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    Yeah. They should be thanking their stars they aren't being starved and gassed and experimented on. Always best to set a low bar to compare your life "goodness" against.
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    /emerges from the lurking shadows Firstly, congratulations to all the new heroes and supers! So many great people who I love in this list, all so deserving. I too honestly thought many of you were already promoted to these ranks and I thought I was reading a bumped up hero announcement post from 10 years ago or something lol. So well done you obviously fabulous people who are consistently high quality LOVE YOU GUYS!! And now for the memory lane part, bit of an unexpected turn in the thread remembering our dearly departed... Yep, that's basically correct - Osama Bin Athlon is my honorary Uncle. The first time we met in person was at M33t v3 in 2003. I was 16 at the time, and minors weren't allowed on premise at the Strike Bowling Bar without a responsible adult/carer looking after them. Security were doing the rounds kicking people out, and in true Atomic spirit, OBA vouched for me pretending to be my Uncle and telling security that I was under his care when they asked me for my non existent ID lol. He told me i'm part of the Atomic family and i'm not getting kicked out under his watch, I was so grateful for that Ever since, I have lovingly referred to him as Uncle OBA. His real daughter is a lovely, awesome chick and we instantly became friends, she's similar age as me and we chatted on MSN a lot back in those days. She also joined the Atomic forums as OBA_Spawn and she also came along to future m33ts with OBA. Her and I hung out together - great memories with them! OBA_Spawn contacted me a few years ago on Facebook to let me know the sad news that her father had passed away
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    @hectorbustnuts Nah there are no mods left, they were strung up, dry aged, grilled and then then placed between soft milky buns. Just like your weiner.
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    Well if X570 really did drop latency by ~6% that could easily make a CPU limited game over 3% faster. Or maybe it is just margin of error in there tests time will tell I guess.
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    Sometimes I like to just ask questions and find out more info before I dump a wall of text full of blind assumptions. Then again I'm not the one calling eveln an idiot, so I guess I have some faith that some carefully worded questions will work better than talking down to her.
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    Well, unlike some here, I won't insult you for displaying a differing opinion. Thanks. I'm out for the day at least, need to do my job.
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    You could ask yourself if you think the situation you are in is warranted for a start. Are you being treated like a human being within the realms of the situation at hand? Of course you have to weigh up pros and cons. Do you feel safer than you did in the situation you were fleeing? Maybe you have better access to food now but you've lost family along the way. Just saying you're not in the worst possible situation isn't really a measure of humanity. Even saying it could be worse has it's limits as it could pretty much always be worse in some way., so can't be used as a yard stick on it's own. People are dying on the way to make this journey. Lots of them. There has to be a good reason to risk it all for such a trek. I agree with trying to do things to fix the country's they are in but a straight out "remove dictator x" just leaves a power vacuum and has rarely worked out well. Just throwing money at the country also doesn't work as the people at the top usually take most of that. Money with provisos and consequences is probably the best bet. Look at how it has worked for the Catholic church around the world. Not necessarily good for the people but the church got certain levels of compliance out of people. The thing is, you're comparing desperate people asking for help and being locked away to people who were hunted down because they were a particular race/religion and being locked away under worse circumstances. Have we learned nothing as people? Probably not enough. As for the bit about a building block... well they are all people who should have insurance and have legal recourse and live in a place where they are recognised citizens. There are systems in place to treat them as humans with meaningful lives. That would be the bar for them. That's not to say you can't look at how you could do things better in relation to making sure things don't happen like that but I don't think the circumstances are really comparable. Anyway, I probably rambled a bit. Let me know if I got nonsensical at any point.
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    Y'know, I've read the Bible. Cover to cover, more than once. I do not want to be 'loved' by that evil, genocidal, narcissistic psychopath. I'm really relieved that I've never seen any evidence whatsoever for a god's existence (despite believers of varying levels of rabidity and violent potential), because I'm pretty sure he'd just ignore the restraining order.
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    Well he can come and tell me himself. Primary school is where you get other people to let someone know you love them.
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    Dirty Old Bugger !
