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    Hey, my ears were burning.
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    Turn me over, I'm cooked on this side... ?
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    Well that's probably just as ironic as the examples in that song. ? I think I pipped you by about 30 seconds. ?
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    Open again last year I was inconsistant with regular stays in hospital and subsequent home rest, but now I seem to have stabilized, I should be more predictable this year but I did need to cut down my 80 hour week (think I found the real problem ? ), so only open 5 days a week now
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    Back in my day we didn't even know about the scheduled maintenance, which happened daily for one hour. But did we complain? Yeah of course we fucken did ?
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    i wish i could un-see and un-hear that song it was really shite
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    Oh, @Chaos.Lady, easy. Star Trekkin by The Firm (Trekkie here!!)
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    It's as if we need a fork and there were 10,000 spoons
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    Pretty good, eh? Now if only @Chaos.Lady would stop breaking the site so we didn't need to do this! :<
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    That announcement bar works a treat. First thing to be seen on index page. good stuff.
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    AD, would love to actually meet you guys and catch up! have shifted in to a place with a bloke i know through dog events, he has 3 of his own... so fingers crossed this place is a bit more of a long-term thing....
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    Timeout. C|sco.. You're back in Canberra? Hit myself and Fenn up sometime. We can't help with accommodation. We could help for *very short term* pet care if needed (As long as your dog is friendly with 3 small lap dogs) AD
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    still in canberra for now, was staying at EPIC (exhibition park in canberra) caravan park when i first got here - found a dog friendly share house, moved in the day before EPIC closed for christmas/summernats, had been here less than a week and the landlord terminated the lease ? so all of us have to be out again by wednesday arvo ? the other housemates managed to find a place that will suit them, but it is not pet friendly ? so the muttley and i are shifting in with a mate...
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    ya, congrats to all! ?* *thats either a bro fist, or an indication i dont handle praise well. you decide!
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