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    change youre mind? something tells me it would be easier to invent a time machine to go back and have you aborted. no, i think the horse has bolted in that regard. but i do like to think that one day an anti-abortionist gene will be identified that could be screened for in the womb, and then a referendum passed requiring the humane disposal of all afflicted foetuses.
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    standard rivaroxaban regime is 15mg twice daily for 3 weeks, then onto 20mg once daily sad news is that there's no available reversing agent in oz (yet) though one has just been approved in the usa the trade off in not needing monitoring with blood tests (like good ol' fashioned warfarin, which can be reversed fairly readily) is the unfortunate risk of catastrophic bleeding - okay if you can apply pressure, but in the gut or brain it's very problematic so, don't fall over and hit your head, or scoff anti-inflammatories but hey ! you don't get anything for nothing with medication edit : clots do dissolve themselves, rivaroxaban stops new ones forming as easily, or your blood adding to the clots already there, so the net effect is you lose the clots you have, and don't get new ones, according to science... the harder part is how long you need "cover", which depends on whether you have prior history or family history, and there are a swag of tests to determine genetic clotting tendency that are usually part of the work up
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