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    No particularly. What horrifies me more is the emphatuation some Australians have for American politics. You might have to say it louder, I don't think America is really listening to what anybody on Atomic thinks. Let alone what anyone in this country thinks.
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    Spent the day helping a friend put together a custom loop there is still a bit to go but we have made some good progress for a couple of hard tubing noobs. The tube running from the CPU to the front RAD had nothing cut from it... wasn't sure it would make it but it did. We also did the other two tubes but we were getting tired and damaged them so left it for now to be resumed on the weekend. There is still three tubes left so we can only screw up once more. We are one fitting short but that was only due to a mistake with the order being placed with 9 instead of 10 compressions although another 90 at the pump would make things easier I'm sure. I delided his 7700K with a razorblade which I think it survived but time will tell.
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    Repairs are currently underway. I have decided to rebuild the chassis from scratch. I had steel for all bar the drawbar already in the workshop. The original four year, been everywhere chassis Some of the damage. This was collateral damage caused while we were trying to extract it. This is damage to the tool box on the front of the trailer and was just general wear and tear New main frame. Doubled the wall thickness so hopefully it will be more resilient.
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    It's whatever you want it to be - you're an adult aren't you?
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    Olaf from Frozen, right? or maybe its more like this :P
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    Prompted by some tweets by @hawkeye I went looking for some of the awesome cover photos from at0mic's past. Bois.... We found em. https://www.10wallpaper.com/list/Australian_computer_gamers_magazine_Atomic_MPC_hardware_wallpaper.html The newer batch anyway, including the one I was specifically after: Enjoy, fam.
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    Rescue mission successful.
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    "The 2020 presidential campaign of Kamala Harris, the junior United States Senator from California, officially began on January 21, 2019. She has been considered a high profile candidate for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries since 2016" Any other excuses?
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    Now that does sound good stadl, might have to give it a go Cheers
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    wouldn't surprise me too much if it transpired that DMB / NZT48 was not an alt of chrisg's and he ( chrisg ) just forgets which member he's signed in as ...;)
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    Arguably it's not even a meal, it's a snack. But if it's only one, it's probably not dinner, nor a meal, as it's not substantive enough.
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    Yea over the next few days I would like to make sure it is totally stable with these timings. I did a quick couple of runs on the below comparing my previous best scores to these timings. Im super curious of what the difference would be from 3200 stock ram vs 3733 would be. TimeSpy: Best vs Previous Best, CPU +6% https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8030996/spy/7829278 FireStrike: Best to Previous Best, Physics +.03% .. Combined +5.4% https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/20068095/fs/19873963 It seems to have helped my graphics scores a bit too or possibly driver updates played a part. Also, I have updated my chipset drives that came out a few days ago. Oh and the ryzen tool says not supported.
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    I'm one of those goody two shoes who pays for everything. I haven't downloaded anything illegally since about 2004.
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    Onboard soundcards aren't the best but they are far from the rubbish we used to have on older motherboards.
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    It's simple. The mere fact that the Dems. can't organise a winning strategy is proof of the fact they are certainly less than capable of running a Country. Their total self-serving interests were stunningly obvious with their blind belief that Hitlery was gonna win back in 2016. That sorta mentality is not one really open or prone to wanting to learn from their mistakes
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    Well the Sydney football stadium is a pile of rubble and NSW government sacked Lend Lease for not meeting targets, but they insist it will be built on time ... now they have find someone to finish the job. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/back-to-the-drawing-board-small-field-left-to-finish-729m-sydney-football-stadium-20190728-p52bk8.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1564349831 ROBOdebt is now chasing dead people ... YAY https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-29/centrelink-robodebt-raised-against-dead-disability-pensioner/11342994
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    I was not aware back then that there was a Ballarat to buninyong line, or that there was 5 stations inbetween
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    A excellent user review with a bunch of games. Gamble and I are currently comparing performance in shadow of the tomb raider DX12 but we are using 1024x768 and the built in benchmark vs the user above which is using a section of actual gameplaly at a higher res. Gamble is still in the process of optimizing his system but it seems current BIOS are making it a painfully slow task. https://ibb.co/3T3GVzw My 6700K at 4.5GHz 3733c16 at GPU limited 2560x1440 https://ibb.co/SsmYHj8
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    "It talks about XYZ" is scantly a reference. "Seek and you will find" is as pointless a thing to say as "There is a teapot orbiting Jupiter. Prove me wrong."
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    Yes as a prophet. Not the son of god. if you’re using the Quran to back up your claims, are you prepared to accept the Quran as truth?
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    yeah the ones ive looked at have a domestic section. looking at the proportions though, i'm like, waaaay too much milk for my purposes. its no surpise he says the domestic maker needs to eat it the same day. ive used mixtures with a lot of milk. they were at their best after a few hours of freezing, but melted too quickly for my liking, and soon froze too hard. whilst alternate sugars would probably reign those negatives in, i think i mostly prefer a harder, more "ice creamy", texture that only comes from a higher fat %. mine is usually unsatisfyingly soft until the following day, and then fairly stable over several more — moreso since i started using glucose. sometimes make "soft-serve" by blending in some milk into already set ice cream with a stick blender. if done right (like beginning a mayonnaise), you end up with really uniform and superfine ice crystals. texture more like McDonalds than Mr Whipee. got to eat it there and then, though. the distinction between ice cream and "gelato" may be a misnomer, but its a way of distinguishing between these: 1 2. (<-- LOL at the so called 'short read' versions). 8% vs 18% fat. i've had most success hovering around the latter. interestingly, in the section on fat he says "In my tests, I’ve found 23% milk fat [total dairy fat i think] to be optimum for texture for homemade ice cream". of course, as long as an ice cream doesnt have grittiness of any kind, or taste vaguely of scrambled eggs, or leave a gummy residue in the mouth (like a lot of the shop bought stuff — saliva?), the rest is very subjective. as for store bought ice cream eventually setting hard? heres a theory for you: theres lowish fat, partly due to cost and a desire for lowish kjs. theres also the fancy sugars. so these factors come into play: "Fat globules mechanically obstruct the growth of ice crystals, thereby slowing the rate of recrystallisation and extending shelf life" "Several studies have found a direct relationship between recrystallisation rate and freezing point; that is, the lower the freezing point, the higher the recrystallisation rate during storage (Hagiwara & Hartel, 1996; Harper & Shoemaker, 1983; Miller-Liveney & Hartel, 1997). This is because as the freezing point is depressed, the amount of unfrozen water increases, and this unfrozen water will participate readily in recrystallisation during storage." ... so my guess is, as larger ice crystals form, even before theyre noticeable on the palate, they have begun to break the structures held in place by the stabilisers, causing everything to start collapsing under its own weight as air is continually pushed out.
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    Jeez I am, particularly a BEV ute. Instant full torque, quiet, economical and no more having to visit the service station. Pity I just can't afford any sort of replacement vehicle so I have to keep my old diesel ute running for the time being.
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    Trying to sell a Wifi range extender? Instead of telling the truth, just create a conspiracy theory about ISPs throttling you back progressively using your own modem then tell them a 300 mbps device will miraculously restore what you're paying for. https://wifiblastshop.com/tech/wifi-au.php?affId=DA2379F6&c1=au&c2=comp_fmun_un_adgroup2_res&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7Ij05-XC4wIVDq-OCh2oWgcZEAEYASAAEgJd0_D_BwE
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