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    Well, I suppose that's fine. Yahweh prefers to wait until just after birth to kill them, possibly because Heaven lacks sophisticated medical technology. Or maybe it's just to satisfy his infamous penchant for violence (if the Holy Bible is to be believed).
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    Hi all, I've started streaming retro game content on Twitch, twice a week, 9:30PM Friday and Saturday night Brisbane time. http://www.twitch.tv/RetroSwimAU Anybody else on the bandwagon?
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    Even an ordinary PC shop (I am excluding the likes of Harvey Norman and OfficeWorks in this) should have a few kicking around. Or you can get them off Ebay just search for PCI covers. yes they also do PCI-E locations. Or do what I do if I have no spares just stick some Gaffa tape over the hole.
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    Wow, this is like a condensed summary of everything that is wrong with the fashion industry! 1. 'overweight' models, on the rare occasions they are used, are MUCH closer to a healthy weight or size or shape than the moderately to severely unhealthy looks we see from most skinny models. 2. Just taking a wild guess here - Nich was being sarcastic when he said that 'shame works well'. 3. The overwhelming evidence is that dieting to 'lose weight' or 'get thin' is a waste of time. The two factors that contribute to your body size and shape are genetics + environment. And once you have reached your current shape, it's insanely difficult to change it. It takes huge amounts of effort, usually involving massive lifestyle changes and frequently some psychological assistance, to change your body shape and maintain it. And 'getting thin' is not a good reason to do that. 4. 'Getting healthy' is a much better goal, but that doesn't usually result in 'getting thin' unless that's the shape your body wants to be in. 5. Staring at pictures of unhealthily thin people who have never ever been fat is not a great way to improve how you feel about your own body. 6. How many of you have ever tried modelling for photographs? I have. It's insane. First you have to spend hours and hours getting your body ready - removing hair, applying makeup, etc. Then you have to stand around holding your body in really uncomfortable positions at exactly the right angles to create the illusions of 'thinness' or 'sexiness' or whatever you're actually aiming for. And after that, if it's a commercial photoshoot, there WILL be photoshop. The person you see in the mirror when you stand straight on, under harsh lights, from close up, without filters, will NEVER look like a fashion model. But if you twist your hips one way, suck your butt in, tilt your boobs another way, angle your chin, place your hands carefully, fix the clothing so that it is just so, angle the lights... then you'll see something rather 'nicer' in the mirror for the twenty whole seconds you can stand it before you feel like your neck muscles are going to snap. Even when you do 'moving' photos you are moving from one carefully curated pose to another. You don't ever stand around like a regular, comfortable human having photos taken of you.
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    Nah, use copper wire. They love copper wire.
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    I hear shame is really good for people. Especially in helping them lose weight. I'm not sold that you're not shaming.
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    Birdhouse In Your Soul. They Might Be Giants. Must be my turn hehe. B SOS Might be 80's
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