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    It seems to go on people hitting "like" on posts. Nobody here likes me or Nich much. Especially Nich. It's also probably associated with warnings etc. And I have about 10 warnings against me (mainly for abuse). People like to play with stuff in the mod cave. EDIT: Actually looking at it - it gives 1 point for a "Like", a "Thanks" and a "Haha". "Confused" and "Sad" do nuttin. It's also set so you can't react to your own posts. Ohhhhhhhhh: I can create custom ones! Hehe. *Goes playing*.
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    N'yoink!! Finally got my old av back New forums look pretty good so far!
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    Congrats! Welcome to the next 4ish years of poop. So much poop. Solid, runny, brown to green and possibly more colours. And of course, the aromas. May the lord have mercy upon your souls.
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    Replace the words of a song title and artist with the first letter of each word. The first person to guess correctly gets to ask the next question. The first one is: PT R Song title first, then artist.
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    The date stamp is wrong this is AUSTRALIA, not some backwards, flea bitten silly place DAY/ MONTH/ YEAR thank you
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    This is my 'unread content' stream: Want to get to the newest unread post for 'New forum issues/features here'? Click on the dark grey star Click on the green '5 minutes ago' or '23 replies' Want to get to the newest unread post for 'Project Binky'? Click on the dark grey circle/dot Click on the green '4 hours ago' or '41 replies' This is my view of TGR: Want to get to the newest unread post for 'New forum issues/features here'? You can't, I've looked at every post inside it. The star is now light grey Want to get to the newest unread post for 'BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008'? You can't, I've looked at every post inside it. There's no star, I haven't posted in it. Want to get to the newest unread post for 'Project Binky'? Click on the dark grey circle/dot Click on the green '4 hours ago' or '41 replies'
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    Can't really see much in the way of configuration for this page. You can use the "Filter" area if you want to view it a particular way. Filtering by "Logged in" seems to get rid of the "Guest" users.
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    New ep out a little while ago...
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    See now I'm really feeling challenged to somehow use Google to solve this... which in itself is going to be hard so that's still a good quiz. I'm mentally going through band names starting with R but this is very hard because I've got at least three songs stuck in my head now. They are: 1. BBHS CH 2. AIEGSYFA TA 3. YH JPY oh, and SAS TBG but that's been there for days.
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    I was not really minding the "Chaotic.Stupid " title ;)... but I'd say if his brain fries and the titles get more colourful then " beard.stupid" would be the plan I'd go for. Re the underlined : it's good to be watching this progress ...
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    First congrats, then a bit of a story In my family, a very large one, a common saying is kids arrive with a scotch in one hand, a big cigar in the other and ask who is in charge here ? "wrong." I always had a tiny advantage of being the eldest of five and having an active part in raising my siblings, but they are all different and THEY will decide what they need, and what you have to do, not you I don't think I've ever illustrated just how different one child can be from another by comparing how my pair arrived. The eldest gave my then wife a near- perfect pregnancy, finally she went into nesting mode, had a shower and woke me to say it was time to go to the hospital. Had enough time to get her settled, go find a coffee and be back in time for the birth and to be handed my little bundle of joy, always an easy kid. Just as well, my wife fell pregnant again rather quickly and just a few months in I get a call from my brother-in-law to say she was at his place in the hills and had arrived bleeding from a client visit up there. His place was a lot closer to Flinders hospital than mine and I needed to get mother-in-law to look after my daughter but I still beat them to the hospital, I guess supersonic flying has advantages... The doctors started to tell us it was a miscarriage but my wife suddenly interrupted to say she had felt the baby kick... never seen docs move so fast. She was in hospital until the birth, which they thought would be premature but instead had to be induced, leaving me to finish establishing a business and look after a barely walking child - I gave up sleep for a time. There had been some detachment of the umbilical, but it had re-attached apparently and a very healthy child, definitely smoking a cigar, arrived. A study in contrasts are my daughters and I was left to look after them, with much family assistance, because my wife had to remain in hospital for a time. They basically took over my life, especially the younger one, who whenever awake was as like as not to be crying and in need of attention until she figured out how to sit up, then the crying stopped and her world conquest began... I guess that illustrates to some degree why preparing for childbirth is false security, they will determine what they need Cheers
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    Don't anyone believe it. He's gonna come in one day and find his title changed to "beard.stupid" if he's not nicer to me. On the flipside, he's been working his tiny little custard affected butt off with this upgrade. So I'm gonna cut him a little slack... this time.
