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    is this not exactly what happened? she did not announce the call to prayer. "Most comments I've seen believe she responded perfectly in the aftermath of this crime, but that this oversteps the mark and will be more divisive as she is literally telling non-Muslims to participate in Islamic prayer, whether they believe in one God, no God or an entirely different ethos" i expect theres some truth that it will be divisive for a minority of non-islamophobic people. i just dont think it matters much in the grand scheme. because:- 1) i am sure we have had televised state funerals in this country drenched in all sorts of nutty Christian mumbo jumbo with sermons pitched at presumed believers — while everyone else has been expected to brush off their discomfort as a mark of respect, and done so with little trouble given the context. 2) this is a one-time-only ultimate fuck you to the aims of the perpetrator, and the good of that outweighs all else
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    What got me was him playing some sort of tongue in cheek song on the way to the mosque. Then he gets in his car after the massacre and lets everyone know: ~"I dropped a few mags during the firefight..." blah blah. It was almost as if he was gunning for maximum -awesomeness- for his 4Chan personality. Not to mention he called it a "Firefight"? Sicko. I'm of the mind that the Manifesto is just some bullshit he wants to believe to justify his actions. While the real motive was as simple as getting fame with an internet community. Another Martin Bryant. Stupid simpleton deserves life in isolation. Make the years move slowly. A f'ing tragedy.
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    Sure am happy I sprung for the pv last year. Last quarter's bill was $6!
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    I merely made a cheap gag about Evelyn's typo. I thought it was pretty funny, but nobody around here seems to have much of a sense of humour.
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    My god. There really is an image for everything.
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    I am old about 62 so metabolism was comatose , can cause problems if old farts push it too hard, anyway I have slowly been working towards the objective for 8 months. I have had many fuck it stuff my face with potato chips or eat all the chocolate fail days. It's cool though fail days are permitted, as you go along they get further apart, and make you feel crappier after. Results depend on what you see as success. Am losing body fat am gaining muscle, something easily measureabl .... Am three holes smaller on my belt am wearing shirts I used to pop buttons on. Bought a mountain bike recently ,do a 14k round trip to the men's shed 3 days a week don't set any speed records hehe. Not recommending it folks need do what works for them. I decided that the regenerative benefits of the fasting were right for an oldie that needed to eat a whole lot less anyway. Cheers twinair
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    I'm sorry, I really think you are misunderstanding me. I'll try to get this as right as I can but try and see this through fresh understanding and not through the lens of what you think om trying to say (easier said than done, I know). I was saying that they *did* act like security but that the boy wasn't to know how they were to react, they weren't exactly uniformed people who you could guarantee would behave in a way that was safe for him. You could hear the journalists tell the guy who had him in a headlock to take his hand off his neck. That guy at least felt that they may be going at him a bit hard but like I said, they are unlikely to be actual trained security people so probably restraining best as they could. In that respect it was a dangerous move for eggboy to make. But at the same time putting your arm around someone's neck can be too. Again, I don't know if that guy was trained to do that safely or not but I'm pretty sure he would be pretty fired up when he did it. I can understand that too though. Hitting someone from behind, also dangerous for him because, as you said, anning would not know at first that it was just an egg and he put himself in arms reach. The guy holding Anning back appears to be part of the journalistic crew, I didn't look like it was one of his supporters so I can't really credit them with that restraint. As far as supporting egg boy? I can say it was a poor move on his part, sure. Disrespectful? Sure. But have if you have ever seen a kid do something that is wrong and you have to tell them off for it but inside you are trying like hell not to laugh then you know how I feel about it. I am not *as* condemning of it as you are of his actions but I think we both just have to live with that. I hope that clears up a few things. If not I'll leave it there anyway... unless you particularly want something clarified. Also, I truly am sorry if I've made this whole thing uncomfortable for you. I know you're big enough to handle yourself. I just want to you know I'm not trying to be disagreeable or piss you off.
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    Dear Judge Floro Waltish, if your intention, via these eerie nudge nudge wink wink invocations appended to your posts of late is to come across like a wild-eyed loon standing on a street corner shouting to nobody, or someone people should be a little worried about, then job done. but if youre actually bothering to post in the hope of 'shining a light' on the supposed truth for anyone here willing to listen, then i think you'll have more success without them.
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    calling someone a terrorist implies some legitimacy? thats a particularly poor choice of words. if you reword it, i will edit my post accordingly. you brought up a comparison to Bryant. Anders Breivik is the more apt comparison. someone with a deliberate and clearly stated socio-political agenda, as opposed to the random homicides of a moron-level mind unravelling in comparative isolation.
