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    I used to be a real Bill Cosby Fanboi. I had tapes, video and audio of his standup works. I watched the Cosby Show religiously. I loved his work. What makes this stink for me: He made his comedy about being so wholesome. It's hard to separate his comedy from his crime. His comedy was based on him being a great dad and super wholesome and wonderful, and a love for cars. Wagner didn't base his art around his views. He created music that was it. It's easy to separate it. Marilyn Monroe made her image on being a sex icon. She slept around? Who cares. She didn't base her image on being pure and sweet and all that. Cosby based his entire comedy image on family and wholesomeness. And he's betrayed that. Completely. So in Cosby's case and Rolf Harris's case. I can't listen to them anymore. They've betrayed what they built themselves around. AD
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    my member is abbott, not scomo the only reason he didn't fuck up the country legislatively is that he didn't manage to pass any significant bills that affect locals (stopping boats doesn't lose him voterrs, as the relocated refugees would likely not favour him) having effectively "opposed" the labor party, he then led the liberals for an excruciating period of inaction, before opposing his own prime minister as vigorously as he opposed the opposition's previous prime ministers if paralysing government isn't "fucking up the country", then you're right and yes, i realise that government in this country doesn't fuck up the country, it allows private enterprise and foreign interest to do that to greater or lesser degrees, whilst posturing as the (rather irrelevant) arbiter of such interference coal , anyone ? cubby station ? perhaps some fracking ? a bit of unregulated cotton and rice at the north end of the entire eastern water catchment ? the government wastes natural resources for a fraction of their actual value to us, and literally "sells the farm"
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    I think you're onto something. Cables? No one uses them any more (if you'll excuse the hyperbole). Let's talk about WiFi. Let's play with a few different specs (802.11a, 802.11n) and learn that WiFi can run on different frequencies with different characteristics (5.4GHz is faster than 2.4GHz but won't work as nicely through walls etc.) Let's play with different security schemes. Even if its just WAP and the deprecated WEP. The deprecated WEP could be fun because you could actually demo in class how easy it is to "hack" it. Maybe talk why its easy to be hacked (40-bit encryption key means only 1 trillion possible combinations, which is nothing for a computer. WAP has 10^19 possible combinations which is a lot even for a computer.) Let's setup MAC restriction, so that we can block our friends from our network even though we gave them the key. We could even talk about white lists vs black lists which are a tenant of IT security. Lets talk about mesh network vs centralised networks. This is applicable in WiFi, Bluetooth, and is incredibly topical in computing as a whole with the concept of distributed systems (see Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, etc.). Servers? No one uses them any more (if you'll excuse the hyperbole). Let's talk about cloud. Or how we can make "someone else's computer" to be "our computer". Play with some virtual machines and maybe even containers. This doesn't even need to be so technical. There's a wide range of SaaS solutions that talk to eachother. It might be really cool to setup a Slack and start integrating it with other services. For example, use Trello to manage homework and store all work on Github (but KISS) and play with the Slack/Github/Trello integration. This the modern form of "networked systems." Both Google Cloud and Amazon's AWS has a whole set of IoT functionality. They both also offer free resources for education purposes (hint hint). There's some complexity here, but it would be cool if you could cut through it and actually have the kids build a real system on them. Device management and security. Any organisation these days is made up of oodles of laptops, tablets, and phones. How do we manage all of these? Can we even play around with some VPN tech? Bigger picture items... How does the NBN fit together? E.g. what technologies are being used and what are the different roles that companies play. How does domain name registration work? All that being said, at face value I think a good 10 week project would be: Building a WiFi network to support a number of IoT devices which can be managed through Slack (or a cloud IoT solution).
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    Um, that's a revelation to me, so I looked it up. While it turns out he was certainly gay, the allegations he confessed to having sex with kids (while he was an adult) and conveying it in a positive light, appear to be unsubstantiated. He apparently denied the allegations, investigations into it were dropped by the authorities, and no one other than the tabloids picked up the story.