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    Outgrowth of "Evil will always win, because Good is stupid" - which rapidly led to Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic Stupid.
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    Oh probably the two most surprisingly useful gifts we received were a baby thermometer and baby nail clippers.
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    Don't look back. Your decision might not be right for everyone here, but it was clearly right for you. I couldn't manage a whole month in a job where I had an hour's real work per day - I know, I tried. It absolutely destroyed me mentally, I could not cope.
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    Request: The notification type " Someone gives reputation to something I posted " - can we get the option to disable that? Currently greyed out and forced as yes.
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    Nice new look, I like it. Ahhh Atomic... brings back the memories... *snifflle*
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    The usual issue when replacing a battery is that the radio code has to be reentered. Re the engine, the usual is that the ECU might reset back to default which means it just relearns/retunes itself. Some bits of advice say do a good hard drive for 30 mins. In some cars the idle will be a bit shitty while it relearns. A bit late now but one trick is to maintain power via the cig lighter while changing the battery over so that settings are retained. As for your stuff - it'd be a pretty rare coincidence if the fuel pump or some component happened to fail. Does it have some sort of immobilisation? Like e.g. plenty of cars will have a 30 second or whatever timeout where it then goes into immobile mode and you usually have to hit the unlock button again to be able to start. So, is the immobile mode if it exists a case of it'll crank but not fire, or does it plain disable the starter altogether? ed - the fact it turns over says to me that at least the ECU is able to do that. But funnily enough, car computers can progressively fail. I had a VS Commodore where the BCM decided to crap itself partially. The failure mode there being that it refuses to read the key which meant you needed to leave it in the ignition for 2 hours before it'd allow the ECU to start the car. If it's a known issue then no doubt the solution would have been posted as well. I guess if it's an OBD2 car which most/all of the last 20 years are then you can get the codes out of it fairly easily. Problem of course being if it's not mobile and you don't have a scan tool handy you'd need to get someone else in. What was the duration between remove old and fit new battery? My suggestion would be pull all power for half an hour to allow everything to reset. With some cars there's a fuse you can pull rather than going to the trouble of removing battery terminals. Also, I trust you didn't get nasty arcing while changing the battery? The art of the job is to do it in order and fit/remove terminals in a way to minimize chance of arcing. ie removal, pull negative first. Fitting, install positive first. (ed) - maybe look up if there's a fallback mode like with the Commodore I mentioned. If it's the security system playing up, the fallback might be that you need to leave it in ACC for some period of time then it allows you to start it.
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    Many of you won’t remember me having been absent from the forums for about 4 or 5 years, but many of you will. So life gallops on at its own will - and what have i been up to? My husband and I have been flat out running our own business that we purchased a little over 7 years ago. We’ve had our ups and downs - as with most business, you have your good years and not so good years, but we are still doing our thing after all this time (and those grey hairs from stressful times suck goat balls!!) We’ve got two great lads working for us who have become like family. We are still enjoying operating & running our butcher shop - trying out new ideas, we have been been re-discovering the art & science of charcuterie made from scratch (without using common place pre-mixed meals full of shit preservatives). My beloved grandfather and last surviving grand parent passed away last year at the ripe old age of 97 - theres hope for me yet!! All of those friends on facebook will know my 2nd eldest daughter presented me with two gorgeous grandchildren - a boy aged 1 and a girl aged 2 (who loves stealing Nanna’s bacon!!) but I love them both dearly. Life goes on so quickly - don't let it pass you by! http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Devere1971/media/IMG_6770_zps58tq3qpg.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Devere1971/media/fullsizeoutput_f1e_zps5yvcoyvo.jpeg.html?sort=3&o=0
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    Yeah but ... why didn't she ask you out ? As with my lost opportunity, it's a two way thing. If he had really truly thought well of me, he might have seen beyond my stupid behaviour, but he didn't. As with your redhead, she could just as easily made the effort . This is why I don't feel that sad about it not lasting. I feel sad about my woeful behaviour of that time. You're right tho, with the " always try " bit.
