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    i am wary of arguing this point not only because its close to you personally but also because i am sure i dont have all the information (and that may even be somewhat true for you). i can only respond in a generic way. but that disclaimer aside, i really have to insist that the picture you paint still sounds exactly like adults weighing the lifelong disfigurement of a baby against their own transient inconvenience. as for the father's issues, i confess to having some difficulty believing there werent alternate actions that could have been taken — from prevention, to early intervention, to better maintenance, all with varying (albeit diminishing) degrees of feasibility. more to the point, though, there were many choices along the way, choices that he made for himself with the prerogative of an adult's volition, before he opted for the last resort - invasive, irreparably destructive, surgery. for this baby, though, no such choices. instead, its straight to the last resort for him, 'just in case'. just in case not doing it will be less convenient, and more "risky". but FUD propped up by medical factors of tangential relevance is still FUD. circumcision lowers your risk factor for some things whilst raising the certainty that you will be robbed of a feature of anatomy that is your natural birthright to 100%. an enforced birth defect right here and now wagered against a litany of future maybes. the two dont even compare. the child has some of his mother's DNA for one. he is biologically different. he hopefully has a long lifetime ahead of him that may involve vastly different life circumstances. what of undertaking better precautions, or changing jobs, or moving house, or dare i say it, not having the baby at all if they couldnt see their way past hacking chunks off it fresh from the birth canal? its a flippant excuse made palatable by a show of beard-stroking concern. and why are equivocations like this so easy? because of the backdrop — an epidemic of passive tolerance for this act of irreversible violence to newborns. and despite your personal preference against circumcision, i am resolutely focusing on this because it is precisely what needs to change: barely critical acceptance that violating the sanctity of a baby's body in this way is even a matter of preference when its not absolutely 100% medically necessary. circumcision is a drastic thing. the fact its so hard for so most of us to relate to it this way is testament to how hard it is to tear ourselves away from the grip of long established norms. this is a blindness, a cognitive dissonance that has befallen generations of otherwise morally upright, smart, and sensible people. monkeying around with baby genitals is something human beings do, isnt it? its kind of normal, right? its always been an option on the menu, hasnt it? its so deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition that too many of us fail to see it for what it is. this needs to change. there needs to be push back. but thats herd animals for you. when it comes to smoking or drinking during pregnancy we went from ubiquitous ignorance, to 'you probably shouldn't do that, but it's your choice', to 'don't fucking do it' — in the last 50 years or so. that shit will get you ostracised from your circle of friends now, and rightly so. evidently we still have a way to go as far as ringbarking defenceless baby's dicks on a whim goes. incredibly, thats less of a faux pas. p.s. since i am going pretty hard on this, i just want to clarify that ive never ostracised my parents over this and of course make no serious suggestion that you should do anything of the sort to members of your family either. this is just an impassioned appeal for you to consider recalibrating your idea of what constitutes a "justified" circumcision.
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    Which is why music quizzes are so much fun ?
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    Aha, fair point. That means most of my research is useless. But you do remind me that when I've got info about movies here, from a science forum I check, and from my FB friends, it tends to be much more accurate.
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    Unless you find reviewers with close to the same taste as you then you might as well give up on reviews
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    No need to do that. Use longer bolts and put stand off spacers between Vesa mount plate and monitor. Easiest is a bunch of washers or some nuts.
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    Kevin Rudd is calling for a royal commission into Rupert Murdoch’s intent ‘to kill the NBN’
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    ? That stuff you had as a kid was probably not much less toxic than the tick-tick stuff SC. Cheers
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    Possible it helps with cooling a bit, probably not dramatic. They can use these chips that have failed in the igp and not waste them, should help some with inventory woes.
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    ? I was thinking early 70s, I lived in London or nearby then so only knew of the Oxford Street store, guess they may have expanded. Consul definitely guys, the titular owner seemed to spend as much time under it as he did driving it. Led to a few humorous road trips. I always rather liked the look of the Capri, but never owned one. FORD, "found On the Road DEAD" as a taxi driver in Dallas once told me, he was driving us in a GM car, of course ? Cheers
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    youre conflating two different things. authoritarian feature creep is one thing, whilst the need to have specific legislative responses to specific crimes is quite another. one thing thats apparent right away is that terrorism entails a component of extortion. usually not the financial kind, but however you term this component, its clear that the motive for terrorism often includes mass murder and/or the threat of it as a means to an end, rather than it being an end in itself, hence the nature of the crime is very different. and that is just one additional aspect which doesnt begin to cover the full scope of transgressions. it is unreasonable to view the Crimes Act is a fully complete recipe book from which an appropriate response can be cooked up from 3 count of this, 2 counts of that, and so on. thats why it has been amended over time.
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    Not often I like female standups*, but this one got an out-loud laugh from me - probably not cool at this time of morning. (*Um. I know that seems sexist, and maybe it is. It's not because they're women - it's because they aren't that funny. Many male comics also suck, but since there are so many more male comics in total, finding the funny ones is much easier. Anyway...)
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    Bound to happen. But I blame the Tech media. It's their job to get this right and they get bamboozled very easily. They sometimes call the series Ryzen, Ryzen 2, Ryzen 3. ?
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