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    This is a great place, made of great people and that means every single one of you. You being here is the cinnamon on our bun, and while the bun isn't as big as it once was, it's even more delicious than ever. Kindness and friendship. Sticking together. Lending a shoulder, or a Philips head. Amusing. Teaching. All of you do your part because you like doing that. As long as people like you like each other, Atomic is alive and well. As was our way since the very beginning, we like to thank those who, for any number of indefinable reasons, have stood out just a little bit extra. We're saying thanks, and we're giving you a badge of honour so others may know of your deeds. It's been a long time since we tapped Heroes, but they've always been here. Many here have long been true Heroes even if they didn't have the badge. Until now. While the landscape here has altered a bit, the green grass of Atomic is as strong and fresh as ever. You're still here, after all. Today we have new Atomic Heroes. With mighty thanks for just being you - you done good. HEROES Cybes Always there to keep the conversation going, Cybes' level headedness and quietly smirking nature can't be beat. Cybes is one of our top posters and always brilliant. He has always been glowy green at the core, and this just makes it official. SquallStrife From politics to Arduino, Squall is into it all. We miss him dearly when he's not around and love it when he weighs in during the tough conversations. SceptreCore Everything from tech advice to the best whisky is Sceptre. He's tech and gaming in the best way, with advice and sheer awesome helpfulness to new and old. smadge1 Another one of our quietly glorious post champions, smadge gives the atomic gaming love as well as being generally awesome. From Arduino to his new toys and games, he keeps the love going. eveln We love her opinions, her challenges and her style. Eveln gives us plenty of atomican goodness in every post, no matter whether it's her fridge or a driverless car. /BRAVO! These friends now join the rank of Hero. Speaking of which, there are Heroes here that have become more. They are SUPERHEROES. These mega people have shown consistency in being super awesome. Always in-depth whether it comes to tech or science or food or audio or general hijinkery. They play with us, they share with us, they keep the place amazing. They are love - gooey, glowing green love, and are just very atomic. Yes, Sir. Very atomic. SUPERHEROES Nich... A decade and a half overdue and I thought he was already, which is the only possible explanation for this not happening before. He cares, he loves, he provides the glowy green slushy of total awesome. He works his tiny custard-filled butt off to keep the place sparkling, moderating and adjusting the backend to keep us running. His dedication to the community can’t be beaten and his tireless efforts often go unnoticed. But he absolutely is noticed and is truly, completely, astonishingly amazing. scruffy1 From medical advice about haemorrhoids to sage wisdom and a megaton of musical knowledge, he is the king. Scruffy is tireless in his grand old country doctor way and an awesome guy to boot. Fenn Fenn brings a spark of CWA to atomic. She enjoys her games and plays hard with us all, while gently showing us how to crochet a CPU and bake a chocolate cream pi. fredzfrog Fredz is an atomic institution. He laughs at the world with us and all it's foibles, while always being there to cheer us along. @~thehung From the tech sections to general chat, hung is everywhere. He is always ready with a smile and an opinion while quietly keeping the chat going in his own special way. The place just wouldn't be the same without him. You beautiful people. BUT. THAT'S. NOT. ALL. As special as this moment of thanks is, it's now going to 11. For amongst us are Superheroes that personify the very best of Atomic. Because, these superheroes are our tech gods, and Atomic is Maximum Power Computing at its core. They are always there to offer help and assistance in anything tech. They provide comment and genius advice and sage wisdom to any and all who need it. They keep out a sharp eye throughout our tech areas for everything from wayward spam to dodgy RAM. These are the atomic cyborgs and we love them. And from now on they will be afforded the rank of: SUPERHERO MPC aliali While we might have a tech head or two around the place, aliali is a techie’s techie. He can fix it when it's broken and make it better when it's not. Always there to lend a hand on a piece of kit or a problem. Rybags There is so much awesome wrapped up in the package that is Rybags, it's hard to know where to start. He a tech gem and a Green Room god. And so much more. Totally and completely atomic in every way. Dasa When the supertechies get together, Dasa is never far away. He can help with everything from your mobile phone to your AMD kit and is always willing to lend a hand. stadl With a heart as big as a continent, tech chops galore and an ever present helping hand, stadl shines like the sun. He can get to the heart of an issue in 6 words and still have room for a compliment. Stand tall. You are all gold. Two more thanks must be included. First to the mods. They give and give, they do it for the love here, and that means they do it for you. We all love them back, and rightly so. They made today's announcement happen and helped me a lot putting it together. Bless. We are lucky. And. YOU. Without you Atomic would be a lesser place. You seem to like it here and keep coming back. So, thanks for being in the gang, and I hope we can all stay here until the end of time xx
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    I want to start this off by saying a big thank you to @spyder for maintaining Atomic Heroes and Superheroes v3 for so long - close to a decade. Standing on the shoulders of giants has never been more apt, and this wouldn't have happened without his hard work in collecting the data over the years. I've put together a spreadsheet of all of the data, up to date as of this month's (or this year's, even) latest batch of new Heroes. Until we regain access to our archives, sadly, a whole bunch of links in this won't work. The same goes for the long lost sites referenced to create the predecessor of this, Atomic Waste, and the Atomican's Eon Statistics Board. I think the above quote is really important, and I've kept to the same philosophy in this update. To try and show some flexibility, there are two sheets linked: the default/main one is sorted by name, to make it easy to find specific people; the other sheet is ordered chronologically by section, so you can see which were the first/last/etc Heroes and Superheroes. Because I clearly have too much free time over my holiday, I've also played around a little with a more nostalgic version, which I'll link to, rather than embedding. I'm not sure it's worth embedding yet, but we'll see.
