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    I don't think a tinyurl type link would remove the tracking stuff though. The other thing is people put links without considering you need to be registered with the target site fairly often.
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    Hi I'm a URL shortener, you can be one too if you believe in yourself. Isn't that so much nicer? Isn't it so much easier to see what the link is too, now that it's only half as long?
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    I don't like url shorteners - they obfuscate the target, so you have to trust the poster (more than normal) that they aren't sending you to goatse or worse. I'd much prefer that people just learned a little basic editing skill: trim your quotes and urls to include only the relevant bits. Of course, that relies on people having some modicum of courtesy, so that's obviously a fucking pipe dream. ?
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    Jeruselem pastes links with massive clicktracking tokens on the end, and apparently didn't know... yeah right
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