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    Atomic has been, for the last 19 years, a family for me. There have been some people that I have actually taken a hiatus to avoid dealing with, and there have been people that I speak to almost every day/week and are the rocks that keep me going when everything else in life is getting too much, and there have been all the variations in-betwen. For most of the last 20 years, my main social circle has been made up of Atomicans: I've gone to parties and barbecues, gone to Atomican weddings, and had an Atomican at mine. Just like on the forums, people came and went: life and drama and poor decisions and regret got in the way. Like I said: family. When I was young and poor and couldn't afford to get a phone line installed after moving house, Atomicans raised money for me to pass on to Telstra; helped me find different ISPs offering free trials, so I could get back online. Back in the dialup days. This was when, say, 2-300mb was meant to be a month's worth of free trial. Instead, it lasted me less than a week, because I was on the forums so much. When I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I'd like to become a mod, I was mostly surprised, I think. After all the shit I'd put the mod team through, they wanted to give me what?! I can see the cunning in their plan now, tho', with hindsight: as I came to see it as a type of community service, it very much changed how I saw this place and interacted with this place and even what types of time I was and was not prepared to put into this place. I've wondered on and off for a while now if the forums would or should keep going, and whether we should or could rebuild the community. But now that the writing is on the wall in triplicate, it's left me a little hollow. The news is bittersweet. Here's to you, you disgustingly magnificent piece of green and black history. Here's to the friends we have and the friends we had, the things we've learned and everyone that touched us along the way. Here's to @Ben Mansill and @hawkeye being, without a lie, two of the best bosses I've had.
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    Like so many of you, when I think of Atomic the first thing that comes to mind are the friendships: the dozens of beautiful, wonderful people who are now some of my best friends; the hundreds of others who I love to hang out with at meets or parties; the thousands of casual acquaintances I always knew I could chat with and have fun with. Atomic was - is - a safe place. I can be myself here. I have always felt accepted without judgement (except by Leonid, of course). I've argued, flirted, joked, complained, trolled, insulted, lectured, fought, forgiven, partied, changed my mind, made friends with some people I never thought I would be friends with. Through sixteen years Atomic has been the backdrop against which I grew up. That's enough. It should be enough. I have made more close friends on Atomic than any other place - schools, unis, workplaces, hobbies. And yet - Atomic is more than that. It must be more than that, because I know that when the lights go out in the Green Room for the final time all those friendships will still be here; but I am in tears tonight as I have been every night since I heard the news. I am grieving for something that is more than the friendships I made. It is no exaggeration to say that Atomic changed my life. In a very real way it set me on a completely different path. There are heaps of Atomicans who have gone into IT-related fields, or into journalism, thanks to their involvement with the magazine; my journey was a little different. One day someone posted a farewell letter on Atomic. Someone saw it, and flagged it with a mod. The mod called someone, who called someone else, and eventually a panicked someone called AD - they thought we might know this person in meatspace, could we find their real name or address? Could we get the police there? We dropped what we were doing and ran for the car. While one Atomican called the police, we drove as fast as we could to his house, and I found myself sitting on the back steps feeling my way through my first ever suicide intervention, hoping like hell I could reach through the pain to convince this desperate man that there was a good reason to survive until tomorrow. There were others. Sometimes in my PMs, sometimes in chatrooms or text messages, there were other Atomicans. It kind of got to be a habit. I don't know why you chose me. I don't know what you saw in me that made you reach out to a judgemental, holier-than-thou, argumentative brat but you did, and I came to understand that somehow this is something I'm good at. Better than that, it's something I love. Eventually I decided I shouldn't keep blindly fumbling my way through crisis interventions, and I should get some training. I went off to Lifeline and applied to be on the phones. By the end of my six month training period - before I'd gotten onto the phones, in fact - they had offered me a full time job as a trainer. I quit my (high paying, very cushy) job in workers compensation and plunged into the (much lower paid and completely insane) world of a Lifeline trainer. I've not only done hundreds of suicide interventions, and answered a thousand other crisis calls, I've trained a dunnamany people in how to cope should they find themselves in the situation I faced that first day when I sat on the cold concrete wondering if I was saying the wrong thing, if this conversation would end with life or death. I don't know - I can't know - whether any one conversation I had with an Atomican made any real, long term difference. If you hadn't spoken to me, you would have spoken to someone else. You might have gotten through it on your own. But you set me on this path, and I have saved lives. Maybe not in the same way as Noddy (and I sure as shit can't tell you any of the hair-raising stories), but there are people who lived another day because of me. It started with you, Atomic.
