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    Hi everyone! It’s been a while, huh? Many excellent people are still here, some come and go, and many more, like me, hover around lurking, mostly checking in to see if it’s still here and how things are. It’s still here. The main reason I’m posting is to give you guys an update so you know where in the universe Atomic sits and what its future is, because some things just changed. The big news is that a couple of months ago Atomic’s owner nextmedia sold off its tech and games assets to Future Publishing. Making Future the fourth company to own Atomic. Future is huge, if you didn’t know. I wanted to work there once, in the 1990s when I loved PC Gamer. Well I work here now because with the titles Future bought (PC & Tech Authority, PC PowerPlay, Hyper and Atomic), they also hired David Hawkeye Hollingworth and myself. They also fixed the bloody crypto CPU killing infestation, so off to a good start in the good books with that. What it all means for Atomic is a big happy nothing. Future will keep the site going and everything will be tops. Now, being a supergiant global media empire, Future is keeping busy with a great many things. It also bought the parent company of Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware earlier this year. That means that this little corner of the internet is a low priority. Probably the lowest. And that’s fine with me. We don’t want meddling, we want to be left alone in peace. One day, perhaps, a time will be right to use the name Atomic and everything it stands for to do some kind of new media tech endeavour. That's not the main reason why these Atomic forums are being kept going though. It's because there are people here that want to stay being here. There is true love for Atomic. From you reading this, obviously, or you wouldn’t be here, so thanks for still being part of it ? Most of all from the guardians of the site Nich, Chaos and Elvenwhore. I know you know how fabulous they are and all their efforts and care are very much known and appreciated by me, David and those that matter here. I can’t thank them enough. So. As you were. I know there are bits and pieces here and there that need attention, and perhaps we’ll get to that, but the core remains and will continue to do so. Atomic. It lives because of you.
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    This is a great place, made of great people and that means every single one of you. You being here is the cinnamon on our bun, and while the bun isn't as big as it once was, it's even more delicious than ever. Kindness and friendship. Sticking together. Lending a shoulder, or a Philips head. Amusing. Teaching. All of you do your part because you like doing that. As long as people like you like each other, Atomic is alive and well. As was our way since the very beginning, we like to thank those who, for any number of indefinable reasons, have stood out just a little bit extra. We're saying thanks, and we're giving you a badge of honour so others may know of your deeds. It's been a long time since we tapped Heroes, but they've always been here. Many here have long been true Heroes even if they didn't have the badge. Until now. While the landscape here has altered a bit, the green grass of Atomic is as strong and fresh as ever. You're still here, after all. Today we have new Atomic Heroes. With mighty thanks for just being you - you done good. HEROES Cybes Always there to keep the conversation going, Cybes' level headedness and quietly smirking nature can't be beat. Cybes is one of our top posters and always brilliant. He has always been glowy green at the core, and this just makes it official. SquallStrife From politics to Arduino, Squall is into it all. We miss him dearly when he's not around and love it when he weighs in during the tough conversations. SceptreCore Everything from tech advice to the best whisky is Sceptre. He's tech and gaming in the best way, with advice and sheer awesome helpfulness to new and old. smadge1 Another one of our quietly glorious post champions, smadge gives the atomic gaming love as well as being generally awesome. From Arduino to his new toys and games, he keeps the love going. eveln We love her opinions, her challenges and her style. Eveln gives us plenty of atomican goodness in every post, no matter whether it's her fridge or a driverless car. /BRAVO! These friends now join the rank of Hero. Speaking of which, there are Heroes here that have become more. They are SUPERHEROES. These mega people have shown consistency in being super awesome. Always in-depth whether it comes to tech or science or food or audio or general hijinkery. They play with us, they share with us, they keep the place amazing. They are love - gooey, glowing green love, and are just very atomic. Yes, Sir. Very atomic. SUPERHEROES Nich... A decade and a half overdue and I thought he was already, which is the only possible explanation for this not happening before. He cares, he loves, he provides the glowy green slushy of total awesome. He works his tiny custard-filled butt off to keep the place sparkling, moderating and adjusting the backend to keep us running. His dedication to the community can’t be beaten and his tireless efforts often go unnoticed. But he absolutely is noticed and is truly, completely, astonishingly amazing. scruffy1 