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    i am inclined to characterise it as harassment and assault with extenuating circumstances rather than bullying. but whatever you call it, its still lizard-brained parental vigilantism that doesnt fly as the right thing to do™, at least not in 2018. its true that "it takes a village" doesnt mean what it used to. back when my dad was a juvenile, a kid getting a swift kick up the arse from a shop owner for low-level vandalism was all well and good. in some ways we've thrown the baby out with the bathwater. same goes for corporal punishment in schools: some kids would turn out better if it was still a thing. but, on balance, many more are better off without it. that age has passed. if your kid is victimised and you have no faith in the school system, then the first order of business is taking reasonable steps to address the issue verbally with a parent / legal guardian of the minor in question, with physically assaulting said minor being so far down the list as to not even be on the table. yes, in the real world 'aresholes that cant be reasoned with' are a multi-generational fact, and i do not assume the current orthodoxy has satisfactory solutions in place for every circumstance. but violence, especially against a kid must be assumed to be a last resort. personally, if i ever found myself convinced that a physical altercation with a parent was inevitable/necessary, i think i would be angling to have that occur in the principal's office
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    https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/266333/michael-jacksons-fbi-files-released Not even the FBI found anything after over a decade of investigation. Perhaps we just have to accept that he was weird, but not a kiddy fiddler. AD
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    in the absence of a conviction, the plaintiff is found "not guilty" but not innocent; in truth i have no idea if m.j. was a kiddie fiddler, or just really weird (he was certainly that) what if an artist did dreadful things but was never revealed to do so ? what if they were guilty of nasty shit, but not convicted ? i would posit that a fair proportion of "creative" types have led less than pristine existences works of art are either splendid or they aren't, and while the maker might be vile, a creation is not the artist on that ground, any child conceived of rape would deserve to be hated because of their father
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    I've been lucky. Met very few of my idols. My interactions I've had have been good, but then, they tend to be very sterile. However, there are times where I wonder about what we experience and what the person is like. I have an unusual experience with Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett is a really grumpy bugger. I mean I understand. Everyone wants to be his friend and he's over it. He just wants to lay low and have fun. However... To his friends he is friendly and genuine. (I know someone who was close friends with Terry. Whenever he came to Canberra, he'd have dinner with the person in question. Probably not a surprise she owned a book shop! Guess where book signings were held) But if you didn't know all this, you'd think he was an abrupt rude bugger. He'd say something, sign your book. Stamp it with his "Ex-Libris Mortis" stamp and "NEXT" The only hero I ever met 'in the wild' was Phil Smyth. (Olympian and captain of the Canberra Cannons basketball team. Back when I used to go to all their matches). I went to a basketball clinic where he was teaching. So I was expecting to meet him. However, given that the clinic was on the other side of town and I had to bus it to get there in time, I arrived an hour early. I met him in the parking lot. He was an amazingly nice person. I was a 10 yr old kid and he took time to talk to me. We were at the AIS, he went there for a swim first before doing the clinic. Clinic started. He remembered me, my name and I felt like teachers pet for a while. AD
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    mixed feelings on a person's personal "failings" should negate their art is kevin spacey's acting "bad" because he behaved badly ? does a roman polanski film lose credibility because he did ? is wagner's music crap because he was a major anti-semite ? (hint... i'n not that fond of it myself, and yes, i have a big nose though it doesn't have any yiddish leanings) is u2 untalented because bono is a knob ? (answer : no, they are just pretty ordinary *and* bono is a knob) as always, the public opinion of an individual makes it almost impossible to judge their work independently of their (actually pretty irrelevant to the work) personal life
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    Mm! I remember too! I think the issue I had at the time was why you'd deliberately inconvenience yourself to attract attention out in public? Twitch puts a layer between me and other human beings, it's far less intimidating even though I'm potentially in front of more eyes that are directed at me. But yeah, I'm also just recently starting to get past some pretty severe self-esteem / self-loathing issues. Twitch has helped me with that. Not just seeing the viewer count and engaging with viewers, but talking to people in the Brisbane Twitch community, finding other cool Aussie streamers, and little things like seeing someone else do the simulated-old-Windows-environment overlay thing, which helped me not feel like my idea to do that was silly.
