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    Kimmo, got a question. In a hypothetical future where your team win and you're executed in a gulag for being insufficiently practical (because someone still has to shovel shit on the way to socialist paradise)... what's gonna get written on your gravestone? In your 3+ decades on this planet... what's the RIP gonna read? "Here lies Kimmo, beloved father, and husband", or "Here lies Kimmo, sorely missed by Bradders, his cocaine dealer" You spend a lot of time fighting the man, and telling others how the world should be run and how money should be spent... but I'm reasonably sure you've created no wealth to distribute or own, haven't got anyone who'll miss you if you're gone and have shirked any social responsibility except protest marches. Why would anyone listen to you? All cards on the table, Kimmo. Have you got anything in your life, worthy of respect, or have you just managed to exist because you're too fucking angry at the world because it was here first and it doesn't owe you shit?
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