From medical advice about haemorrhoids to sage wisdom and a megaton of musical knowledge, he is the king. Scruffy is tireless in his grand old country doctor way and an awesome guy to boot. Fenn Fenn brings a spark of CWA to atomic. She enjoys her games and plays hard with us all, while gently showing us how to crochet a CPU and bake a chocolate cream pi. fredzfrog Fredz is an atomic institution. He laughs at the world with us and all it's foibles, while always being there to cheer us along. @~thehung From the tech sections to general chat, hung is everywhere. He is always ready with a smile and an opinion while quietly keeping the chat going in his own special way. The place just wouldn't be the same without him. You beautiful people. BUT. THAT'S. NOT. ALL. As special as this moment of thanks is, it's now going to 11. For amongst us are Superheroes that personify the very best of Atomic. Because, these superheroes are our tech gods, and Atomic is Maximum Power Computing at its core. They are always there to offer help and assistance in anything tech. They provide comment and genius advice and sage wisdom to any and all who need it. They keep out a sharp eye throughout our tech areas for everything from wayward spam to dodgy RAM. These are the atomic cyborgs and we love them. And from now on they will be afforded the rank of: SUPERHERO MPC aliali While we might have a tech head or two around the place, aliali is a techie’s techie. He can fix it when it's broken and make it better when it's not. Always there to lend a hand on a piece of kit or a problem. Rybags There is so much awesome wrapped up in the package that is Rybags, it's hard to know where to start. He a tech gem and a Green Room god. And so much more. Totally and completely atomic in every way. Dasa When the supertechies get together, Dasa is never far away. He can help with everything from your mobile phone to your AMD kit and is always willing to lend a hand. stadl With a heart as big as a continent, tech chops galore and an ever present helping hand, stadl shines like the sun. He can get to the heart of an issue in 6 words and still have room for a compliment. Stand tall. You are all gold. Two more thanks must be included. First to the mods. They give and give, they do it for the love here, and that means they do it for you. We all love them back, and rightly so. They made today's announcement happen and helped me a lot putting it together. Bless. We are lucky. And. YOU. Without you Atomic would be a lesser place. You seem to like it here and keep coming back. So, thanks for being in the gang, and I hope we can all stay here until the end of time xx
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    First logged on about 18 years ago, different time back then. The internet was still a baby that we all enjoyed but as its grown its turned into not such a great entity in my eyes. I have recently learnt to put my phone down and only pick it up when it rings or if I need to ring. Sitting on the couch reading stalkbook stuff is something I once enjoyed but now find it more annoying than fun. Still haven't made the move to delete the account as it is a good way to keep a track on my kids ( another story) . These forums have and will always be important to me for many reasons. I modded here for a long time, seen lots come and go, I've upset people that I really regret and have had more than one hissy fit. Not proud of those but dealing with lots of issues at the time made me do and say things that I will always regret and it probably cost me a few friends here. I cant change that but time moves on as we all do and I still find myself dropping in here every few days just to see whos around and what's happening with the forums.
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    so...what youre saying is, Atomic has a future because Future has Atomic, and Future has Atomic because Atomic has a future? well, i, for one, welcome our new tautological overlords
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    It seems more like it's because of you ?? Rob.
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    I've always found this to be a good summary of our planet and the wonderful little cyberpunk future we have right now
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    You are all invited to join Discord Back in the day, there were a lot of us who used the AtomicIRC channel, which hasn't really existed for quite some time now. Discord is the replacement of choice (for IRC), and offers many new features, is great for real-time chatting (text/voice) and sharing photos, memes, links etc. It was primarily set up as a platform for real-time gaming communication, and has many gaming related features (for PC) You can chat in a Browser, using the Discord application, or as an app on your mobile device. All conversations are synced between devices. Its much better than Facebook groups, as you don't even need to be on facebook. (this is a pro) Sign up now! https://discord.gg/swKm5vS (Link shouldn't expire, if it isn't working, PM me) Just for now, the Atomicans Discord server is completely SFW (Safe For Work). If you have some experience with moderating or admin'ing a Discord server, let me know. (there is support for bots etc, which I've never used) Also happy for folks who know how, to create and submit some emotes!