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    that song is on high rotation here - what a great track
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    Look, I don't know what you do and don't know - how could I, since the only contact we have is the occasional post here? But you opened this conversation asking what history books AOC had read to term them concentration camps, and there's not a little opinion that goes her way, citing historical events. To my mind, with nothing else to go on, that looks to me like she knew something you didn't in this case. If you did know those things already, and merely disagreed with her choice of words, you could have stated it that way and not as a question. I would not have 'answered' a statement. Wild speculation: Melania is Trump's handler; assigned by Putin himself and given the directive to have a child to bind l'Orange to her. Naturally, she finds him repulsive, but orders are orders.
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    its a bit more nuanced than that eveln Euphemisms, Concentration Camps And The Japanese Internment, (Opinion, NPR, 2012) The OED defines a concentration camp as, "a camp where non-combatants of a district are accommodated, such as those instituted by Lord Kitchener during the Boer War (1899–1902); one for the internment of political prisoners, foreign nationals, etc., esp. as organized by the Nazi regime in Germany before and during the war of 1939–45." Nazis put Jews, and millions of non-Jews, into about 20,000 camps during the war. According to the Holocaust Museum, these camps ranged from forced-labor camps where internees worked as slave labor, transit camps that served as holding pins before sending people off to Auschwitz and other places, and extermination camps, or death camps, built primarily for mass murder. Today, we often identify the phrase "concentration camp" with the latter, though the museum itself has a broader definition, and one that may be clearer than either of the dictionary ones. The museum says: "The term concentration camp refers to a camp in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy." not that AOC wasnt being misleading and provocative based on how the term is most often understood today, but the above definition applies.
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    Given that she opened her remark by saying that she was specifically NOT referring to "death camps", I think that's a stretch. Also given that Trump administration lawyers argued in court that the "detainees" did not need such "luxury items" as toothbrushes and soap, and that kids are *still* being forcibly separated from their families (though no longer routinely), I'd reckon it's pretty obvious that these places are an unhealthy step beyond simple refugee camps. Yeah, MSNBC - I know. But it's the woman being interviewed that matters: Andrea Pitzer.
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    * raises first coffee in salutation * Morning Cheeky good to see your avatar out from the shadows .
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    Awww GL0Be and Lectric! I used to chat with Lectric all the time via MSN, PM and IRC, he was the one who introduced me to IRC in the first place and the old Atomic IRC channels
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    Nich is the only Mod here with crusty buns. It goes with his general crusty demeanor.
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    I'm sure some AMD boffin will love it
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    Flip! Who has time to go through all that lot!?
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    Well now, if you would care to expand ev I'll listen, but black lung went away a long time ago. No one could argue that it was a tragic issue, but coal miners have not been afflicted by it for a long, long time. If you think tectonic plate activity is restricted to the most active areas Leo you are sadly mistaken, I'd prefer we not take the risk rather than rue the consequences but your rather Soviet que sera attitude says otherwise I'd prefer you not irradiate us completely before we fully understand the implications of 4G let alone 5G but it seems we are roiling it out anyway, stupid does not quite describe the sanguine belief that "she'll be right mate, " Cheers
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    Well not 100%. ABS states that 37,800 people are directly employed in coal mining. Apologies, I couldn't find newer figures than 2014 According to this dataset, as at October 2012 there were 405 operating mines in Australia. According to this list, there are 54 coal mines. So it's pretty simple. On average... each coal mine employs about 700 people directly. Indirectly... it's anyone's guess.... but let's be conservative... and double it. 1400. That's not a lot. Until you realise that's basically a small country town or across a series of towns where one person in a family working, means the whole family is financially secure. Is it a lot? Nah. But that's lifeblood stuff out in woop woop. To make my point, peruse this list of the Hunter area's biggest employers and you'll understand my point. The Hunter is by no metric, a rural location, but the second largest employer is a coal company. Then religion. Then Ausgrid. Then another coal company. Coal is important and the job numbers for us city folk seem piddly. Not to country towns though. .
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    Well no one can say we didn't give her one heck of a send off. The church was pretty much packed and almost everyone stayed behind after to have a cup of tea and a chat over sandwiches and cake, pies and pasties etc. Her family and her church family baked up a storm, more than even the large crowd could quite consume. Pretty much the entire family, my two girls in Perth who could not make it aside were there and most stayed on at my sister's place in the hills for a rather drunken night. I decided to stay over, probably wise. Somewhat amazingly no one was picked up by the cops but there will have been a few sore heads this morning. I'm not sure my tea-totalling mother would have completely approved but it was our way of seeing her off. Bye mum, you could drive me nuts on occasion but you were a great mother and had one heck of a life.
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