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    Sorry dude. There aren't many on this forum that will give you a Hallelujah or even care. You probably need to head over to christians.com or somewhere for a better response. Here, we are multi-denominational, open to all creeds, races and thought structures. It's only the illegal and nasty stuff we won't tolerate. From anyone. While it's great religion works for you and helps your mental issues, it's not the answer for everyone (no matter what you are told to think). You won't convert anyone here, and standing on your soapbox screaming at the uncaring masses is fine but don't expect any more reaction here than you would get in front of woolies (although you might not get punched in the mouth here, which could be considered a bonus). Good luck with whatever works for you. If it makes your life better, that's great. You've said your piece now. Let's leave it at that.
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    I'm with Chaos on this. When I first looked at that syllabus, I saw the date is 2003 and thought, this is guaranteed to be shit. But when you read it from the perspective of learning outcomes (I'm not a qualified trainer, but I have produced enough training packs to comprehend the value of understanding the LOs) it's not so bad. A little dated, hard to make compelling.exciting, but if you focus on the LOs rather than the 'Abouts' the syllabus is a reasonable framework. So you don't need to spend an eternity covering appletalk and IPX/SPX, but they need to know they existed in a timeline/evolution of networking technologies, reached their limits (for commercial or technical reasons) and got passed by. The fundamental architectures of networks, the building blocks - why is a switch better than a hub? why is a hub better than a switch? routing vs bridging etc. All good to know. Duplex/simplex modes, and it's always a good thing if there is 1 less person in the world who can't differentiate baud rate from bit rate - dialup modems might be dead, but radio codecs are not, nor is quantum computing. As for a project, I'd be tempted for build networks using different technolgies/architectures measure and assess - make it relevant, because the performance can be ping times/latency for gaming, or data transfer rates for streaming videos. Understand protocols - then transcode streaming music/video and examine the bandwidth.
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    Dude I think you should see your GP and ask to get referred to get some counselling.
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    Some of the problems with the syllabus being so old isn't about what it includes, but about what it doesn't include, too. Just off the top of my head, there's nothing about updated technologies like Apples Bonjour, Universal Plug and Play, there's nothing about the UDP protocol, nothing about cloud systems or virtual machines, nothing about AI or VR. I've been adding some of these things as I go along, for my assignments, but what I really need to find out is if there are standardised exams like for the HSC. If there us, students have to be ready for them (so then I need to find the content). If there aren't, then I suppose you could teach whatever got approved by your principal?
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