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    a vanishingly small number of genuine medical exceptions aside, if the "solution" to a problem is mutilating a newborn human child, then something is very, very, wrong. species dont evolve "optional extras". the level of ignorance/stupidity necessary to believe otherwise, astounds, revolts, and angers me to my core. i would add, '— especially with regard to specific features of the very organs of reproduction, whose natural functioning is so entwined with lifelong sexual and emotional health' ... but i shouldnt need to. cutting a piece off a baby (human or animal) you dont absolutely need to, is in and of itself deplorable. i have not, and will never, forgive my parents for the deliberate act of permanent disfigurement i suffered without the chance to withdraw my consent. the only small consolation i have is that they grew up in more retarded times. i won't countenance wiggle room on this issue. i have zero tolerance for handwringing notions of tacit permissability for 'some peoples' choices. in short, i categorically reject moral relativist arguments for child abuse. today, 'hygiene reasons' typically translates to it being more convenient than taking a handful of minutes out of each day to clean the boy thoroughly and teach him well. convenience is not a medical reason nor anything approaching a moral justification for the mutilation of a child. egregious, selfish, pig ignorant, and cruel.
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    Thanks Chaos, Feels much better to be in my original skin.
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    sob ! i ... i ... don't know what to say... unlikely, i am always verbose and indeed honoured by the lofty title bestowed upon me and here was me thinking special was a backhanded way of propping up the egos of those with "other abilities" (which it is politically incorrect to elaborate on in this time and place, but suffice to say they get their own olympics) congratulations to all the other players similarly honoured; youse all deserve the promotion gained my only suggestion is superhero mpc is difficult to say, and i would propose that these uberheroes might be more easily recognised as megaheroes (or indeed, uberheroes, which sounds pretty schmick also) or leave them as superhero mpc, and now i'll shut the fuck up not for long though
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    I know you have blood in your eye from previous personal experience, Leo, and I don't think Socialism or Communism are The Answer, but that strikes me as a little unfair. When the tsar was overthrown, Russia was the poorest country in the world; in just 40 years of that economic system they had the mighty Americans shitting themselves at losing the space race. Cuba managed to keep their universal healthcare system operational despite crippling US sanctions for the entirety of Castro's reign - re-enacted fairly faithfully in Venezuela, and being set up for yet another US backed 'regime change' war and puppet government installation. Let's not confuse an economic system with some problems but also obvious benefits with a succession of bloodthirsty dictators. Let's also not idolise one with different flaws (a 7 year boom/bust cycle for instance) and advantages because the nation has an illusion of freedom attached. Instead, let's try to acknowledge what is broken and what is superior in *all* systems and try to synthesize something better.
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    That sort of shit right there is fucking poison, Leo. Left/Right is still a political divide - the race and sex (and multiple gender) fuckwittery is an entirely separate issue, and you should address it as such. Unless you want people to refer to you as a Nazi sympathiser simply for your economic stance.
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    Hey, my ears were burning.
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    my comment on treating the patient was formed watching some oncologists go hell bent to "kill a cancer" where the odds were so lousy, and the outcome was frequently a more rapid death due to complications, after an appalling quality of life due to side effects of treatment the best oncologists imho have the guts to tell a patient that it is not appropriate to continue the fight, whilst being clever enough to explain that that doesn't mean they will die any sooner, just that their remaining time will be spent living in the best comfort available, and enjoying it as best they can, as opposed to being persistently sick from radical intervention, and wasting the same amount of time being made ill due to their forlorn fantasy that they are not incurable the weeks wasted in hospital where nothing is gained as you feel lousy and miss the chance to be safely around other people and experience the world is a crap trade off the truth is that aggressive end stage intervention for some situations is because people "want something to fix them", when their real issue is total denial that there is no miracle that can be delivered - and some oncologists are more comfortable selling a "possible remission" (of incredibly small likelihood) rather than delivering the bad news, and let the patient die trying (at great expense and usually discomfort) it's like adult children of ancient parents demanding their terminally ill loved one be admitted to intensive care, where they almost invariably die whilst blocking a bed for much more salvageable medical cases, or even worse, survive briefly longer and get to die again - the kids feel vindicated tat they can't let mum or dad "go", but often the very sick elderly are quite ready to depart it's fucking hard being old and very sick; god bless advance care directives, even though offspring with guardianship will still deny their parent's wishes as the crunch no-one in their right mind generally wants to die, except in extremely impossible to endure situations; the harsh truth is they all will, and demanding it