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    I needed a few days to process this news - sorry this is a bit long about how important Atomic was to me and what a huge influence it was on my life. I have so much to thank you all for. Because of Atomic I have lifelong friends, a career, a husband (and our little family!), and so many fond memories of crazy wild fun times. There were many life lessons learned & moments of challenging me to be better. People who I look up to as my big brothers and sisters, I love you guys forever. Thank you guys for being there for me. Joining as a 16 year old, I didn't have a great home life at the time and I was really struggling with school life - figuring out who I was and all that usual teenage angst. Coming home after school everyday and logging into Atomic was like a double life for me, an outlet - it wouldn't matter how bad my "real" life was because I had friends, aka FAMILY and adventures waiting for me here. Thank you for accepting me, as flawed and batshit crazy as I am. I can't let this place go without giving @Ben Mansill the proper thanks and props he deserves. I know many would say "yeah, of course he is!!" if I was to just say Ben is a talented writer, but let me put this into perspective for you on why I think he is a talented writer. It's one thing to write for a hardcore dedicated niche target audience who live and breathe the subject matter. Imagine a 16 year old girl, who at the time was reading publications like Dolly and Cosmo, completely uninterested in things like overclocking and hardware, picking up Atomic Mag Issue 25 for the first time. Do you think she would have read it cover to cover? Well let me tell you, she did...I did I ended up buying Issue 25 to support someone I knew who was featured in issue 25's HotBox comp. I was curious what this Atomic mag was all about so I flipped to Ben's editorial piece at the front and started reading. And I was immediately drawn by how engaging and just DIFFERENT the style of writing was, it was funny, and entertaining, and a bit edgy. It wasn't boring, and I wanted to keep reading. I thought "wow ok, this is pretty cool" and learned some new things. So I actually read review articles about some games and other content, but all the writers had that similar style, it was entertaining and engaging. That is talented writing, holding your readers attention to the end. I ended up finding the Atomican column towards the back of the mag, where Virt's POTM was located (another excellent read) and the link to these here forums. The rest is history. Ben, thanks for everything, you have achieved so much more than a successful magazine title. You created a home away from home, a community, a scene. You created a refuge, a bubble, a place for misfits like us to be unapologetically ourselves with the freedom to grow and learn. I really will miss the comforting black and green glow, and i'm loving this thread just to see all the old names and avatars pop up one last time. I still fondly think of all the shenanigans from our time together. Love you guys - I may not have always shown it but I do. Thanks to one and all for the many many amazing memories. What a wild fucking ride we had together. xoxo Cheeky
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    Hello beautiful Atomicans. This wonderful place that has been so incredible for almost 20 years is soon to be making a final exit from the internet. June the 11th will be our last day together, here. That’s enough time to regroup in another place, if you want to do that. The closure is happening for several reasons, and I don’t think any will be a huge surprise to you all. As a brand, Atomic the magazine ceased publishing many years ago, and we stopped trying to make this a home-page-driven content site a long time before that after a few stop-start efforts that never took hold. As a brand with potential for future publishing adventures – and revenue – Atomic’s day has passed. Our thing was enthusiast tech, and our owners Future Publishing have that well covered with excellent mags like Maximum PC, and the legendary sites Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware. So, that’s where the efforts are properly directed, instead of trying to resurrect something that might compete for audience and resources, but that fewer and fewer people can relate to. That's ok. We said goodbye to Atomic magazine well at the time. That leaves a forum, a much smaller forum than it once was, and a pandemic. The Atomic forums have been given the grace to be for an era that went into overtime, because it’s hard to pull the plug on people. Our time has come now though. We had a truly magnificent run, it was the best 20-year-party ever. We were a fucking explosion that burned a very long time. Overall Atomic mission success rating: VERY ATOMIC. These friendships can live on elsewhere, if they don’t already. Finding friends then moving on – maybe with them, maybe alone – has been a thing since the beginning of the forums, and now it’s time for all of us to do that. This has been a meeting place, and it’s also been home to many – some for 20 years, or close to it. It ignited so much. Atomicans ventured beyond the forums to the meets, and fucking