_in_Victoria lets compare two periods: 40 years..........1960-2000 = 810,000 hectares (187 deaths) 10 years..........2000-2010 = 3,000,000 hectares (173 deaths) between those periods, in terms of millions of hectares destroyed by fire per decade, thats a rate of 0.2 vs 3 bushfires have destroyed over 14 times more land since the year 2000 than in the 60 years preceeding oh, look, i made a handy graphic in case you think its unfair to compare averages across 40 years vs 10 years — even if we ignore all fires since 2009, and assume there will be ZERO Victorian bushfires until 2040 — then the average for the current 40 year period is 0.75m hectares per decade, ie. this millenium it's ALREADY around 4X what you grew up with. yes, thats right. its quite plausible that by the end of this decade, Victoria could exceed the total for the entire 20th century (3.8m) in terms of surface area incinerated
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    Tomorrow is the big day I was a little stressed out yesterday, but now I am calm I now want to get in, get it done and move on gonna kick 2020 in the butt
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