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    Hey all, tis been a while since i posted in the atomic forums. Thought i'd get a worklog going here for my latest project. Defyant's Light Blade. This is going to be a complete scratch built from acrylic (plex) case specific to show off Corsairs LL140/120 fans and RGB Lighting kits The mod was inspired by a recent mod done by InsolentGnome and his amazing G-frame case mod. And it's purpose will be to be one of 2 same units to become bookends to the tripple monitor set up in my current workshed. As the title says this case will be Air Cooled i took this as more of a challenge over running an AIO... altho i did start this mod wanting to install my custom white painted Corsair AIO i decided that a modded air cooler usingLL- 120mm fans was a "Cooler" option. For the sake of not making this thread too long i have condensed this work as much as possible will trying to keep the most informative parts. The case will be made solely from white and diffused acrylic. The workshop.... Still a work in progress but will look alot nice with sexier bookends! The inner housing is a simple box type build from diffused. The cut outs are all done by hand using a router tool. No laser cutting at all on this case. A simple rear air duct is made for the exhaust. 9 outer blades rings are cut and profiled by router to be exact copies. The blades can be cut and hard glued using weldon to the housing. A couple of 140 Corsair LL's can be sat in for a look as well. As you can see the diffused Acrylic matches the LL140 blades perfect. The internals of the case are made in 2 sections a PSU cover and a Front fan housing. The PSU cover is designed to have a RGB feature and have a air dam to help direct air from the 140mm LL fans to the CPU cooler. A home made DIY plex bender is used to get clean accurate bends. This air dam will direct air where it is needed most With the diffused inserts added and one of Corsairs LED strips behind You can see the instant effect. With the PSU cover done the Brackets can be made for the mITX Mother board. These are made from 12mm solid clear plex.... The clear is opted for as it wont interfere with the light. The 2 new mounts are weldon glued into place. Next the Front fan housing can be built. Again the cutouts are filled with diffused plex The PSU housing is cut to fit around the mother board And both units can be installed for a test with the RGB strips. The next thing was to add the external cosmetics For now just the 2 bolt on/addons are installed... Both these are cosmetic and can be added or removed as desired. The first is a rear wing and the second a rear bottom air dam... The a Air dam is used to balance the look of the wing and give the case a Stance . A custom one off press jig was made to shape the dam. The new wing and dam are temp glued into place Stay tuned MTC soon ?
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    We shouldn’t send money for foreign aid for another very simple reason. We shouldn’t transfer money from our poor and middle class to rich people in poor countries. That is the fundamental truth of foreign aid. You get the right to arm one.
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    yeah, we clearly need some sort of amendment to the guidelines https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/guidelines/ "Whosoever has been absent shall not comment on topical issues if they can be connected in a roundabout way to persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, products, or events deemed topical during the time of said absenteeism" :P
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    I too agree. I love Annie Lennox. SMAA by RL
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    Can I get you to like my post on Facebook? One more like and little Jake won’t have cancer any more.
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    Goddamn me to hell There's more fun there anyway No party poopers
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    This bit stuck in my craw the most... So I'm just a tribal partisan, huh? I'm prepared to give Dems/Labour/Labor a free pass while I just use my one eye to observe the wrongs of GOP/Tories/Libs, is that it? Like fucking fuck. You should look before you leap. As far as I'm concerned, the neoliberal scumbags that have infiltrated the side of politics that is supposed to stick up for workers and community are the bad guys. The other side are unconscionably evil filth whose agenda shouldn't even be on the fucking table; the sooner those dinosaurs get tarred as Nazis and written off, the better, because the real argument should be between Dems/Labour/Labor and the Greens. If I seem partisan to you, it's because I don't acknowledge the right of parties of big business scammers and white supremacists to even fucking exist.
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    Those are some of the ones I very much miss here, too, along with the likes of Goth, HCB, Silhouette, Morris and a heap of others whose names don't immediately spring to mind. I also miss IvanTheTerrible and his daily bad jokes. And kunzie - or the pulling thereof... Of course, one of the bigger holes here that nobody else has ever come close to filling is the one that Virt left, of course. Whatever became of MAEL? The Wallaceys? Can anyone recall who the sometimes controversial at0mican was that pulled that really classy rank spam for his 1k that said "And just like that... he was gone", then vanished completely (although he still posted occasionally under another name for a while) How many here remember the huge fund raising efforts to help Bailey get a new wheelchair? Was that for SirHSV, or is my memory even hazier than I think? ... and so-on and so-on.
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    Pretty sure the post right above mine wasn't referring to deceased members. @-ing them would be pretty futile if they're dead...
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    Didn't pick you for an appeaser tbh, eveln
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    I understand your point on this but we can give the money with provisos that is spent in a certain way. A good example of this is schooling and dictating a crrtain amount of what is taught to help get citizens of other countries with ideas more compatible with citizens of yours. Again with the comparison, do you never give to charities because of the portion that goes to administration? Without some foreign aid some countries are less stable, meaning more refugees. It's all about spending it wisely.
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    The "leader of the free world" holding his breath til he gets what he wants warrants discussion, no? Otherwise it's like the people who say we can't send money as foreign aid because we have homeless people here or many other false either/ors.
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    This could be the First Amendment. The second one is the good one though. Everyone gets a bear.
