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    I've always found this to be a good summary of our planet and the wonderful little cyberpunk future we have right now
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    I know you have blood in your eye from previous personal experience, Leo, and I don't think Socialism or Communism are The Answer, but that strikes me as a little unfair. When the tsar was overthrown, Russia was the poorest country in the world; in just 40 years of that economic system they had the mighty Americans shitting themselves at losing the space race. Cuba managed to keep their universal healthcare system operational despite crippling US sanctions for the entirety of Castro's reign - re-enacted fairly faithfully in Venezuela, and being set up for yet another US backed 'regime change' war and puppet government installation. Let's not confuse an economic system with some problems but also obvious benefits with a succession of bloodthirsty dictators. Let's also not idolise one with different flaws (a 7 year boom/bust cycle for instance) and advantages because the nation has an illusion of freedom attached. Instead, let's try to acknowledge what is broken and what is superior in *all* systems and try to synthesize something better.
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    That sort of shit right there is fucking poison, Leo. Left/Right is still a political divide - the race and sex (and multiple gender) fuckwittery is an entirely separate issue, and you should address it as such. Unless you want people to refer to you as a Nazi sympathiser simply for your economic stance.
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    So many of you know my husband and I own and run a Butcher shop in Esperance WA and we are becoming well known not only in our region but statewide for our crazy combinations and small goods. We got an amazing write up in the Kalgoorlie Miner over the weekend. So anyway last week I created myself a monster - but its delicious in every single way! I present to you Coffee Bacon! For those coffee and bacon lovers who have the time, inclination and equipment to give this a crack: Dry Cured Coffee Infused Bacon INGREDIENTS: 2.5kg Boneless Pork Loin / Belly 1/2 cup sea salt (NOT refined salt) 1/2 cup Muscavado Sugar 1 Tbspn Ground Black pepper 4 Tbspn Ground Coffee Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until uniformly combined Stab the living shit out of the pork skin to allow the cure to penetrate into the meat Place the pork into a tray / tub and rub the dry ingredients in HARD ensuring everything is coated. Any left over dry mix can be poured over the meat and pressed around to give a good coating. Vacuum packing works best - but if you don’t have one available, put the meat in a PLASTIC container and cover in the fridge. Turning every day for 5 - 7 days. Once the meat is firm to touch - remove from fridge, rinse off the coating, set on a rack or hang to dry for 24 hours. This step is called “green bacon” and is ready for smoking & cooking. I use two 45 minute cold smoke cycles at 60C - apple or cherry wood works great and then slow roast until internal temperature reaches 68 degrees for about 4 hours…. (I have a professional smoking oven with a temperature probe) Cool and then refrigerate overnight (this sets the texture and flavour) and then slice and enjoy - this should keep for about 7 days in the fridge (or up to 5 weeks if you have access to a vacuum packer) or several months in the freezer. The ground coffee can be substituted for Chilli, Maple or really any other flavouring you would like to experiment with. So - my question would be - what weird and wonderful combinations have you created?
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    i am not a fan of the "sorry industry", which seems to thrive on financial reparation that is siphoned off by the same shysters that thrive in western societies being black doesn't make you any more reliable than being white if you are a scammer at heart but over time i have become more and more sympathetic as to why the eora people, and by association, all the other people who are affected by the spread of white "civilisation" , have due cause to refer to it as an invasion - there's no other word to describe colonisation by an uninvited and increasingly unwanted foreign power the date chosen has no universal relevance to australia; it is a uniquely local nsw event for a nascent nation that wasn't proclaimed a single entity until way, way later at federation, or maybe even when the country was re-badged australia rather than new holland, or terra australis the fixation on jan 26 being an appropriate day to celebrate the "birth" of the nation is understandable, but from the indigenous point of view it is like celebrating a devastating epidemic on the day that the index patient was first diagnosed - the start of a disaster, so it is entirely obvious to me that it is both inappropriate to try and sell it as a day for "all australians", and provocative to ignore the reasons why that is a completely untenable and disrespectful argument maybe the day we proclaimed our nation as a sovereign nation; maybe even the day the constitution recognised aborigines as legal voters but not the day a bunch of evictees from the old dart were deposited on the shores of port jackson like some lethal contagion ejaculated up the arse end of the world; that's just pretty sick, really
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    I don't like coffee or bacon, but I do like your newspaper article There was a sign on the McDonald's drive thru speaker stating "Add Bacon - $1". I considered adding bacon to the diet coke I ordered, just to be a smart-arse.
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    How about then instead of celebrating the date the constitution came in to effect, we celebrate the date it was passed into law. July 9th. Maybe not the best weather for BBQs and cricket, but good time of the year for a lamb roast!
