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    Hiya Eveln! I can actually kick very high as I'm now a competitive dancer and Allstar cheerleader! It's not like the cheerleaders you see on the sidelines at footy games though, Allstar cheer is a sport in its own right and we compete against other Allstar squads from all over Aus. We do not have pom poms, there's no chants, and we don't represent any other sports teams or codes, WE are the team and this IS the sport. It's a mix of high energy dance routines, gymnastics and stunts. I bloody love it - never been fitter or stronger in my life. We hit the gym multi times a week at practice, we do conditioning and weight training, dance rehearsals, spend long hours at comps together, and travel around Aus for comps together. My team has been the NSW State Champions in our division for the last 3 years, and we held the title of National Champions in 2016 and 2017 when we ranked in 1st place at the Australian Allstar Cheer and Dance Nationals. Last year we placed 2nd at Nationals. This is basically my life right now!
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    I’m still up for a flame war. I’ll take all youse assholes. Also older, crankier, time poorer but somehow happier.
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    Have to say though, I did prefer the days when rope was reeled out on a good ol’ flame war. They were indeed the good times. Entertainment and challenge all in one !
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    My Grandsons first game on a pinball machine
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    I think a sense of community is something I look for more as I get older. I used to spend a lot of time on atomic, but now find I see atomic members more in real life than I do online, and even that’s not very often. Still love my tech, but it’s not a priority anymore. The question shouldn’t be whether or not you should leave altogether, but how much time you want to spend on the forums. Once you’ve been a part of atomic, I don’t think you ever completely leave. It would be a great pity if long term members disappeared forever, and I still mourn the disappearance of Virt. But I hope you have a fab adventure traveling Aus, sounds awesome Rather than leave, hop on occasionally and post updates. Pics or it didn’t happen !
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    When you say 'drops out' is it 1. The TV controller freak out/crash (conducted/mains noise) 2. The tuner that stops receiving signal (likely TV RF interference, although it could be getting in through the mains) 3. The TV powers off then on (brownout) - if so the wiring/switchboard in your house might be under specification if a local appliance is causing this. Mains Power conditioner can be an interesting term. There are levels of conditioning. Many are just analogue filter circuits that clean up the mains to remove induced/conducted noise from switching, motors or data appliances - let the 50Hz through, but stop the higher frequency junk and cost from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and price should reflect performance (although your need may not justify top performance). A double conversion conditioner (not cheap options) will also correct voltage and frequency variations. This is all separate from surge/lightning protection filters which get rid of dangerous spikes - and of course many power conditioners include those, as they start with a $1 part but surge protection bits are usually self sacrificing, while filtering is continuous and non destructive. None of those conditioner devices address a brown-out where there is loss of power. If it is RF interference, then you will need a filter between the antenna and the TV to try and block the interference. Switching noise will be tough, but might be improved by a bandpass filter that reduces the noise outside the TV bands and in theory should improves performance within that band - but results may vary. A mats-head amp may also help if you are in a weak TV signal area, and by the time the signal from the antenna gets to the TV is is close to the noise floor - having a stronger TV signal will improve the TV's ability to decode it) If it was a specific and persistent interference from an appliance you would get a notch filter to take out that specific signal - but it doesn't sound like that. A UPS will address brownouts of course, and many UPSs include some power conditioning capability as part of their design, and they can be applied in a number of ways - to condition the noisy mains - to clean up the inverter waveform when running (either continuously in a double conversion, or for line-interactive part)
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    Well if X570 really did drop latency by ~6% that could easily make a CPU limited game over 3% faster. Or maybe it is just margin of error in there tests time will tell I guess.
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    Yeah. They should be thanking their stars they aren't being starved and gassed and experimented on. Always best to set a low bar to compare your life "goodness" against.
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    /emerges from the lurking shadows Firstly, congratulations to all the new heroes and supers! So many great people who I love in this list, all so deserving. I too honestly thought many of you were already promoted to these ranks and I thought I was reading a bumped up hero announcement post from 10 years ago or something lol. So well done you obviously fabulous people who are consistently high quality LOVE YOU GUYS!! And now for the memory lane part, bit of an unexpected turn in the thread remembering our dearly departed... Yep, that's basically correct - Osama Bin Athlon is my honorary Uncle. The first time we met in person was at M33t v3 in 2003. I was 16 at the time, and minors weren't allowed on premise at the Strike Bowling Bar without a responsible adult/carer looking after them. Security were doing the rounds kicking people out, and in true Atomic spirit, OBA vouched for me pretending to be my Uncle and telling security that I was under his care when they asked me for my non existent ID lol. He told me i'm part of the Atomic family and i'm not getting kicked out under his watch, I was so grateful for that Ever since, I have lovingly referred to him as Uncle OBA. His real daughter is a lovely, awesome chick and we instantly became friends, she's similar age as me and we chatted on MSN a lot back in those days. She also joined the Atomic forums as OBA_Spawn and she also came along to future m33ts with OBA. Her and I hung out together - great memories with them! OBA_Spawn contacted me a few years ago on Facebook to let me know the sad news that her father had passed away
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    @hectorbustnuts Nah there are no mods left, they were strung up, dry aged, grilled and then then placed between soft milky buns. Just like your weiner.