not happen is rather understandable, but impossible to deliver so no sunshine and rainbows, but +1 to a beautiful sunset and the big sleep the idea that people "battle" and "lose" to cancer, or "survive" is like the person assessing the situation is far too used to sporting events as a model, rather than the messy actuality of part of your tissues going megalomaniac, with no intention to do you harm, just the unambiguous task of getting bigger and spreading their domain my last comment here is a multi verse haiku i wrote during my treatment for lymphoma (stage 4... ooh ! any other type of malignancy and that's pretty much game over, as it were, but management of many things is way cleverer than early days of chemo) my experience ? cancer is not a battle it's misunderstood part of your being believes itself immortal but it's delusion lacking self control and going exponential it seals its own fate the metastasis of first world aspirations is a metaphor
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    Hit 41 the other day. It was a lovely birthday. The gifts were thoughtful. I did have to tell my wife what to get. But we'll get to that in a second. I got the Monster Manual (D&D 5e) Bunnings Gift Vouchers. (They know me) an eftpos voucher A Raspberry Pi 3. The Bunnings vouchers have come to good effect already. Bunnings vouchers are always happy. The Monster manual I love. Even if I don't play D&D with it (Which I will). The day spent sitting with my son and going through it was most amazing. Best birthday present ever. Raspberry pi 3? Well. MY brother knows me. This is going to become a pihole. I look forwards to it. But Fenn's gift to me. She got me the Monster Manual. But. She wants to get me an armchair. And I was a bit 'huh? Why?' But then I paid attention to what I was doing. I kept dragging my computer chair to near my fishtank to read. So why not a computer chair. I never noticed I did this. Fenn did. So this weekend, we go and get me an armchair. AD
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    Having recently looked at parenting forums, it's absolutely disgusting the amount of women who are getting their sons circumcised because they think their son will be confused if their willy looks different to their fathers. I've known 2 men who needed surgery as adults. Having babies chopped because of the small risk they'll have medical problems later, is stupid.
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    ya, congrats to all! ?* *thats either a bro fist, or an indication i dont handle praise well. you decide!
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    Eveln, the Atomic scene. Has always been green. A mean green forum machine. The greenest and greatest That ever was seen. And ever is being. Toxic Yellow. Atomic fellows, to the max. Leave other yellows. Dead in their tracks. Ah am gonna tell yo. Simpsons Buttercup yellow. Is for them. Fictitious fellows. That lummox on down. From Springfield town. Let us not be. Messen around. Like that buttery joker. Krusty the Clown. Ah better shut my gob. Before Eveln do a job. And sets upon me . Her pal Sideshow Bob. O' oh, big hair and a gun. Ah truely needs to run. I was only maken fun. Hon. ?
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    I think you need life experience in order to have an INFORMED opinion I used to think I knew about depression, until this year when I developed deep depression, I knew nothing
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    Discworld is only full of ludicrous humor on the surface. Underneath, it's actually full of biting social commentary (especially about English social politics, however most of it can be related to many countries worldwide) and human psychology. It's also a commentary on many socio-political areas and cultural (and pop-culture) oddities and treasures. Pratchett takes aim at everything from the Catholic Church, Hollywood, Rock music, Postal service, Banking/Finance, Railways, Asian Culture and Australia to War, Peace, Death and life itself. He often highlights the absurdities of human beings and human society while showing all the good stuff too. My favourite discworld is Feet of Clay where Pratchett asks "Who puts the words in your head". That sat me back on my heels and made me really think. I then went back and re-read many of the earlier books and realised just how deep they go. My current reading is nowhere near as philosophical or deep. ? I'm working my way through the Nate Temple series by Shayne Silvers (kinda reminds me of the Dresden Files meets James Bond). I'm also studying ITSM related texts (Problem and Change mainly) for work. Oh - and I have a copy of the whole Maze Runner series in real paper books sitting near my bed waiting for me.
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    Punches through roof of finest cardboard coffin. Digs slowly up through poorly compressed loam. Damages fingers on thick layer of concrete. Buggah.
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    Then hang around a bit more! ?
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    *Emerges from the engine room wiping her hands on a greasy rag* All done Cap'n! Anyone who doesn't have their shiny new words under their name, PM me and I'll get Nich to figure out what the heck I did wrong. ? Also - woohoo! Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!! You all very much and totally deserve it. I hope you all treasure your titles and wear them with pride. And Ben, thank you for your care and attention and giving us so very very much. This place is a testament to who you are. The love we share, the care that is given, the spirit that is atomic is a growth of the seed you planted, nurtured and continue to tend.
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    Lookit everyone. So cool. Earlier I posted about the crypto infestation being fixed and crediting our new masters. I was wrong and all those props belong to the great Evil Admin ?
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