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    I agree, Lenox is a much classier musician and singer
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    I love the Kindle app on my iPad. I have a huge library there and it takes up no storage. Much like Devere, my reading is like a rabbit on speed. I've just finished The Lost City of Z and am currently reading a book about Jack the Ripper.
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    Did you read the story? ATO actually objected to it. The bottom line is that it's a tax dodge attempt that seems to have come out hugely successful. The ex-husband is bankrupt and she transferred the debt to him, and as the story says "The tax man is now potentially out of pocket $250,000 because the husband is bankrupt"
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    Not sure she needs the money tbh. I think her hubby ( having a title " Executive Director ) might be on a good wicket, also kid/s going to school etc. she may not want to be employed elsewhere Is possible. I don't know
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    Redesigned the side blades a little. I think they sync better now with the front lights.... Added a large base panel ( protection for the lower blades for an upcoming event) Changed the back a bit, to try ans stream line the look. Bit of a piccy flood inc.... Every single LED is addressable thru the iCue software... making the effects on this mod near limitless. Nothing custom below just preset running effects.
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    Cheers m8 tyvm ? Still a few things left to do, Playing around with the Audio integration with Corsair icue and wallpaper engine. Some of the effects to music are amazing.
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    A few fun vids during the different build stages .. Pretty much just playing around with different effects of the iCue software. i'll add more final vids over the next few days. Caution warning... the next few vids may offend !
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    A bit more work and for now pretty much done ? i have to move onto a couple of other mods while i loose this one for a couple of days. Next is to finish off the hardware for the corsair gear.. 1 x node pro does all the work for now with a fan hub. Cable Mod Pro cables for little cable management was needed. A custom Grill was added for the rear And some turbine spinners added to hide the corsair stickers The windows are added using a magnetic catch system And the light show! as that is what this case was built to do! The choices and setups are limitless thanks to the iCue software. Final rest place in the workshop
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    Well, there it is. End of an era. The news isn't all bad, Dave assures me that the forums will be around for a while yet! If you want to recover any articles, the Wayback Machine is probably now your best bet. Of course, Dan's Data and others still have their sites about. Let's link them here for posterity, and to show some love! Everyone raise a beer to our benevolent overlords Dave and Ben, and to the end of the empire they built together. The reason we're all here. Love your work, guys. Thanks for everything!
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    Eh, you'll find Android is pretty well supported these days. While performance degrades, there's ~4 years of OS updates on a new Apple. The average for Android seems to be around 2 years. Feature updates are nice, but just security fixes, TBH. Oh for sure, if you keep a phone that long (and I actually do) then it can be relevant. But performance degradation is a pretty big hit for these 'new features'. If the phone was good enough for you in 2015 (features), there's every chance it's still meeting those requirements in 2017; but the 'extra features' you didn't ask for are making it a worse experience. I wouldn't be buying a $1000+ device I'm not intending to keep for at least 3~5 years. Which is my usual phone turn around. I mean, in 2005 I needed a web browser, MSN messenger, a media player, a phone, and a txt device. It's now 2017 and (MSN switched to Skype) the needs haven't changed. I mean, with the single exception of being able to actually consume web content (render pages fast enough, etc) I could actually go back to Symbian and not miss anything. I'd also happily wager the vast, VAST, majority of people I know are doing the same thing they were doing 10 years ago on their phone, just with a ''different app". Facebook, Chat of some sort, media player, memo\callendar\organiser, phone. We could add games, but I'm yet to see a single game be as outright popular as oldschool 'snake' just was. EVERYONE had a 'snake score' to try to beat. But on that note, we're talking $1400~ish (last i checked?) for the top of the top of the top iphone option? And it doesn't even come close to matching the 'grunt' of the Honor V9 in this example. (of which you could almost literally buy 3 of, in that lifetime). If you had a Xaiomi you could literally buy the phone 8 times, and have (for my use case) more features anyway! Otherwise, there's likely a whole new Android revision in that time. To be honest, it's just a clash of business model to personal values. - I've never felt comfortable carrying $1000+ of tech as a (nearly) disposable tool. - I really dislike how hard it is to repair them, if they get damaged, or when battery life starts to decline. - I find the OS limiting in that if there isn't an 'app for that' it just doesn't do anything (though now you can sign your own apps, I could pay more money to a dev to make said app) - Less ports available Don't get defensive, because I'm well past the point of "iphones suck!" because they don't. They just suck for me. I've always had the Sci-Fi 'portable computer' in my mind. I want to be able to plug in everything. Interface everything. Modify Everything. I want the 'one computer I carry' to be able to do whatever I need it to do; even the things I don't know I need it to do yet. And for me? I find the Apple ecosystem limiting (one key example, I don't think it can screen mirror without an apple TV; where as even without a ChromeCast Android can MiraCast). Horses for courses really. Usually the phone manufacturer is pretty good in my experience. I get monthly updates on my Blackberry KeyONE. And my Samsung before this got at least bi-monthly updates. CyanogenMod updates the most reliable in my experience. I think that's the biggest thing about Android, you get to make it your own. So you can literally make it your own experience. It's the tech equivalent to people who would prefer to build a sports car up to their specs, versus the type who would find it more fun to just 'Buy a new SLK'. I couldn't think of anything more boring or heartbreaking lol
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