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    working on the Sabbath is also bad, has this sportsman done that?
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    General Chat if I recall correctly.
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    Less time bitching about facebook, more time bitching about phones (and family christmas dinners) please.
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    He aint hard to ignore because he hasn't come back, yet We used to say they never leave, I have this strange suspicion that it may be true, slowly the old names are returning. I probably overstated it Dev, Facebook surely has its uses, especially for family correspondence and advertising. It's just I have literally seen it more than once lead to divorces, families ceasing to talk to each other and all manner of other not nice outcomes. I can't really blame Zuckerberg for it in the first instance but I do seriously wonder if a "forum of forums" is actually the best way to go, or if it should be quite so easy to use - there can be good reasons for keeping granny away from the telephone Also I keep hearing of major, major stuffups in this thing called "Timeline" which being I'm not a user I scarcely understand. Eh, it has gone beyond being a fad but if it endures is still anyone's guess. Speaking of which, could anyone have predicted that selling books on line would, in a not particularly long space of time would make Bezos the wealthiest man on earth, even after he paid out over $50BILLION in a divorce settlement !?! The mind boggles at the power of a the net sometimes even after decades of using it. Cheers
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    There is an easier way actually star picket extractor They vary a fair bit in quality. The one I have the handle tends to bend and after much use the picket gripper is getting worn. My brother has a better one with a much more robust handle but it is a fair bit heavier. For really difficult ones I cheat and use a length of chain connected to the tractors front end loader.
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    This probably became more famous when used somewhere else a few years later - can you guess what it is? Don't post your answer - just post the time index of when you realised it (most will probably not get it).
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    talk with me don't worry that my down syndrome daughter looks a tad weary, she wouldn't look so weary if only she could lose a kilo or two speak with me like you see no surprise in my wheelchair tell me where I can get the food that will come to me at my call lovely weather for a swim, and my daughter and me love to swim - oh god but I nearly throw up at the image treat me like your average person even though my chair and bones are smothered in fat and fabric and the smell of our voluminous persons encompasses understand my needs above everything
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    Don't be afraid to go up to 1.5v for 24\7 use but at that you will want airflow over the RAM while running stability tests to keep it stable. But there is a good chance that with Ryzen 2k you wont need that much vdimm as the memory controller will be your limit as it is for me on the 6700k. Nice you made it to 3466c14 To show subs https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-timing-checker/ Are you using the Stilt's timings profile for b die that is in the MB? I find Gsat much quicker for finding RAM errors than prime95 and HCI for memory controller errors which is built into the Ryzen timing calculator now https://www.overclock.net/forum/10-amd-cpus/1628751-official-amd-ryzen-ddr4-24-7-memory-stability-thread.html
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    Both probably they will just be using different test methods , There is a lot of variables that affect a latency reading like package size multithreading and then there is sisoft that starts with small files that fit in the cache then moves up to larger files that don't and provides a average of the lot which is obliviously lower than just the latency of the RAM alone. gamble Great results already!
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    Well, unlike some here, I won't insult you for displaying a differing opinion. Thanks. I'm out for the day at least, need to do my job.
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    Look, I don't know what you do and don't know - how could I, since the only contact we have is the occasional post here? But you opened this conversation asking what history books AOC had read to term them concentration camps, and there's not a little opinion that goes her way, citing historical events. To my mind, with nothing else to go on, that looks to me like she knew something you didn't in this case. If you did know those things already, and merely disagreed with her choice of words, you could have stated it that way and not as a question. I would not have 'answered' a statement. Wild speculation: Melania is Trump's handler; assigned by Putin himself and given the directive to have a child to bind l'Orange to her. Naturally, she finds him repulsive, but orders are orders.
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    Awww GL0Be and Lectric! I used to chat with Lectric all the time via MSN, PM and IRC, he was the one who introduced me to IRC in the first place and the old Atomic IRC channels
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    I'm sure some AMD boffin will love it
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    Flip! Who has time to go through all that lot!?
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    You reckon Anning’s mum would’ve voted for him?
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