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    here's a question for you Kimmo: were you eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when somebody took a shit in your cereal? yeah its a silly question, but it did lead to some discussion. what motivated it i wonder? my theory: Robzy is trying to settle an argument with his partner. she's all like "Grrr. Baked beans is not a romantic dinner! It's not even a dinner!" now that the first part is settled, i am awaiting the next thread, in which Robzy asks: "Is any meal eaten by candlelight romantic?"
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    Jean Baptiste van Helmont, 17th-century 'chemist': "If a soiled shirt is placed in the opening of a vessel containing grains of wheat, the reaction of the leaven in the shirt with fumes from the wheat will, after approximately 21 days, transform the wheat into mice" nature abhors a vacuum. if you create the ideal circumstances for a certain type of thing to exist, more often than not, it will arise. it could be argued that President Trump is the result — inevitable in retrospect — of a recipe cooked up by the corporate interests hellbent on perverting TV journalism over the last twenty years or so.
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    And yeah. My limited understanding is that someone showed someone showed someone on wechat. I'm pretty forgiving from a free speech POV, in terms of what people say in private when not associated with the company. But calling for people to die is a hard one to walk back. Probably goes to the heart of this whole PC thing - casual racism can have some pretty serious underpinnings.
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    Chris only calls her stupid, among other names, because she's always right. Some weird schoolyard crush, I guess. This is all kind of insulting to DMB, to be using his name pejoratively, too.
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    woah, youve latched onto that one word and gone mental haha she didnt say, "I'm a very conservative person politically...". she probably meant conservative of temperament (since terminating your own pregnancy is an extreme intervention) and conservative sexually (because a no sex before marriage lifestyle choice tends to be very effective at eliminating all but the most unthinkable scenarios for an unwanted pregnancy). while its safe to assume 99% of social "conservatives" are "conservatives" politically, that does not mean the word is interchangeable and connotations within context can be overlooked. its also safe to assume theres a fair proportion of sexually promiscuous atheists who happen to be conservative voters, so it should be pretty fricken obvious that the main thrust of her comment was not to invoke an association with the entirety of those on the right of politics. moreover, with her answers, she was pretty much doing the exact opposite of what youre accusing her of! she resisted offering a personal view, repeatedly downplayed its supposed relevance, and generally displayed a level of reluctance befitting someone with a healthy respect for the separation between church and state. so who is she trying to make feel guilty? first she said "I don't want to make people feel guilty who have had to go down that path." later she said "Ben, you've been naughty in pushing me to say that, because I don't want anyone to feel guilty about decisions they've made, because I'm not in their shoes." oh, i see it now. it must have been the last bit that set you off: "...not in their shoes". she was clearly echoing the famous aphorism that says we should cast hasty judgments on people with different life circumstances. i see your point now. by the way, just as an aside, when she says "I've not been in a situation where I've had to contemplate that, and nor would I", i totally believe her. being someone who grew up as a god-fearing christian, theres every chance she knows to take precautions whenever she rolls over for Alan Jones.
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    er... not sure whats so funny eveln. i thought everyone knew this?
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    I'd tie arsonists to a post and set them on fire but that's me.
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    It depends a bit, right? Of course it does. What lead me to even bother with a comment on the subject is that a Chinese lady who held some sort of marketing position ( I think ) in a tourist business here had not nice things to pass on about the Chinese way of internets. It seems she wasn't the author just a passer onerrer The company obviously felt it had to banish her. a rather large pic ( for someone previously unknown by most of us ) was printed in the paper along with her crime. So she's lost her job and pretty much any credibility within the tourist industry, for a while at the least. Sure, there are some that might , maybe laud her daring-do, but will they risk employing her too ? [ please excuse the half -hearted info I offer, I have a friend in the same type of biz, diff. company, who was showing me from her phone about this lady and the almost a page worth of media hype on it ] edit: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7381641/Chinese-woman-working-Australia-sacked-saying-Hong-Kong-protesters-executed.html " A Chinese saleswoman working in Queensland has been fired for posting online that Hong Kong civil rights protesters 'should all get executed by firing squad'. Cairns-based helicopter firm Nautilus Aviation fired Chinese sales agent Coco Souter after she made a private social media post saying Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters 'should all get executed by firing squad'. Her sacking comes as tensions reach boiling point between pro-China and pro-Hong Kong protesters in Australia and overseas. The former tourism worker made the post - written in Mandarin - on Chinese social media platform WeChat." I don't want to pay for the Cairns Post, but found this in The Daily Mail ... lordy ! Did not realise she was talking firing squad ... that is how you say a bit fucken rash of her maybe firing is okay well geez, a bit hard to ask headless corpses much of anything really. So you be making rash assumptions there Nich... I don't think there's a person on this planet that is not now, or will not be in the future, an idiot chrisg
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    even if China backs it, how is it not still a cryptocurrency?
