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    But what people do to each other's genitals is entirely the government's business. Fucking hypocrite.
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    Thing bad, except when thing good.
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    only fornicators use highways
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    I think this may fall under masturbation.
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    I think we need some clearer definitions here. For instance, is it still classed as masturbation if you're just fondling your nipples? What if you're completely naked but only licking the bathroom mirror? Perhaps a dB limit on moaning and grunting would better assist investigating detectives in determining if a crime is being committed? There's many, many important details we need to establish before we can get this new society off the ground.
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    You: Also you: On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate yourself above 20 for hypocrisy?
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    Looks like we found a 16 port POE layer 2 switch with fibre and 2x Gigabit ethernet ports at work! The switch came with a terminated contract with comms company we were using but it was disconnected and unused after we switched to someone else. Might have been from Telstra or AMCOM who removed their equipment and left the switch there. And they want it back now ...
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    "I still want freedom, except when I think there should be less freedom." Literally you. Reconcile your own hypocrisy before you concern yourself with my views. You're continuously bellowing about freedom. Freedom freedom freedom. Then in the same breath you want the GOVERNMENT, the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT that needs to go away, to concern itself with people's private, personal affairs. YOU. ARE. A. HYPOCRITE. Where is your budgetary estimate to support this statement? Most of the data you would need to produce such a report is public knowledge, so go and figure it out. The fact that your policies are philosophically sound to you is a terrible argument for economic reform.
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    ryiuchi sakamoto ? merry (christtmas) mister (lawrence) ?
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    look, i know theres inherent difficulties in that it isnt really possible to project the colour black, however, for the potential revenue its totally worth finding a way to make this work!
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