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    Y'know, if ye want intrinsic value, you really should coin plutonium. It's rare as fuck, since it doesn't occur naturally (well, except in trace amounts); people would be highly incentivised to spend it, since hanging onto a radioactive is a bad idea, thus keeping the economy ticking over; people/banks trying to hoard it might run the risk of nuking themselves, thus preventing wealth concentration; and tax collectors die of cancer. It's wins all 'round!
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    My appreciation of Arthur C Clarke's works went severely downhill at supersonic speed when I found out he was a self-confessed kiddy fiddler, ie little boys. Particularly when he was quoted as saying "It Builds Character". And he wasn't talking about his either...
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    ... but "once ", if the bully ( instigator) wins the fight, turns into more than "once" yes ? So it'd be a fair call to name that one instance a bully-shot, yes ? I mean it's a cowardly act to assault someone less capable than oneself.
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    the real problem here is that kids arent allowed to carry guns if all children were packing, every bully would have to think twice before starting something
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    course everyone is different ... until they feel they've risen higher than those around them ... then they become crass and seem to feel those walking in their wake don't know their being treated crassly I tend to think that when we be feeling out of sorts ( for whatever purpose ) our baser instinct shows through. It takes work and a good night's sleep to keep up a good social etiquette. And one's partner would empathise with the variety of moments in time ... or not
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    Very true, however this is why I'm trying to ask yourself and Neville to adopt a more industry appropriate use of the word 'bullying', and not use the dictionary for this one . Worldwide Examples: https://amaze.org/video/what-is-bullying/ https://au.reachout.com/everyday-issues/bullying https://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/index.html And last but not least; Local Example The national definition of bullying for Australian schools https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/WhatIsBullying/DefinitionOfBullying Was what ChrisG did possibly inappropriate? It's possible, maybe even probable in peoples minds. Was one 'Kick up the ass' bullying? No; it was a fight.
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    * does helicopter dance. Howdy-ho... you can tell with this new forum engine the ones who've not been around much at all in the last 10 years as the post count is usually double figures or less.
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    Clearly I've been absent too long from this thread. You've all missed a really salient point, to wit, that if you come at me and I hit you with a dictionary you are going to be in a whole world of hurt. The trick is that you don't mess around with any pocket editions, or even concise editions. You need to go the full OED in these situations. My dictionary is the approximate volume and weight of a besser block, and includes a variety of Australian dialect terms that are also handy in a confrontation. After calling you a dropkick and a booner, I can demonstrate the usage of both words from first principles AND break your nose. Argument over.
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    I suspect you’ve had one of these moments: Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power. - Bertrand Russell
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    No preference for me . It's all shit behaviour. The terror of waiting to be bashed with no foreseeable way out is pretty fucking emotionally destabilising. Bashing can and does affect your body in the long term. our bones and cartilage and discs are really much better off without the abuse. The body will stand and move and sit and bend till far longer in old age without being bashed as a young one
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    You're right, but I wonder. Given the choice; Would I prefer to rely on words for intimidation? Or force for intimidation? And if I was the victim, Would I prefer to take intimidating words? Or intimidating force? I'm sure it's personal, but I think I'd personally take force. Physical wounds heal, and everyone, big or small, has a chance to TRY and defend themselves against force. Emotional wounds seldom heal, and having at least SOME chance to fight back or defend is not so guaranteed against them.
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    The Ascent of Money is a great TV series to watch if you want to see and understand the pivotal moments in the creation of money and economies. The textbook answer to what is money being the classic line money is what money does, or its a way to price and trade/transfer risk - often doesn't leave many the wiser; this series will! Plus the narrator does for money what top gear did for cars - they make it really interesting and the content really accessible.
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