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    what a bunch of whingers you all are if i need family arguments, i have a family really, get over this shit and argue about real stuff, rather than abrasive personal interactions if i have to die of corona virus, i'd rather do it in good company, so let's all prvide some ... or shut the fuck up
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    Well, it was a good thread to start with..............so I thought, rather than start a new one...........I'd ruin this one!
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    Hmmm might try this out:
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    Oh great, Mum just got Tonsillitis in Canberra. And it's got the same bloody symptoms as COVID-19.
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    you have no idea how difficult it is to get in "temporary" staff, even planning weeks to months ahead and not only is it a matter of being tested, you actually are not meant to test people who don't meet criteria, because there are limited resources to do so as for the pollie threatening ahpra intervention, what a complete beat up - ahpra are meant to protect joe (and joanne) public from rogue practitioners, not routine gp types, although their over-reach is making ongoing regoistration more arduouus by the moment, and lots of senior people are retiring rather than put up with what is far too much bureaucrazy i can absolutely guarantee doctors for the main part go to work to care for patients... yes we get paid, but we do a lot of unpaid stuff as part of the deal, and most colleagues i know will more than reasonably avoid going in to work if they are unwell - it's not a great idea to be making potentially lethal decisions if you aren't 100% most of my practice are not that unhappy to have an enforced fortnight away - apart from no income, and leaving over the course of that time perhaps around 2000 consultations not done, some of which are essential; let's face it, in the cuurrent situation and with the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers, we are bound to get it at some stage, and lots of us are older and otherwise in less than perfect health the ministers for health are mostly completely without any medical nous, and despite their façade are politicians first, and concerned representatives several rungs down their career ladder if they had a clue they'd admit they can't change the coming epidemic, and then point out that without vaccination, more people would die of standard flu every year than this will take out, and i note far more people will die of alcohol related disease and suicide in any year than the covid19 will dispatch don't see anyone running out of booze like we have for dunny wrap
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    Or like competition in the marketplace?
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    A story about a dog called Josh and his surplus
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    Wrong thread for that one LOL https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/03/iran-steps-up-coronavirus-efforts-as-23-mps-said-to-be-infected 23 Iranian MPs have COVID-19 ... Allah loves Iran (they should stop licking shrine walls please)
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    That's what I said to my wife today... Mass population immunity in no time.
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    Probably because too many people use it as a rort. It's a short term alternative to the disability pension and intended for recuperating from injuries etc but very much open to abuse and no shortage of doctors out there willing to write out 3 month certificates.
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    Some good news for once here! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-09/t20-world-cup-final-victory-for-womens-cricket-and-australia/12037732 it's pouring rain here. Great for our water supply I guess.
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    Some nice classic racers in this one, ranging from late 60s to the 80s. He has an off around the 5m 20s mark due to trying to avoid a shunt. But check the acceleration once he's onto Mountain Straight.
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    Did somebody say New Order?
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    Remember the good ol' days in Victoria when the Police shot first and asked questions later!? Nowadays, they follow a lunatic for over 30kms and wait for him to kill and injure a few people before doing anything! (now, I do know that it is the do-gooders' fault and not the Police.........but still.....)
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    lol. so what makes you think I'm doing otherwise then ? Crikey dude, he doesn't get a "there there nevermind " cos he's a doctor . He should be being grilled as to why he didn't have some sort of check -up including the test given the current state of well, everything. I don't think my position on this is at all unreasonable, given he's a doctor who came back from O/S and went straight to work caring for the sick or what have you it's loony tunes behaviour when you think about it. As for me having the test. Sure I will. Even though I've not left this area, or traveled on a bus, it is a tourist area. Pretty bloody quiet what with the fires and now this ...I think I'd just need to visit my doctor .Although this time of the year he takes a sabatical in India ... fuck ! he's a great bloke too, hope he changed his mind this year. It bothers me picking up goods and things in the supermarket ... i mean there's just no clue as to who touched them before me. ... And, in the lead up, with most people thinking they'll be fine it won't affect them , it's just a frigging not so lucky dip now ain't it. wonder what his prices are ?
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    I really did not see it that way - Leo could not help himself, constantly denigrating Kimmo as a dole bludging druggie when in fact Kimmo works damned hard as needed for a company called Pirtek - a company I know quite well, they are pretty physical. Kimmo never made a secret of his liking the odd joint but Leo took it to the extreme of coke etc. By comparison Kimmo just was very averse to the extreme right wing stance that Leo portrayed. I don't really think Leo is at all right wing, he's just anti-communist, with good reason, but that is very different. Cheers
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    AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020 https://www.techpowerup.com/264529/amd-financial-analyst-day-2020-live-blog
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    I wish I was doing your trip instead of the caravan park I'm in right now. At least we're in a tent.... But that sounds like a good way to get away from things and get an appreciation for how easy we really have it these days.
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    See ! ^^^ Now with my tinfoil hat firmly wedged, I'm thinking this whole thing was a dastardly plot to make us all want to turn to Allah.
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    That wasn't a ship.............it was an incubator!
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    It was by degrees different in every country, but ultimately it hardly solved much. Cheers
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    Ask the Iranians about that one
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    I'd be tempted to sacrifice an old phone for the cause... but really, why would fresh water bother anything beside electrical conacts (battery, SIM, SD, other connectors) and the display panel? Best method would be to pull the phone apart ASAP though of course beyond most people.
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    Well you get chicken pox, and well it's mild and nothing happens. Get the same freaking virus causing chicken pox, and you end up with Shingles which is nasty and unpleasant. COVID-19 better not be same like this.
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