paintball. We had a full suite of weddings and babies. And deaths. All of it. There’s been huge life drama and tragedy here, and there’s been euphoric happiness, and everything in between. People that haven't been here for years are still together, and hey, maybe we can say that in another few years. People from Atomic – even if they’ve never met IRL – have friendships here that are powerful and there’s a lot of love in these pixels. It’s a mighty fine legacy for an internet site to leave behind. For me personally Atomic is by far the most incredible journey I’ve ever been on, and I know many of our former staff would share that sentiment. Atomic was both a huge hit as a magazine – the coolest, sexiest, most boundary-breaking fucking computer magazine that ever existed – and, Atomic was you guys. We made a mag, and you made all of this. Pretty good I reckon. We kicked some publishing industry arse, made some nice art, voided a few warranties. And here, from you, the thousands of friendships that entertained for 20 years with a whole lot of funny, sad, and wise conversation. Every moderator that’s ever been, and especially the last standing now, is beyond incredible. You know that. I ran out of thanks for these guys years ago. They know they have my everlasting gratitude, love and respect. Every Atomic magazine and site writer and editor was pure gold, and while I’m still honoured to work with and know many of them still, the end of the forums is the end of the last remnant of Atomic – so to you all I raise a glass. You were the rock band. So many quality moments went down here, and remembering those is a pleasure we may now enjoy for the rest of our lives. Each of the so many personalities here, and their avatar as we think of them, are friends – or quality characters in a hilarious sitcom :). We all feel that, and that kinda keeps us together, even when we aren’t here. Saying goodbye to Atomic will mean different things to different people, but I think we can all agree that each and every one of us was fucking fantastic. We’ve got a little time left. Let’s have some fun, eh? See what old faces we can see, while we can. FAQ Q: Will there be an archive? A: We're sorry but no. Q: Can I have Atomic? A: Due to GDPR impacting the parent company out of the UK, and there being some users who are in the EU, that is unfortunately not doable. Q: What’s the exact time on June 11 Atomic will shut down? A: Not sure yet. Have a beer ready. Q: Where do I go, what do I do? A: Nich and Chaos have set up these new places: To ensure that our community will live on, we have created a number of places for people to come together and be atomic. Come, say hi, and pour one out for what came before, and all of those who worked to help create and sustain it. https://www.reddit.com/r/atOmicans/ will be our home on reddit, https://www.facebook.com/groups/atOmicans/ will be our place to face our book and https://discord.gg/swKm5vS is our place to hang and chat. If you feel the need to keep on foruming, and want one that’s all about PC gaming – and that’s why half of us ended up here – we recommend the thriving PC Gamer forums https://forums.pcgamer.com/ We hope you will be happy there, whichever there it is you settle upon. We are looking forward to many more years of togetherness. Is it Atomic? Yes, Sir. Very Atomic!
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    The time has come to pull the plug On the forums we have grown to luv With a heavy heart we watch it fade No better a forum ever made. Flouncys baby was big and proud And didn’t it draw in a fucken big crowd Hundreds a night would post their stuff Some of it good, some of it rough. We would get pissed and vent, laugh and cry Now we post with a tear in our eye As the forums we love take their last bow We remember them fondly and look at us now 20 years on we still gather to post Friendships and marriages we can all toast This place is ours and we’ll remember it well As we say our goodbyes and the tears start to swell To Atomic, we all can charge our glass And to flouncy the man,the legend ,all class Thank you Atomic as we all raise a beer Together we all made history here
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    Aloha at0mic! Hello and goodbye. Aloha and aloha. I'm not going to lie after the probable 5 years I spent posting crap on here back in the day before the forum moved sites, it sucks to come back as a Serf, especially seeings I still have my crappy capitalisation username haha First world problem hey It also really sucks to learn about the passing of BC almost 2 years after the fact. He was always really wonderful to me and I'm really sad to hear he's gone. Hopefully he's still impressing people in some other worldly place with his photochopping skillz. Rest peacefully my friend. It's been wonderful seeing all of these familiar usernames and display pics - I tried really hard to find one of mine on the archived at0mic but no dice. I'll hang around a bit til the site goes kablammo, and then i'm sure i'll see a few of you on the FB group xoxo Nessie