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    KRudd may be a bit yesterday but he sure called it as he sees it on the Project last night. During a discussion about Trump and China, Aly reminded him that Trump was the "author" of "The Art of the Deal" to which Rudd immediately replied "Yes, and it's bullshit." He DID seem a bit embarrassed after for saying that on live TV, but never a truer word was spoken... Cheers
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    Maybe because the question is so loaded and not expected. Add to that the way every answer any polition gives is analysed, especially on hot button issues like this currently is. I'd probably take a moment. She is trying to find a way to tow the conservative party line while not alienating the other other side. I imagine the answer worked for some people and not others.
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    bloody hell the front of my car and windscreen are plastered hard and dry with a week's worth of the bodies of every dusk-flying thing that is . so this morning there's some rain type stuff and being the multi-tasker supreme I put the car out to catch some wetness whilst I do other stuffs ( havin' a wee spell from the toil just now ) ... and well, the rain stops
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    Huh ?! So I managed to respond directly to you but not hit the " submit reply " when I posted ... ffs :\ I'm sorry fliptopia. you hit gold with your second call of " Howzat " ! I thought I did this last night ...
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    Think I have the CPU fairly well dialed in at 5000MHz core\cache and -1 offset for 4.9 AVX with 1.34v No luck yet with getting the RAM over 3733 but I have managed to tighten the timings which passed GSAT but is failing HCI very quick and extra v isnt helping so I need to work out what I need to dial back a bit. Unfortunately the primarys had to go back to c16
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    I kinda liked the Dyn-o-mite guy from Good Times.
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    biscuits look good pudding looks like liposuction fat stirred into cottage cheese, so it might be good both together....WHY? is the pudding hot or cold?
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    Yeah that RAM kit is fine. Any that have CL17-18-18 or lower in the spec. Lower the better with timings.
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    I'd stay with X570, since you don't have do the BIOS shenanigans for the CPU compatibility in the future.
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    Just another distraction. Every time that dipshit pipes up with another bit of controversial bullshit, real stories get pushed to page two. It'd be nice if folks could learn the reflex to ask what we should be talking about instead of the latest harebrained hand grenade.
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    You (and millions before you) have thusfar failed to demonstrate this claim. For 50 years, a million dollars was available to anybody who could demonstrate a superpower. Nobody did.
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    BREAKING NEWS Clean water plus less pollution equals more marine life.
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    I actually know a LOT about these things, because I used to sell (con?... nah a lot of it was real, but there certainly was SOME placebo...) 'Elitist HiFi gear'. We're talking "If you don't have $30k, and you want a 2.0 stereo, you're in the wrong shop". Anywho, the TLDR is that most of the power conditioners are bogus, but there ARE a few that actually do their thing. There was this neat device that was basically a speaker, connected to an AC power plug, with a crossover set at 50~60hz (where our power is meant to be). Anything outside of that, would work, well, just like AC waves into a speaker do. Loud, horrible, distorted buzzing. It was actually interesting to me to be able to go to each of our different brand power boards and see which ones kept power\noise out of the circuit. And while anything compact (class D) was pure placebo, and most Tube amps 'filter' themselves by design; some of those Class A\B amplifiers that run on direct AC voltage, did in fact care noticeably if the power was clean. ANYWAY, about the only brand that cleaned it 100% was THOR. Coincidentally, they made the speaker device also, but it certainly worked (I was able to find other boards that were also silent). Out "Really good shit" used to run off of a PS20 https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product-category/power/ But you do NOT want a $2k filter for a $500 TV now do ya The solution to our customers turning their noses up to that, was their passive range; https://www.rio.com.au/product/b8f-power-board-thor/?adTribesID=24dbad984f963486b5916a99cbeadb57|adtribes|7149&utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=7149&utm_content=HJFeed&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjK_Q55XH4wIVg4BwCh1QSwf0EAQYASABEgLoU_D_BwE Those "Smart Filter" power boards were killer. Silenced my little speaker tool, and took the "Max volume hum" out of the Class A\B amps. Benefit of those power boards is that that usually filter COAX as well; so you can get SOME protection from indirect lightning strikes, and if things like light switches are killing the TV, it'll also filter any noise getting into the 'ground' of your house. Worth a note; I get nothing out of this nowadays, and it wasn't that company whom I worked for (they've since closed down); so it's nothing but the fact that they gave me a tool to test them, and was impressed.
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    Clearly. Good thing there are doctors to whom it does make sense. If you don't understand it, perhaps you shouldn't be commenting on the subject.
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