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    Gosh! Thanks for the concern, folks - "rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated". Here's what happened: I stepped away for "a couple of days" break. Only, that turned out to be the onset of some apparently more serious depression than I thought - I couldn't face most of the things I usually like to do. And that wasn't improved any by having some not serious but very uncomfortable intestinal issues in the middle of it, either. Not sure I'm "back" on a permanent basis, yet, but I am still alive.
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    That wrinkle isn't usually there... stuff like that pops up due to lack of sleep (been away from home since Wednesday)
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    I am at work. So picture is boring. Yes I am old and yes I've had a shit day.
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    I crossed the lights on foot a month or so back and some twit was face down on his phone, ear phones in, I realised we were on a collision path but I didn't deviate. He walked straight into me. I'm not a small guy, he actually kinda bounced off me. Told him to look where he was fucken going but he didn't care. Just kept walking.
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    i'm 60, and my ancient history wouldn't be that far from twinnies did i ever pig out on substances ? no do i still dabble ? not really, apart from the very infrequent spliff... because eventually the novelty isn't novel; i've never been a keen drinker, but my peers in adelaide were (like so many of that generation) inclined to roll up (no tobacco, please!) - amongst that group there are now several other doctors, some senior lawyers, a professor (or two?) and a judge, a senior merchant banker and ... well, a lot of people who did okay do they still do that stuff... not all of them, but some are still quite the covert psychonaut i never understood how mdma got to be so popular - the cohort that i knew that were monotonous users described exactly the same experience each time, and the whole idea of "seeking a new experience" fails when it isn't - note this was during the early days of the mid-80's in sydney, when i worked at st v's, and the gay brigades were in the thrall of what was then the next big thing as a party drug marijuana is a gateway drug in opening contact to supply of other stuff; the professor used to opine "breast milk is a gateway drug" and it's quite arguably true - experiencing pleasure by swallowing something is a behaviour learnt early i remember the great "drought" of ~ 1980 where the cops went hard on local growers, resulting in diminished supply of weed, and the resultant major increase in heroin supply that attempted to fill the gap don't get me wrong - i don't condone habitual use (or abuse), but the vilification of a drug misses the fact that (with the absolute exception of ice), no drug is intrinsically bad, it's more about the choices people make and their relative susceptibility to addiction
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    fucksake twinair. give him a break. I'm not easy to live with
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    big death little death yeah, big death is way worse
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    I really do not understand why anyone's sex life is in any way relevant to their job performance. AFAIAC the prez can get sucked off by a someone hiding in the podium whilst (s)he delivers a speech. Provided that they're doing a good job, I don't give a rats.
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    Been smoking weed daily for well over 20 years...I'm not mental. Some would disagree, though... Got a jgood job. Got a house that's almost paid off. Got kids who were born without any defects and they're quite clever. Sure, this isn't the case with all bongheads...I know plenty who are lazy cunts, but I think they're lazy cunts regardless.
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    Hope everything is ok Cybes. We understand, but hope you know that we care and you are someone that is worth caring about. Do what you need to do, but remember we are always here to lead an ear, or a hand, or a shoulder. Or just to fill the quiet places or overrule the inner noise that sometimes makes it all seem worse.
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    Religitards won't be ready. Everyone else, including many religious people who accept science, will be utterly unamazed as NASA officially recognises that Mars had microbial life a few million years ago.
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    I've got to draw a connection between your smile and your avatar. Almost identical. And yes Sir, very Atomic!
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    Yes, that I 'got'. What I'm saying is that the "how can you not trust someone who served" bit very strongly implies that serving buys trust. I disagree with that premise.
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    no no no. you have it all wrong! teh hate cooties tend to thrive whenever the best of us go on leave.
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    You could at least offer to buy Cybes dinner first.
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    That’s a question I keep asking myself. https://youtu.be/MNxEDomUlXw
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    Oh, because the way you kept walking about it happening in the office of the president, I figured that the intern was incidental. Like, if it wasn't an intern and was the first lady, would you be ok with that? Given what it takes to even be up for serious odds in the presidential election, why would you think only the most noble and pious and selfless people would be winning? They get there because they believe they belong there. It's amazing their ego can fit through the doors into the office. Pretty sure that still sounds just like blasphemy. Just like I'm pretty sure chrisg has some awkward scratches, given how the stylus keeps jumping and making weird popping noises while he's stuck in an awkward loop.
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    I feel your preconceptions of what Nich is going to say may be skewing your interpretation of what he is saying.
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    it's funny about the uproar about his from the usual places when doctors peddle Oxycontin legally to people and get the addicted to that stuff.
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    despite enjoying company, i very rarely instigate social events the difference between loneliness and being alone is liking your own company enough to stay amused as one of my university friends (now a professor of psychology back in adelaide) once opined "if you can't laugh at yourself, you're fucked"
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    Sometimes it's not about anyone "doing" anything, so much as just knowing that people are there if you want. We can't stop the world being a dick, but we can laugh/cry/rage/hold up a middle finger at it with you. It's not much, and a lot less than we'd like to do, but sometimes it might be enough.
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    the pedant in me cringe's at your proliferation of apostrophe's the only one missing in your typing was thoma's cook sorry, it's a pet hate, and i'm being picky
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    I thought the point wasn't to placate extremists, but to stop needlessly helping them radicalise more people?
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