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    We were magnificent, weren't we? It's been said so many times over the years that Atomic wasn't just a magazine, or a website, or a forum, but a community. And so many of us have felt that, over the years, in so many different ways for so many different reasons. I know I have. A stereotypical introverted, shy computer nerd, but in coming to Atomic I ended up with a group of built-in BrisAtomic crew friends (when one or more of us weren't piking!). I worked with some, I sharehoused with some, I married one (non-forum magazine reader), I partied and BBQ'd and blood splattered and shuffled and LAN'd with all. And the very first time I got on a plane in my life, it was to fly to Sydney to attend a RL Atomic meet All because a housemate brought home that fateful first issue of Atomic. Atomic has woven itself into the fabric of my life and I consider myself extremely fortunate for that It's been said that a lady never reveals her age, but I'm not a lady, I'm an elvenwhore It has occurred to me that by the time Atomic officially concludes, it will have existed for exactly half my lifespan. I will therefore have lived exactly half my life without Atomic, and half with it. If my maths stands. Cool Thank you to Ben, for everything, just everything. You did good, boy, you did good I WILL SEE YOU ALL AT THE MEET BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN!! Until then, let's Atomic the shit out of our remaining time together here And I will see as many of you on the flipside as I can
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    Man, this thread is doing exactly the best thing it could do. Creating a rush of awesome memories based on seeing peoples nicknames and handles show up in the comments. At least, that's what it's doing for me. I hope it's doing that for everyone else. All the pointless flame wars in the Green Room about stuff that just seems so ridiculous now. All the epic threads that went on for pages and pages of nonsense. All the awesome POTM threads, and my own personal journey busting my hairy nuts to win that freaking mouse (which I did, and still have, and cherish). All the happy, sad and strange news filtered through the lens of the old forums. Not this shiny place, with the 'like' buttons and the real time notifications. I mean the old forum, with the green front and the tiny font and the tickle of refreshing your browser to see '1 new private message' show up. All the wondering who was Virt, really? All the cool posts that got pinned in different sections, loved and maintained by their creators. The Hero and SuperHero posts, and the celebration that went with them. The unabashed reverence some of us had - me included - (and still have) for any of the Atomic staff who frequented the forums. So much memory stuff!
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    Sad to see the end of things, but at the same time so many good memories over the years. Atomic m33ts down in Sydney and getting to meet so many fellow atOmicans Becoming a Superhero (for only Ben knows reason why) Toyota Forklifts Getting to write the atOmican column and have my Sim City 4 review published Superhero naming battle with Funnelbc right up until the deadline. I think I still have the GeForce 3 sitting in my spare tech box in the garage with my PoTM glow-wire. Noddy doing the Teapot on Sunrise Video 1, Video 2 It's funny looking back at my ten or so years on Atomic and being able to realise how much of a dickhead I was at the time (then again, what early 20s male who thinks he knows everything isn't a dickhead!). At the same time though it's still a part of who I am now as a late 30s, married, mortgagee, Dad to two girls. Thanks to all who have been a part of this journey as it moves off into the green sunset.
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    Absolutely loved the flame wars. But having spent many an enjoyable evening lurking, and tripping down the memory lane archives, I suppose I feel partly to blame for its demise. Will miss these forums, but Atomic will live on for me with the real life connections made over the years. Atomic will always be a paramount component of my old school geeky past. So long and thanks for all the fish .....
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    Gone but never to be forgotten. From this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remembered, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters....
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    What can I say that hasn't already been said. Here's something I said earlier instead. It took me a while to find this picture and I would've taken a new one if my copy of the final issue wasn't 3000km away in another state. Can't wait to see everyone at the next meet, you're all wonderful.
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    NEVER FORGET -=- Green Slushy -=- And you can sit there till you rot -=- NEVER FORGET https://pastebin.com/tJU1pacJ https://pastebin.com/mgLGaKHi Also, thanks for the memories
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    Farewell atomic, I joined in 2008 when I was an edgy and furious teen, now I'm 30 and because of the connections I made here, I have a job and friends for life. I'll be forever grateful. x
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    Thanks, Ben. For much, much more than you know.
