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    I've never seen them as anything but just friends. They're a puppet version of the odd couple, who weren't gay either.
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    Things I have learned during my time on Atomic I’ve been around the forums for just over 11 years now - pretty active during the first year or two (sorry 'bout that) slacked off and then absent for a few more years - its kinda cool to be kicking back in the Green Room and catching up with old acquaintances again….Thanks @Chaos.Lady for getting my log in fixed. I’ve learnt a lot during my time here and just wanted to say a big "Thank You" to all I’ve gotten to know over the time. DON’T SHOUT! It hurts the eardrums. There’s some super funny buggers in here - given the wide demographic age the humour is much varied. Advice is plentiful - be it relationship, tech, food, pet, gardening or anything in between Most of us are up for a good strong debate on a wide variety of subjects Spam is bad mmm’kay? Rankspam - not so much. Acronyms are fun….and confusing…. IANAL is not a new sexual position Visual poisoning is a real thing (Lemon Party, Blue Waffle, Bukake etc) - keep bleach on hand Spelling and grammar is super important….. as 1shot1kill will quickly point out. Don’t feed the trolls and finally - ignore Takoma
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    Yeah nah. It's pretty hard to imagine anyone making such statements about undiscovered elements having a solid grasp of what the periodic table means. The nuclear forces aren't strong enough to hold the heaviest elements together. Scientists muck around in labs trying to create new elements, and it's a BFD when they do, but what you might have missed is that they last for nanoseconds. And anyway, even if there's some undiscovered 'island of stability' where even heavier elements somehow manage to hold together, are they going to have magical properties? No, they're going to be analogous to other elements above them in the table, just like how the rest of the table works. Most of the properties are down to an element's outer shell of electrons. This stuff is pretty damn predictable. What are these hypothetical elements going to be good for? Shielding is about it. Saying Cybes is is taking science for religion misses the mark by a long shot. He just knows more of it than you, and has a better idea where there's any wiggle room. We have quite a bunch of stuff almost totally nailed down.
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    ...Right, I'm staying out of this thread from this point on. It's bad for my blood pressure, and worse for my impression of people. "Different elements"...ffs.
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    And the only reason they see you is they be concentrating on their surroundings not their frigging phones or music players or their passenger/s ... I love WOKE drivers, cyclists, motor bikers and pedestrians
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    absolutely. I barely even blink while I am riding to work in Sydney's peak hour traffic because they are all out there trying to kill me. Just this evening I stopped at three separate sets of lights to see a P plater fidling on their mobile phone. Idiots. I mean, I get it, I was a P plater myself and I did dumb things. But this is literally putting other people's lives at risk. And I tell you what, I appreciate SO much those who see me coming while lane filtering and give me a little bit of extra space. Those drivers are WOKE.
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    I know. I ask the question because scientists have found that there is something there that we have no idea how to really interact with and can barely measure it's existence. But if it is a "dark" element or maybe made up of a bunch of them then this is what I, personally, mean by elements we don't know about yet or understand. If we only know about it because it makes up such a large part of what's out there imagine what we might be missing... Or maybe it's just one thing and we actually are close to having it all worked out...
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    yep, amal's presence suggests that if he ever jumped the fence he's back in the enclosure these days she is hugely cute, and has that lovely english accent that makes me sigh
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    Of course you should always drive as if everyone out there is trying to kill you, this is especially true on a motorcycle. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I think you misunderstood my original message when I said "city roads, forget it" and FYI I always shoulder check and load my vehicle in a way that permits as close to 360 degree vision as possible as I am a motorcycle rider and when driving a car I'm always looking for a motorcycle over my shoulder.
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    With the exception of hydrogen which has been short-changed a neutron Cheers
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    I know at least 2 people who've been caught in the right lane not overtaking (I wasn't all that sympathetic)
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    What about 30% with 1.18v set? What program are you using to test load as different programs and higher FPS will increase power draw and make the card behave differently.
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    I suggest no such thing. I state that those yet to be discovered will be increasingly violently radioactive, and the product of completely mind-shatteringly large energetic events - like neutron star collisions and up. We have accurately predictive models of atomic construction, you know. Moreover, none of them is going to exhibit magical properties, which is what you're going to need to break the physics we know already. There is almost certainly more physics to know, and maybe some of that will flat contradict what we have now, but the majority of it will be compatible with it - essentially extending our current knowledge in unforeseen directions. (As was my point about Newton before: he wasn't wrong - just incomplete) You are assuming those were solid objects with mass, let alone that they had organic beings aboard. Try not to do that. That sounds snarky, and it's not supposed to be: assuming things is a natural human behaviour, and scientists try very hard not to do it - not always successfully. Assuming that something is a certain thing, rather than what the evidence is telling you, can hold up progress for decades. The thing moves in impossible ways for machines - so it's NOT a machine. But if it's not a machine, what is it? Fucked if I know. I'm content to leave pretending to know the answer to the big hats in Rome.
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    Today's sensitive equipment is tomorrow's junk.
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    Pregnancy is a boolean value - sexuality is a float.
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    I am. Because for them to get here, it means a very large amount of physics that has been proven is wrong. Stuff that has made predictions, been tested, found to have results that matched those predictions - that kind of proven. And we're not just talking about one or two fringe bits either - we're talking about the stuff that made the moon shot and makes GPS satellites, cellphones, and computers work.
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    Recent addition, a Q & A session:
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    @nickeax just to be clear here, I " liked" your comment cos My interpretation of it had sarcasm dripping off every word
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/10/arts/sesame-street-karli-addiction.html theyre right. children need to learn about "traumatic events". but are they going far enough? i think B & E should get engaged, but the marriage is postponed when Bert develops a terrible illness. Ernie stays by his bedside through thick and thin, and even thinner, but sadly Bert doesnt pull through. when Bert's life support machine goes off the room is plunged into darkness, leaving only the silhouette of Ernie against a dim rectangle of light seeping in from the drawn blinds behind him. the camera tightens on him as he falls forward, cradling his head in hands that are still clutching the power cord. suddenly, the blinds are yanked open. its Mick Jagger, with a tambourine, climbing in from the fire escape. Ernie and Mick sing an adagio duet of "You can't always get what you want" to camera. finally Mick announces, "Today's episode was brought to you by the letter 'A' for assisted suicide". roll credits.
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    What grinds my gears the most are the tossers that stay in the right hand lane in a 100kph area. It's stay left UNLESS overtaking. Not sit in the right lane and make cars pass you on the inside because you just want to do 80kph. FFS.
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    "All in favour of declaring it bullshit?" (in unison) "AYE!!" (two greens) "Nay?" "Motion carried. We'll get on with strip-mining Queensland, shall we?" I mean, ok, having a debate is better than nothing, I guess, but it's not what is required. The science has been in for a long time, and those numpties have to say about it matters not at all.
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    this seems to have merit : The Australian Federal Government currently have a petition open, and if it gets enough signatures by October 16th it will mean that they will debate declaring a climate emergency in the lower house. Unlike other advocacy groups, this one is by the parliament meaning they will debate it if they get the signatures so please spread far and wide. When signing, make sure you do the last step which is verifying your email. https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_sign?id=EN1041
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    Well you can thank China for that. All those ghost cities built with our coal, steel and other stuff.
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