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    Given the demands on your time, I'm surprised you still drop in to tell such a small audience how very wrong they are. Gonna tank your KPIs.
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    Don't be ridiculous. That's way too much detail. God sends a push notification. One that God approves of, or that you approve of?
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    Yes, but also, there are some... cultural norms that aren't all in favour of the basic stuff on that list. Toxic heteronormativity is fairly ubiquitous. But yes, good luck telling someone in a toxic relationship that they're allowed to have friends. And good luck convincing someone who thinks their partner should have no friends, that it's ok for them to have friends. But lines in the sand and etc. Well, I suppose one goes to uni to learn after all. And if their toxic relationship has allowed them to to uni, then there is hope, and perhaps this type of signage around the place will eventually work on their thoughts about their toxic relationship ... who knows I didn't know who she was till I read someone in an article getting toxic about her being put up for an Aussie Day award. According to the article she takes being pro equality to the nth degree and likes to chat with convicted paedophiles, and she says things like fifteen year old girls like to test their wiles against male teachers and stuff of that sort ... the article gave me the impression that Arndt viewed teenage hormones as part of the issue re teachers getting done for minor fucks, and assaults. I can see her point but I don't agree. The teacher is the adult with the extra years of development accrued, it's always up to them to do the legal and moral and ethical thing. So maybe Arndt is just an older female trying to stay relevant or maybe the article I read was too biased about her ...
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    PMSL Tango & Cash (1989) with the attempted escape. 2 big ventilation fans, one running at a speed which would chop you to bits, the other inactive. Little did they know that less than 10 years later it'd become a staple of FPS games.
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    I don't particularly disagree with that. I'm reasonably convinced that 90% of gender tensions remaining would evaporate in 5y if lefties stopped "genderizing" and "racializing" everything, stopped obsessing and judging on the basis of skin colour or gender and stopped re-opening and re-prosecuting old historical wounds unnecessarily.
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    Yeah nah. Dude was a fine orator and statesman, among the best, but his walk was well shy of the talk, and included some pretty dark deeds here and there... For instance, flouting the Geneva convention harder than Bush, IIRC.
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    yes, let's not hold a liberal federal politician at all responsible for producing a fraudulent document it's not like there's any demonstrable standards for being a politician these days, so what does it matter ? we shouldn't be so demanding of these hard working representatives of our great system, because it's a good system and the fact that they aren't so good is irrelevant so long as money is happening, no problemo
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    i love how you choose to ignore any scum that isn't deemed socialist ion your view angus taylor is a dipshit, and a very poor liar
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    Yes, I have a Sandy Vag after too much Whiskey down by the Lake................apparently I lost my Cherry Haswell.
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    When I got married in Thailand we had 50 people come up for the wedding. Most were couples, some were singles. Every wedding has a random - someone who tags along because she’s someone’s friend. This particular girl was 28, good looking and had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend. But she’s really annoying - one of those people that prattle on about nothing without a point. We’re getting married under the setting sun on a Thai beach, she’s lonely. My cousin Ivan (names changed to protect the guilty) who is 18 starts tuning her and she flirts back. They end up back at her hotel, and he stays the night. He wakes up before her, and no longer tanked up on liquid courage, he realises that if she wakes up, she’s gonna keep talking. So Ivan RoadRunners out of the room and in a final act of “fuck you, I’m 18, and a cunt” he goes to the restaurant, registers as her room and has her breakfast. This has entered the lore of my group of friends by the terminology of “stealing a girl’s breakfast”. That’s when you fuck them for your benefit and make them pay for the pleasure. Why did I just tell you this story? I just watched the State of the Union. Trump totally stole Nancy’s breakfast.
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    https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/intel-new-microcodes-cpu-security-flaws Particularly troubling is the Whiskey Lake U vulnerability. These should have been patched with the entire whiskey lake lineup. Likely the performance hit would have been too negative for Intel's big ticket item sector I suspect. It doesn't matter now that both 10th gens are out. Hopefully someone does a retrospective performance analysis of this.
