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    Having recently looked at parenting forums, it's absolutely disgusting the amount of women who are getting their sons circumcised because they think their son will be confused if their willy looks different to their fathers. I've known 2 men who needed surgery as adults. Having babies chopped because of the small risk they'll have medical problems later, is stupid.
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    a vanishingly small number of genuine medical exceptions aside, if the "solution" to a problem is mutilating a newborn human child, then something is very, very, wrong. species dont evolve "optional extras". the level of ignorance/stupidity necessary to believe otherwise, astounds, revolts, and angers me to my core. i would add, '— especially with regard to specific features of the very organs of reproduction, whose natural functioning is so entwined with lifelong sexual and emotional health' ... but i shouldnt need to. cutting a piece off a baby (human or animal) you dont absolutely need to, is in and of itself deplorable. i have not, and will never, forgive my parents for the deliberate act of permanent disfigurement i suffered without the chance to withdraw my consent. the only small consolation i have is that they grew up in more retarded times. i won't countenance wiggle room on this issue. i have zero tolerance for handwringing notions of tacit permissability for 'some peoples' choices. in short, i categorically reject moral relativist arguments for child abuse. today, 'hygiene reasons' typically translates to it being more convenient than taking a handful of minutes out of each day to clean the boy thoroughly and teach him well. convenience is not a medical reason nor anything approaching a moral justification for the mutilation of a child. egregious, selfish, pig ignorant, and cruel.
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    Just an opinion, but I feel that as most boys will not have medical issues arise from being uncircumcised, it should not be an option given to parents of baby boys. However, sometimes circumcision does fix a medical problem later in life, so it should be an option under these circumstances, or for any male over 18 if that's what they want. Religion is not a good reason IMO.
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    Awww 'grats everyone ? *still lurking from time to time*
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    Not going to go into details, have gotten tired of arguing my position. Just going to say, male and female circumcisions (genetal mutilation) is an abhorrent practice that needs to be stopped.
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    Circumcision of an infant without any medical issues serves no real purpose either. If breaking an arm is too extreme for you, we can devolve to lashes? The point is circumcision is a useless barbaric act against an infant. And I absolutely guarantee you that I’ve seen and been to more circumcisions than every Atomican put together. I assure you there is nothing quite like seeing one being done to change your mind.
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    My mother can be the most insufferable, selfish pig ignorant piece of shit on God's earth and at the moment I've been sentenced to look after the stupid bitch, then she wonders why tonight I was tired and went to bed early. So what does the stupid bitch do? Ring all and sundry and tell them she's worried about me and as a consequence her blither wakes me up. What's wrong with me is having to fucking live with her incessant drivel, she epitomises the whinging pom and is not happy unless she is wallowing in her own or someone else's misery or wanting to know, all the fucking time, why people, this time me, have something wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with me that could not be fixed by a couple of beers and 500 miles of separation from the useless cow. /Rant over/ The one piece of credence that I will give the useless woman is that she would agree with the sentiment here of circumcision being stupid. It makes as much sense as removing a kid's appendix and tonsils at birth because they might give trouble later. An outmoded useless ritual that is done without justification to far too many babies - one without good medical justification would be one too many. Now, back to telling this ridiculous woman that she is my problem... Cheers
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    ya, congrats to all! ?* *thats either a bro fist, or an indication i dont handle praise well. you decide!
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    Cutting babies seems barbaric to me and I think it should be illegal. Uncircumcised is natural and how God made us and there is nothing wrong with it IMO. What do you think?
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    I wasn't a serious fan, of synthpop, but a-ha would hold my attention and have me singing and boppen along.
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    Yes! They are a Norwegian band. All three members appear in most of the video clips. They were my favourite band at the time.
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    Anyone still playing old school DOOM looking forward to some new levels by John Romero himself? Looks like he's been busy with a megawad set after the fourth episode of the first DOOM, to be released sometime in February 2019 and it's free! They had a pre-order promotion of a couple of big box sets with some extra goodies though unfortunately that has ended. More info: https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/
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    Is it me or is the site painfully slow?
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    For fun another a-ha clip I like this one a lot. ?
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    A terrorist supposes the backing of a larger organisation / ideology. " any other mass murderer " doesn't generally require the backing of anyone really, as long as the person has the means to hand I'd think they'd probably prefer to have no one else know till they were ready ... imo.
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    If it were illegal, then the parents would not need to make a choice and the bub lives on regardless .
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    I mostly agree, but it's not uncommon for kids to be taken out of the country to be circumcised and then brought back in ... now these are kids walking talking kids, not babies . / I prefer not to use the female version of the word for cutting ... A baby/ child feels it just the same regardless of a penis or a vagina . imo. of course that also depends on whether a tribal dude or doctor in a hospital did the cutting. A friend of mine took her baby boy south to have it done ... she staid with the mother-in-law . I tried very hard not to think her a cunt for doing that, but well we don't have much to say to each other these days. She never asked my opinion ( probably cos given how long we'd known each other she knew it ), but she told me she'd had him cut later ... I thought that was strange
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    when politicians stop listening to the people they are meant to represent, sometimes more violent are nessasary
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    If you break an 8-day-old’s arm, Cybes, they won’t remember it, it’ll heal and no functional loss will be apparent. It’s barbaric and should be illegal. There are no ifs or buts to this. Harming a child like that is illegal unless you claim to do it for a bearded sky wizard. We’re mature enough as a species in Australia to suggest to people who insist on mutilating their children to fuck off back to wherever it is legal. Or stay and deal.
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    It should be illegal.
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    The Captain has died: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/captain-tennilles-daryl-dragon-dead-at-76/news-story/ecf1b8bc9884e1547c0a6f2c5a9bddce Rather liked their music in the day. RIP Cheers
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    I was tempted to say the same thing, but the more I thought about it the more I realised that it's so far away from the truth its essentially false.
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    Q: Should a driverless car sacrifice the lone occupant if it meant saving four pedestrians? A: Absolutely Q: Would you buy a car that was programmed to kill you to save the lives of four pedestrians who didn't look before crossing the road? A: Fuck no
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