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    For all those that asked can you / is it easy to go off grid if you are in urban settings - my partially informed answer would be - probably not (power companies and councils don't want to make it easy to opt out) plus it may not be too economically desirable - but, soon one may be able to side step this by choosing a grid agnostic system (with or without batteries). All solar systems must shut down on detection of grid out of permitted frequency ranges or grid out. However islanding solutions where permitted allow a house to keep running off batteries and solar - I presume this is what a Solar plus Tesla Powerwall 2.0 solution does when the grid dies. This year Enphase will go one better releasing it's grid agnostic IQ8 mirco-inverter based solution - specifically designed for areas with poor to no grid. With or without batteries the IQ8 checks for grid presence and quality and if it's not there it simply islands the house (no idea if this has been checked and certified by Australia yet). If the grid isn't there the system simply powers up or down your solar to meet you current demand and or battery storage / output capabilities and needs. If you demand more power than can be supplied - it shuts everything down until you turn off your most power hungry box. So this may make economic sense when it is priced. Availability is due this quarter...
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    60 odd games waiting in my Steam list to be played but I'm playing Mirrors Edge again...
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    I know certain people here are not interested in discussing the issues, but I encourage everyone to listen to this and address the things said in their own heads even if they don't want to talk about them with anyone else.
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    Yes. Oh, was that supposed to be an either/or question?
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    After all these many years, from the joy of the magazines creation and success, to the first meets and IRC and all the social events and community - way before Facebook existed - Atomic brought so many firsts. My biggest upset was when it ended and the owners who decided to absorb it, shunt the website into a corner of their domain and eventually pulled the plug on our magazine. To my mind that was a huge loss of a unique group that drastically reduced in size, vibrancy and tempo. We struggle through for many years - a shadow of what it had been - a a real testament to those that carry on steadfastly loyal and ever helpful. I wonder if with this new ownership if a Renaissance offering might be pitched Ben? What a Phoenix move that could be! The community of Atomic and its most vibrant was a thing unique in all my years and experiences - and as I said all before Facebook! If one trawled through the Greenroom over its many years a researcher would find anthropological gold! Hope that is not just an idle fancy, if Atomic re-emerged at full force imagine what it could be today...
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    hahaha - shows how pointless writing english correctly really is - we tend to see words in context as what would be the likely spelling, whether it's correct or not but with the clarification, i like kimmo's comment no such thing as a cheap joke, laughter is priceless
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    That's how I'm taking it right now. There's a lot of stuff going on we aren't privy to, so it's way too early to oil the guillotine *or* squelch all dissent.
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    When you privatise the power system, know what to expect when there's near monopolies! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-25/energy-companies-gouge-customers-hazelwood-electricity-bill/10910948
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    what a sad state is nsw another run for the liberals, although telling that both the majors have lost ground... and the shooters and etc crew gained traction it's truly fucked up
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    Well compared to the history of humans it's a blink really. A lot of things have changed comparatively quickly.
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    She is intelligent and articulate, and I understand all her points. However, I don't see that we can't live together peacefully. She points out what the media and government have done to divide us, and it's not like the environments we're living in ever occurred before industrialisation. We're in a period of trial and error with humanity. Mass slaughters have occurred regularly throughout history, in the name of war, colonisation, religion, revenge. It's only in the last 100 years that Western culture has advocated for human rights. It's only in the last 100 years that immigration has sought to meld societies. It's still a new concept relative to how fast society can adapt to it or see it as normal. I feel that *most* of the population can live harmoniously so long as their own culture is not forced to change, and that they do not become a demonised minority. What I can't see changing, is the mentality of the few who value money and power over the rights of others.
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    in some sectors of the media theres been a starkly disproportionate amount of focus on faux outrage over eggboy vs genuine outrage over Anning. if its not a clear indication of where many sympathies lie, then its just that its a significantly more comfortable topic for most of us to deal with.
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    Indiscriminate would surely involve shooting people who weren't at the mosque, like randoms and passers by? Cos of to go into a mosque and only shot the people there, that sounds like a pretty discriminate choice.
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    Really, we gonna argue about whether a guy opposed to immigration as a political policy, mows down a bunch of people utterly unrelated to any policy-making ability, is or is not a terrorist? In his own damned manifesto he says this was an act of terrorism! Like seriously... I know we’re an argumentative bunch on here, but this is really pretty fucken clear.
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    Jesus, man - any more Trumpist rhetoric and you'll start playing banjo. FWIW, I don't give a shit which party the yanks vote for. I might think they're mistaken to vote for one Party or another at various times, but it's *their* problem. What I *do* care about is that dickhead doesn't seem to be able to tell the truth; that he has, on video, contradicted his own position of one minute prior, also on video, and denied saying either; that he can label Mueller's inquiry a "witch hunt" on behalf of "angry democrats" and have people believe him - despite Mueller being a Republican, and the inquiry being initiated by the Republicans - and have people believe him; that his best friends are criminals and dictators; that, according to his own wife, his only book (kept on his bedside table!) is a collection of Hitler's speeches; that he has threatened *twice* to ignore democratic election results against him (before his election: "I will accept the election result IF I WIN!", and just recently: (paraphrased) "The Army, Police, and Bikers for Trump are on my side, and things will get nasty if I lose"). No matter which side of politics you're on, this man should never have been voted in, and should most definite be escorted out immediately.
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