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    One from high school. Tall gorgeous redhead. We were friends but I never asked her out basically because she dated jocks who were two heads taller than me, and I just figured I was not her type, so why try? A decade later, were both married and lost touch, I meet her randomly and she tells me she really liked me and never understood why I never asked her out :) Lesson well learned: always try
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    Somehow, I can imagine that a redhead is very suitable! Congrats 1shot
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    FIRST, What? Published on Dec 13, 2016 You decided you'd wait more than a YEAR before getting feedback on this?! This video will have cost you english-speaking clients. Guarantee. Secondly, Savvycom Client Testimonial - Adam Dobson - Founder of Stampp What intrigued Adam Dobson to choose us for cooperating? In this video you'll learn more about our process and why we are so easy to work with. Why didn't you have someone check your description? It makes NO SENSE, "Choose us for cooperating"? What does this even mean?! And Third, Category: Nonprofits & Activism Are you? It sounds like your a business. It's dirty to claim to be a not-for-profit company, when you're not. Your company INSTANTLY lost my hypothetical business when I saw your company lied about what you are. Onto the video; In short, it's terrible. I work in an industry where (If we didn't already have partners) we might consider a company such as yours. And Even with me thinking "We might need this" I was bored. Ok, here are my points: First, the intro card is wrong: (ARE and WERE are in the wrong spots in your sentence) What are the problems you were experiencing before working with Savvycom Run NOISE FILTERING over the interview! The background noise is LOUD, but it's all about the same frequency (aircon?) so you WILL be able to clean it up\filter it\remove it. GET RID OF THE HIGH-FIVE PICTURES! Most cultures don't do that anymore, it's also clearly staged (it's prefect hand-on-hand, its almost like they're about to make love :P) Also, the "3 staff standing around one guy" looks almost intimidating. I understand you won't be able to re-shoot those pictures, just use less of them. Transition 2 of them, not scroll 5. "Why did you decide to cooperate with savvycom" This is bad English, without meaning to be racist, this is "Asian Language". Use 'partner with' or 'work with'. Most Importantly! Cut down the interview by a LOT. So more transition effects and jump the audio point-to-point, I don't want to hear the guy going "Well...." "umm..." as he thinks. It's just a painfully boring video. Also it's 4 minutes of ONE interview. The ONE opinion, and it looks like the ONLY client you have, is this ONE guy! It's too long, and just makes me think "where are your other clients"?! ps. One good trick, play back the interview at 110% with pitch correction. No one will notice, and it's instantly shorter and more 'snappy'. EDIT: Also, I just had a look at STAMPP's facebook page, I'm sure he's happy, but he sure doesn't mention you guys there, at all.
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    "What were the problems you are experiencing..." - you've mixed past and present tense in the wrong way with that question. Better would be "What problems were you experiencing..." Audio a bit crappy. Not too fussed with scrolling still images. IMO you'd be better off doing them fullscreen with transition effects between each one. "Why did you decide to coooperate with..." - I didn't extensively watch but the relationship seems more like Savvycom are a service provider? So the description of the relationship is a bit off. Overall on the video - too much green. But I suppose if that's their corporate colour you have to live with it.
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