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    So many of you know my husband and I own and run a Butcher shop in Esperance WA and we are becoming well known not only in our region but statewide for our crazy combinations and small goods. We got an amazing write up in the Kalgoorlie Miner over the weekend. So anyway last week I created myself a monster - but its delicious in every single way! I present to you Coffee Bacon! For those coffee and bacon lovers who have the time, inclination and equipment to give this a crack: Dry Cured Coffee Infused Bacon INGREDIENTS: 2.5kg Boneless Pork Loin / Belly 1/2 cup sea salt (NOT refined salt) 1/2 cup Muscavado Sugar 1 Tbspn Ground Black pepper 4 Tbspn Ground Coffee Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until uniformly combined Stab the living shit out of the pork skin to allow the cure to penetrate into the meat Place the pork into a tray / tub and rub the dry ingredients in HARD ensuring everything is coated. Any left over dry mix can be poured over the meat and pressed around to give a good coating. Vacuum packing works best - but if you don’t have one available, put the meat in a PLASTIC container and cover in the fridge. Turning every day for 5 - 7 days. Once the meat is firm to touch - remove from fridge, rinse off the coating, set on a rack or hang to dry for 24 hours. This step is called “green bacon” and is ready for smoking & cooking. I use two 45 minute cold smoke cycles at 60C - apple or cherry wood works great and then slow roast until internal temperature reaches 68 degrees for about 4 hours…. (I have a professional smoking oven with a temperature probe) Cool and then refrigerate overnight (this sets the texture and flavour) and then slice and enjoy - this should keep for about 7 days in the fridge (or up to 5 weeks if you have access to a vacuum packer) or several months in the freezer. The ground coffee can be substituted for Chilli, Maple or really any other flavouring you would like to experiment with. So - my question would be - what weird and wonderful combinations have you created?
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    The future is here now! But from the recipe that sounds awesome - I prefer the more savoury ham and bacon to the sweet/honey styles, so I'm assuming the coffee would be good like that. Although I'm not sure I have the confidence to try making it myself, without a smoker - it's likely i'd under do it, or dry it out.
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    Mark Ronson is great. He is in the top40 but not of the top40 if you know what I mean.
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    Both of you ignoring each other ? Sounds like an M.E. impasse Cheers The dry cycle seems to work, every one I've entered seems clean AND dry. In Canberra they probably just pipe in hot air from the House Cheers
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    /clicks to view Leonid's post Yep, that ignore feature is totally kicking goals.
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    Indications of the world going techno-nuts are everywhere but fear not, most all of it is being inadequately created by morons or script kiddies in need of a nappy change. I've been in one of those dictator toilets a couple of times myself. To be fair the concept was to not allow enough time for some junkie to shoot up but it comes across as telling you how long you need to take a crap. However fear not, it's pretty easy to fool them, the designers were not very smart. The ones here if you need more time just hit the exit button wait a two second gap and hit it again - confuses the hell out of the system and by the time it reboots you can push it once and leave The intent is actually quite good: http://www.wcinnovations.com.au/automated_public_toilets You have to admit, far, far cleaner than the usual disgusting public loo. A very recent script kiddy fuck up had me amused. My paperwork as in docs not toilet paper is in storage in W.A. for a few weeks yet and I needed my Tax File number. No problem I think, I have a MyGov account with ATO linked so I can get it from there. Um no, in order to prove my identity to logon I have to provide some personal information, including my tax file number... Called a guy I know at ATO IT, he just groaned, MyGov in his view is terminally fucked. He just looked up my number for me - don't fuck with the IT department Another beauty my BinL and I encountered recently, a ticketed car park with 15mis free parking, we were ten but the dipshit in front of us took so long we went over 15. Machine would not let us out. Some profanity over the press-to-talk had the barrier raised toute suite Cheers
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    Cotton growers have been constructing dams to capture the water before it ever gets to the murray river, so they are behaving like vampires.
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    * waits for rabid Vegans to attack *
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    matter of fact, i really love haiku long time i have been a prolific poster of them since late last century on janice's awesome site : http://www.badhaiku.com pretty minimal input there by me of late (you can search me as "ash" to see some of my doings); some shameless self promotion : http://www.badhaiku.com/search.php?cmd=search&words=ash&Name=true
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    Works in Japanese But is just word salad in English Least favourite form.