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    Thanks Flouncy, Atomicmpc has been a most awesome rollercoaster ride Plenty of memories! Borrowed forklift: Pants pants ice cream pants *throws around the confetti*
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    I guess that part of life and growing up though, looking back and cringing at your behavior. I certainly do. Some of the dumb shit we would flame each other over In some ways, it almost makes sense this would happen along with Covid, while every aspect of live is being changed and shaken up by this thing... To all those I lost contact with over the years, and to anyone I managed to piss off or fell out with, hope ya'll are doing OK through all this.
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    Nope. Just. Just no. This is completely like when I don't want a sausage roll until I go to a cafe and they mention - offhand - that they used to serve sausage rolls, but don't anymore. Suddenly, all I can think about are fucking sausage rolls. I couldn't accurately measure what this place means to me. Everything from friends, to love, to a brief career in writing. Much sadness :(.
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    Winning POTM was one of the highlights of my life Thank you
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    In order to ensure that our community will live on, we have created a number of places for people to come together and be atomic. Come, say hi, and pour one out for what came before, and all of those who worked to help create and sustain it. - but especially for Ben. https://www.reddit.com/r/atOmicans/ will be our home on reddit, https://www.facebook.com/groups/atOmicans/ will be our place to face our book and https://discord.gg/swKm5vS is our place to hang and chat. We hope you will be happy there, whichever there you settle upon. We are looking forward to many more years of togetherness. Is it Atomic? Yes, Sir. Very Atomic!
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    Thanks Fenn, that helped stir up some memories in me. At the time I bought the first edition with the T-shirt (which was the initial reason to look at it, unusual inclusion at the time) and was surprised to see overclocking as an article subject (though my knowledge of it at the time was probably limited to stuff like running a 4x33 MHz Pentium at 5x33 or something like that, my interest in computing had only just started a resurgence. I'd been in the industry, and out and in since the mid 80s and at times was disillusioned by the whole thing. I think Leo posted something similar as in you work with these machines then can just come to hate them. Anyhow, I jumped in just about to the point of obsession and from 2001-5 or so lived on the bleeding edge where we'd try and sometimes get burnt by the latest betas coming out of VIA and nVidia. At times through that or a failed overclock or memory tweaking session, trash the Windows 98 install to the point of having to reinstall. I guess luckily in those days you only had a few Gig of data online and quickly learned to segregate stuff to a second drive. Next thing you know, I like these infernal machines again, and for a time I spent more time tweaking and fiddling than I did using it as an appliance like most people do. And I was able to provide tech advice around here. Then the meetings and social stuff started around early 2002. DaJoBo was probably the first Atomican I met for real, shortly followed by Chef, Tin Reaper and Lord Teaspoon. Then followed just hours later by about another 150 or so at Latrobe in Melbourne for my first major Atomic meet down there. A year or two later, met much of the remainder of the Canberra crew. We had our share of small and medium social events, I recall even organising a golf game and camping trip or two. Also remember having about 10 or so Atomicans packed into my lounge-room (with apologies for me smoke-filling it) after a meet, and giving them the funny pic slide-show from PC to TV. I also remember the LAN event around Cronulla in early 2003 - the exact day the bushfires were happening here. I was partying on but DaJobo and Chef were taking it easy, getting the occasional phone calls from their wives, and wondering if we'd have to suddenly pack up and head back. Late 2004 at Fox Studios (the old Sydney Showground) I'm fairly sure was my last major event. And that was thanks to AD paying my accomodation as I wasn't in very good financial shape at the time. In the few years after that though, I can remember attending and even organising a few small local ones. And a memorable camping trip to the nationa park near Bermagui, NSW south coast. Tin Reaper was my driver and we met Lancer2K en-route. I think it was just a one night camp. On the return home he was good enough to stop at the aged care home near Bateman's Bay while I went in for a half hour visit. I didn't know it at the time, but that was to be the last time I ever saw my grandfather, in early 2005. I'm grateful to have been able to have seen him, and with him still in reasonable health at the time. The role of this place in my life changed a bit after the mid 2000s. My computer became more appliance than toy (though still played and play games). The tech sections started to take a back seat to General Chat/Green Room. Then the magazine went away. But this place and the Atomican spirit - survived.
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    Hey, Ben. Thanks for everything man. One small request before this place evaporates, I just wanted you to see if you could pass on a message to Bennett for me? Please let him know I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry that he sucks at Counter Strike. Yeah, that's right, I said it Bennett, you son of a bitch! Any game, any time, 1v1 I will always own you completely. You won't even see me coming, punk.
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