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    If the fans are still connected the headers, you can unplug them to see if the sound and wifi come back, possibly they are shorting something somehow? Maybe even just unplug everything attached to sound card first and reboot, check if wifi is good after reboot... if no wifi then remove sound card, check if wifi is good... If not, remove wifi card and put sound card back in, see if sound card is good. This way you can see which one is causing the problem, if it is that. With the fan headers going out too, I wonder if the board is going. Almost sounds like a short though, like something is touching maybe from the case... maybe that coolant is running on the backside of the mb somewhere? But yea your plan looks good.
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    Australian Sanders supporters be like: ”Tony Abbott is a Neanderthal cretin with opinions that haven’t changed in 40 years” and, ”Bernie Sanders is a hero whose opinions haven’t changed in 40 years”
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    I have updated some of the suggested builds in this wiki more recently than the parts guide on these forums if you want a look https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/rmp_sg_whirlpoolpcs_gaming_configs_1
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    I left home yesterday morning and was at Narooma yesterday arvo/night so travelled through a lot of burnt areas. Currently staying near Tomakin which is between Batemans Bay & Moruya. Clyde Mountain was the first real sight of it, the ground cover is gone in plenty of areas and the typical large tree of 20-40 m height is burnt to about 2/3rds up with the crown sometimes intact. There was the charcoal type smell of it all around, where inland it was mostly the smoke stench that was ever present. Now can't really smell anything unusual (probably used to it). Some areas where it's burnt up to the road and not crossed, some where houses were surrounded and spared - though it's the general strategy with fighting out of control fires to just look after the people/property. Firefighter intervention made a differnce of course but in some places houses gone where you'd expect to survive and in others nearby trees and forest a charred mess but the houses all OK. To top off a great fortnight for me, hit a kangaroo at about 90 km/h on the way back last night which has dented the bonnet and fender probably beyond repair and buggered the indicator. And the big coastal winds have buggered the fibreglass reinforcing poles for my tent (go inland a couple of km and it's dead calm usually) The amazing thing about a lot of these affected areas - the fuel load on the ground is gone but the trees though charred and losing a lot or all of their leaves will probably bounce back. In a few years it might be hard to see where the fires were. An eerie sight is some of the road signs - sometimes with 5+ metres of clear space around them but paint melted to the point of still legible but looking like a crusty JPG that you've zoomed in so much that the viewer is approximating the picture by rounding the pixels.
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    https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/qanon-conspiracy-theorists-coronavirus-mms-bleach-youtube-twitter-944878/ Drinking Miracle Mineral Solution will fix Coronavirus! PS MMS is bleach (I guess killing yourself with bleach will kill you and the virus)
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    the right/left distinction is a problematic abstraction. theres a bit of horse shoe theory at play when it comes to social policy. the left tends to germinate the lion's share of thought orientated towards defining the collective good. so when there is overreach on that front, the first visible signs tend to maintain the leftist branding — even if actual enforcement tends towards the jackbooted excesses that are inherently a feature of the right. the core of libertarianism, meanwhile, which in theory can be regarded as politically neutral, is most often pushed relatively towards the right within a democracy.
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    Fucken great. Just allowed Thunderbird to update and thanks for telling us after the fact but it's a major release and suddenly everything's become a legacy extension that doesn't work anymore.
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    New 'CacheOut' attack leaks data from CPUs, VMs and hardware enclaves Intel drops processor microcode fixes again. This is the third time Intel has tried to patch ZombieLoad.
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    The fire could be at our doorstep before the sun's up again. At one point the Orroral Valley fire was growing at 400 ha per hour. It was started by a faulty landing light on a helicopter. I've driven southside the last 2 days, once you get to the Woden area it almost looks like a volcano going off.
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    Because you can’t blame climate change/Trump?
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