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    KAKs arguments were badly stated and tone deaf which 100% did make it sound racist. she's obviously conservative on changing the date, probably through casual privileged ignorance more than anything else. i believe she was trying to echo sentiments that ive heard expressed by some idigenous people on the topic. problem is, she appeared to be misappropriating their arguments because a) they happen to suit her, and b) they allow the perfect subterfuge of high and mighty virtue signalling to disguise how little neither she, nor her chauffeur, actually gives a shit. shes calling out the supposed tokenism and hypocrisy of Change the Daters for not being focused on "the real issues". at the same time, she is citing "the real issues" as a provocative misdirection — an effortless thing to do compared to marching in the streets — specifically as a means of engaging in and scoring points towards winning one side of a debate, that to her, is supposedly a "non-issue". ooh, whats that smell? its tokenism, hypocrisy, and KAK. she is a savvy woman. as such, its hard to excuse her for not understanding that she was effectively dog whistling the tune of those who think "Why should we care about these abos when they don't even care about themselves?", for whom there are still too many advocates in parliament. i truly doubt thats an accurate picture of what she thinks or what she meant, but boy did she royally drop the ball. that aside, suppose she was arguing in good faith but having a very bad day? i think its valid for anyone who cares about indigenous issues to be frustrated by the media cycles in this country. the slices of time in which these problems are allowed a chance to occupy the forefront of national attention are few and far between. it must be a constant battle for advocates just to get noticed. beavering away in the Tent Embassy strategising over how to pierce that giant bubble of non-indigenous complacency. and then, every year, BOOM, a giant whack of attention — but its wasted in squabbles over the most intangible thing possible.
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    Yeah I enjoy those. Especially the recent ones- Zoe's facial expressions are gold.
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    Mebee it be The Chain by Fleetwood Mac Have to throw this one in just cause Stevie Nicks
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    Which precisely describes their lot under the tsar, no? To be able to have anything at all was pretty remarkable. And as to Cuba's slave doctors... Don't you think that might have been down to the dictator rather than the economic system? See, dictators *love* Communism: it pretty much has to be machine gun authoritarian at first to make the elites hand over their wealth (because you don't get to be rich in the first place without being a selfish prick - speaking as someone who has known several), and then it's just incredibly easy to make *everybody* a slave. But that's *human* frailty - not a design flaw of the economics. The flaw is needing to force the elites in the first place. Btw, you seem to be using 'socialism' and 'communism' interchangeably. They're not exactly the same, despite the USSR's branding. East Germany wasn't a democracy, either.
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    okay, so your 2c is you disagree with a date change, with a bonus $2 side dish of weirdly sexualised Kimmo hate thrown in. that aside, your comparisons are weak. Japan vs America was a war with atrocities committed on both sides. as for Hitler, if youre referring to the holocaust, that was genocide (a little different). reparations have been paid, and apologies have been made (eg. Johaness Rau asking for forgiveness for Germany when addressing Israel's Knessit in 2000). as for the date, the Day of German Unity celebrates the formal completion of their reunification in 1990. i am willing to bet its not coincidentally the anniversary of the first Nuremberg rally, so maybe nobody has had cause to appeal for a change? "Apologies mean Fuck. All when we are talking about generations who do not even exist now." who now? according to Wiki, "Official government estimates are that in certain regions between one in ten and one in three indigenous Australian children were forcibly taken from their families and communities between 1910 and 1970. " so yeah, aaaaaaages ago. or maybe these people are still walking around and its still a fresh wound. you talk of being "grateful". that would be showing the courtesy of listening to our original peoples, and if this date is a thorn in their sides, doing them a kindness. ie. it ain't no thing - high five brothers and sisters! "...among Aboriginal Australians and people from the Torres Strait Islands, less than a quarter (23%) felt positive about Australia Day...Asked about whether the date of Australia Day should change, 54% of Indigenous Australians polled were in favour of a change" link so those poll numbers arent overwhelming, but they are what matter most to me personally. if the number on the ground is much higher, as i suspect it might be, then it will be shown in time and change will come in due course. after all, according to you, we are all human. and that really is the point. "we" are not white europeans anymore, "we" are everyone. so WE have no particular reason to put disproportionate importance on a date only unambiguously positive to white europeans, because in this case we actually are "talking about generations who do not even exist now" and no longer represent this nation. but talk of a change so small, that might go some way in healing divisions while costing the country practically nothing, seems to threaten you in some way. so, with your back up against the wall over this potential crime against humanity, youve donned your Australian Flag cape and come to save us all, presumably after huffing some industrial solvents. saying "yeah...nah, fuck yas" — that would be the ungrateful option.
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    Wharton's or Lucky Bay are WAY better than 10 mile lol. Too easy! Mahoosive Great Whites (ie 5m +), influx of Blue Ringed Occy.. oh and the Tiger snakes seem to love our coast too lol.
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    Which beach? http://experienceesperance.com.au/about-esperance__trashed/pristine-beaches/ 10 mile anyone?
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    Neither, I like Esperance a lot and Dev is good people but it's not the easiest place to visit from the East. Cheers
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    Rather expensive, return air fare just the Perth/ Esperance leg is about $300. Air travel within W.A. has always been rather expensive. Cheers
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    /clicks to view Leonid's post Yep, that ignore feature is totally kicking goals.
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    How about this? Do the BBCode yourself (like this, but omit spaces): [ color =#00ff80 ] Text here [ /color ] Colour is the usual RGB hex string.
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    That's because Leo is being somewhat disingenuous Ev. The representatives in both houses both went crossbench with sequential votes but no clear vote by the Dems against an ACCEPTABLE proposal from the WH ever happened. "Temporary" probably means until next election, but you never expect Trump to admit failure now, would you ? Cheers
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    Fun fact, since the beginning, the democrats have surfaced bills that'd fund the closed government agencies for a few weeks, allowing the parties to keep exchanging blows without the expense to the public.
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    Actually Australia day should be Federation day for me.
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