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    oh. < stunned silence > I thought I was more a pain in the arse . Thanks SceptreCore . very much.
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    10 years (and 1 month) between them, too. Like an anniversary present. ?
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    Congratulations all - great to see this community going strong and enduring so steadfastly. Applause to all the special folk who help others and make Atomic what it still is today - you totally rock!
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    Another one of my favs, had the paperback for years.
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    You are... that's why you're a Hero! ? Congrats to @Nich... as well who is a well deserved Hero. Great contributors here. And @Cybes too of course.
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    Those are some truly deserving Heroes and Superheroes! As for my upgrade, totally unexpected, and possibly the first time anyone has accused me of being able to say anything in so few words. but... if limited to 6: 'Thanks Ben, everyone and especially Mods'
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    You've always been a hero to us eveln
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    Probably a wall of text coming. I'm kind of approaching the end of my PhD. I tell ya, every one of my insecurities has been brought to the fore in this process. Social insecurity, because I've moved to another city where I had no family or friends. To upheave things a little more, my girlfriend still lives overseas, so we've mostly been apart since the beginning of 2016. I've had a bunch of folks, cycling buddies, who I started training and racing with a few months after I moved here. In the beginning it was a really small, tight knit bunch, and very different from your regular-up-themselves cycling wankers. They were inclusive and easy to be around, which was very appealing to me. I don't handle big group dynamics very well. As the group grew however, and keeps growing, little sub groups are forming, and I don't like that much. I began to notice exclusivity among folks, and whether I'm on the inside or outside of that doesn't really matter, because I hate seeing it happen, and having my own fears tapped by it. I pulled back from it all a while ago and just rode by myself, tried to reconfigure my expectations, and have just started engaging with them again in small doses. I've gotta get my social needs met elsewhere though. Intellectual insecurity is a thing too, because I'm not really a trained researcher, but rather, a musician who does research. Being in that position has some significant advantages, though. I've basically invented an analytic framework from scratch. It's innovative, and no one has done anything like what I have before. I presented at an overseas symposium in July, and my talk generated a lot of questions and interest. It even got to the point where listeners were questioning and arguing with each other, which was great. Nobody asked me a question that really dug at the core of what I'm doing though, so it's reassuring that no one is approaching this topic like I am, but at the same time, it's a bit lonely out here. Creative insecurity, I suppose you might call it. Doing music is a stupid career choice at the best of times, but doing traditional music of another culture has gotta be dumb. I'm hopelessly intrigued by it and infatuated with it, absolutely compelled to do it, but this kind of desire is not easy. People frequently ask me, "But what are you going to do with it?" Anyone who asks that question could never do it, but it's so profound to me that there wasn't really a choice. Since 2009, I've had one job for two years, which paid me over $1000 a day, and I only worked two days a month. I've been on scholarships the rest of the time, which is fucking amazing, and I'm full of gratitude to the universe for that. My current scholarship runs out in less than a month, so I've gotta work while I finish my thesis. Though I have a few nice things, I don't have much money, but I was thinking the other day that even if I had more money, it would not fundamentally change the way I go about my current pursuits - I'd still be doing the same things. I guess that means I'm doing what I want already. Not being in a sharehouse would certainly be nice. Apart from that, all I'd really do with more money is engage in better quality distractions. One major distraction has been cycling, and I am as fit as a motherfucker at the moment. Recently did vo2max and lactate threshold tests in a lab, and got pretty decent scores. Out of the last six races I've been in, I came first in three, and third in two. Later this week I'll be racing in a national race. Amateur, but it's still national level, and it's a chance to maybe pull on a national jersey. My role will basically be the shielded sprinter, kept fresh for delivery to the line by two other team mates. Very much looking forward to that. Fuck mate, cycling is the only thing that provides simple enjoyment at the moment. I've bitten off a big chunk of life and I'm chewing like a bastard. I'm not tired of life, but tired from it. Been running over threshold for too long. Gotta get this thesis done. That's what's on my mind.
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    I didn't even have one! Just had a couple pints at the bar though and watched the BBL. Still nice though. ? In the comfort of our home I did enjoy the two . tbh here I would have enjoyed them with or without this new blue << that just added a highlight and a big grin
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    It's a special rank for people no longer allowed to edit posts.
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    few things be sadder than a fried dongle
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    Congrats and many wootiebix to @Cybes, @SquallStrife, @SceptreCore, @smadge1, @eveln, @scruffy1, @Fenn, @fredzfrog, @@~thehung, @aliali, @Rybags, @Dasa, and @stadl!
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    sob ! i ... i ... don't know what to say... unlikely, i am always verbose and indeed honoured by the lofty title bestowed upon me and here was me thinking special was a backhanded way of propping up the egos of those with "other abilities" (which it is politically incorrect to elaborate on in this time and place, but suffice to say they get their own olympics) congratulations to all the other players similarly honoured; youse all deserve the promotion gained my only suggestion is superhero mpc is difficult to say, and i would propose that these uberheroes might be more easily recognised as megaheroes (or indeed, uberheroes, which sounds pretty schmick also) or leave them as superhero mpc, and now i'll shut the fuck up not for long though
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    If you keep an eye out on humble bundle the Vegas edit software comes on sale for about $US20 from time to time.
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