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    out of my mind...back in 5 minutes
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    Now I just want to play you out something - because you lot have been fed that Trump is a psycho, war-mongering sociopathic rapist with a hard-one for dead kids. I mean, that's the media narrative right? Assume just for one second that he is not as dumb as you think he is. And for evidence I bring the following: He won the presidency raising just over half of the Clinton campaign. He manipulated the media into giving him more airtime than any other candidate. If that's blind luck, I think it's probably you that description applies to. How does he make all this work? I suspect the reason we don't know, is we forget what he actually is. He's a salesman. I'm a business owner. I need to sell so that my business gets ahead. And I do. Oddly I'm not too bad at it, despite no sales training. Here's what I've learned over the years: Nobody cares if you know your shit backwards. Charisma is far more important. It's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is thicker than a stack of bricks on issues of policy and economy, still has a giant following - she's charismatic, good looking, young and confident. That's attractive, and people want to listen to her. Trump is extremely charismatic. And he knows, just like AOC, that you don't need to know what you're talking about. Hell, I don't agree with AOC on anything but I'd love to grab a beer with her and I'm 100% certain I'll like her. If I was single, I'd go for it too. Where this falls apart is ideology. If you're convinced, utterly convinced that your way is the right way, you'll lose your audience. That why AOC will fail, and why Trump succeeds. Ideology is not a strategy - it's a set of values you must be willing to compromise, put on hold and reconsider. It's why Trotsky left this mortal ream via icepick to the brain while his former brothers-in-arms adjusted to the reality that Communism is great and "power to the people", but only after one of them became the Commissioner for Excrement Removal, a wholly unexciting, un-revolutionary job. People do not buy your shit for your reasons or even for your evidence-based arguments. They buy your shit for their reasons. Trump does not need to justify the wall, because his people want the wall. It's a weird thing to get your head around. I read a fantastic statement on that the other day: “The greatest spiritual danger facing 21st century democracy is that liberal intellectuals increasingly dismiss the moral right of less-educated people to have opinions that conflict with the consensus wisdom of the expert class”. The product you're selling doesn't matter. It's an artefact. What matters, in order, is people, ideas and then the product - wrapped in a strategy. I don't know how this plays out, but Trump makes deals. Deals require strategy - and sometimes you need to lose a battle to win the war. The fifth column is already printing that Trump has folded on the wall with re-opening the government for 3 weeks. If I was Trump, I'd have done the same thing. It buys three weeks for the Honduran caravans to remind the American public what happens at the Southern Border. It shows the moderate Republicans and Democrats that Trump is giving deal-time a chance. And it means that in 3 weeks if there's no deal, Trump can say "I gave them a month of shut down, and 3 weeks to make a deal. They refused. I am now invoking my emergency powers to get the money for a wall. I did not want to do it this way, but I did say I could. The Democrats could have avoided this - now there's going to be a wall, and the shutdown happened for nothing - that's on them. I gave them an extra 3 weeks to make good, without the extreme pressure, but I cannot contain crisis at the border crisis any longer." It doesn't matter whether any of that is true. What matters is the optics.
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    I definitely agree about skeletons. I know I've said all sorts of stuff I wouldn't agree with now. You hope everyone learns with age. It's when people seem consistent with their skeletons that you have concerns. Or more so when they wear their skeletons on the outside with pride (not a trump specific metaphor there). And I agree about the media too. It's ridiculous the way media is run these days. I honestly don't know how you change that at the moment because sensationalist made up nonsense gets the clicks/views and when you have most of the mainstream media outlets run by a very select few, what law maker tells them to change without fear of losing their job? I get how Trump appeals to people. But for all his "straight talk" he seems very much a rich guy telling the American battlers to watch out for those Mexicans coming to take their jobs.
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    How about this? Do the BBCode yourself (like this, but omit spaces): [ color =#00ff80 ] Text here [ /color ] Colour is the usual RGB hex string.
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    Agreed. As the date of Federation I think that's pretty much the perfect day to celebrate who we are as a country. If people are worried about losing a public holiday, I wouldn't be opposed to making the next day the one people get off, like Australia Day on a weekend.
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    Both camps are 100% wrong. Jan 26th is NOT Invasion Day. It’s the anniversary of the SECOND landing. The first was a week earlier. But, whatever the case may be, it represents nothing but settlement. There are plenty of other dates to choose from. Lets not choose the one that indigenous people feel is akin to rubbing salt in their wounds.
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    IKR? But January 1st... March 8th is a good proposal. I read that we're the only nation to celebrate the date of colonisation. It's pretty rank in this day and age. The folks saying fuck the date, change the country have a point - we should probably stop treating indigenous folks like shit before claiming we can all celebrate together. It's redneck Christmas and white supremacist festivus - a great little culture war sideshow to stoke in order to keep folks' minds off what a pathetic excuse for a government we have in the lead-up to the election.
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    Actually Australia day should be Federation day for me.
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    Wow, this is inspirational stuff! So that software, it can obviously do VU level - can it do spectrum analysis as well? Specifically, could it do VU along a RGB strip, while depicting the spectrum with colour, ie, red for bass, violet for treble, so a 50Hz square wave would show up white?
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    "courtesy buses" is a pretty strange term more like "siphoning conduits"
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    Pretty good though a bit heavy on the techno in parts
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