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    Mate, that's a pretty bad run of luck with relationships, and hope it helped to write about it. I'm probably the last person to give relationship advice, but I would say that there's no fixed answers, and you have be comfortable with your choices, so if something is scaring the shit out of you, it's not something you have to force yourself to do. You say 'waiting for it to go pear shaped' is unfair to you and her. I imagine it's no fairer for either of you if you move in together and you're not ready for it. Relationships shouldn't have a script unless you both want it - Its up to you and her if there's any set milestones that should happen, and if there is a schedule.
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    During the earnings call, AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that Navi GPU will launch this year, with launches in Q2 2019. AMD announced a great Q4 2018 and FY 2018 report earlier, showing that the company has started to gain ground and reap the benefits of its strong Ryzen lineup. While client GPU side of the business has been suffering, its Ryzen sales, datacenter GPU sales, as well as the strong roadmap, is showing that the company is definitely on the right track. While it has just launched the Radeon VII, based on 7nm Vega GPU and HBM2 memory, AMD big GPU break could be the upcoming Navi GPU architecture, with promises of scalability and next-gen memory, the only thing that we got from AMD's official roadmap. Back in October, we already wrote that AMD has 7nm Navi-based graphics card running in its lab and while it was too early to get any precise details, the rumor was that the 7nm GPU looks better than expected, whether in terms of 7nm yields or the actual performance/power is still left to be seen. We already wrote that the upcoming 7nm Navi architecture could first target the mid-range graphics market, becoming a successor to the Polaris GPU, as that is where the bread and butter is. High-end graphics cards are great for marketing but mid-range is what mostly matters. Replying to a question from Deutsche Bank's Ross Seymore, Lisa Su said that the company expects a Q1 2019 drop in GPU sales, but things should get better in Q2 when the company is expecting the retail channel to improve. Lisa Su was keen to note that the gaming growth in 2019 will be driven by Radeon VII but did also threw a curve ball by mentioning Navi launches on the gaming side. Dr. Lisa Su also mentioned the softness in the high-end gaming GPU market, and if you take into the account that her answer put Radeon VII in the same basket as the Navi for 2019, this bodes well for the possibility that Navi will target the mid-range market while Radeon VII will remain the high-end offer for this year. "We're also as we see the GPU business right now, we see the first quarter as the low point in the business with the channel getting improving as we go into the second quarter. And we have additional product launches there as well. So that's the way we would see the portfolio. And semi custom, although it's lower on a year-over-year basis, we would expect it to also increase as we go from second quarter into third quarter as well". "I think on the gaming side from what we are seeing, we did see sell out increase in Q4 versus Q3. So gamers are still buying GPUs. They may be more discerning about price points. And so I can imagine that there might be a bit more softness at the high end versus in the mid range. But we believe that we have a good understanding of what's happening in the gaming side of the business, and it will be driven. Our gaming growth will be driven by new products. We would see that as we go through this year and with our Radeon 7 launch, as well as our Navi launches on the gaming side." You can check out the full call transcript over at Seekingalpha.com. Source: Fudzilla
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    https://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/02/radeon-vii-amd-australian-price-release-date-specs/ AMD have revealed this afternoon that their new card, which will ship in multiple configurations with a baseline of 16GB in HBM2 memory, 3840 stream proessors, Freesync 2 HDR support and 1TB/s of memory bandwidth, will be available in Australia from $1069. It's also been publicly revealed that the Radeon 7 will run at a boost clock speed of 1800Mhz Availability on all cards in Australia and New Zealand is unknown, although the Radeon 7 launches internationally February 8 Australian time. We'll update this post once a local release date is confirmed. AMD Radeon VII Unboxing & Preview The main die on the "Vega 20" MCM is the centrally located GPU die built on TSMC's 7 nanometer silicon fabrication process. Measuring 331 mm², this silicon packs 13.26 billion transistors, which is a similar transistor count to NVIDIA's TU104 graphics processor. The "Vega 20" GPU die features a 4096-bit wide HBM2 memory interface, which has double the bus width of "Vega 10". This means the GPU has to be surrounded by four memory stacks instead of two. On the Radeon VII, there are four 32 Gbit (4 GB) stacks built on a 10 nm-class node supplied by either SK Hynix or Samsung. We don't know the process node of the interposer, but given it was 65 nm for 4096-bit "Fiji", we can't imagine why it would change for "Vega 20". The interposer has no logic of its own and draws no power for itself. Its only purpose is to provide miniaturized wiring between GPU and memory stacks, and as such, there's nothing to be gained by changing its fabrication process if the desired wiring density has been achieved. A metal-reinforcement brace runs the periphery of the fiberglass package substrate to distribute mounting pressure from the cooler. AMD has used conventional-looking thermal pads over the VRM MOSFETs, which are somewhat reusable. The GPU interface is a whole different story. Defying conventional logic, AMD went with what clearly feels like a high-conductivity thermal pad between the vapor-chamber base and GPU instead of thermal grease. We believe this to be a strip of Hitachi TC-HM03, a high-density thermal pad with graphite strands and a rated conductivity of 25-45 W/m·K, which is higher than the typically 12.5 W/m· K offered by certain diamond-based high-viscosity pastes. Going by the lengths they have gone with the cooling I am guessing they are once again pushing the clocks as hard as they can to try compete. That or 7nm just runs hot so it will be interesting to see if there is any overclocking head room left and just how much power it draws. Considering the RTX 2080 which will be priced similar only needs 6pin+8pin power vs 8+8 I think it is safe to assume that despite the 7nm process it will still be less efficient but then you do get twice as much memory.
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    This has never been in doubt...
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    I've games on the old 1080 version of this and it is pretty amazing having all that lateral view but I I found the 34 didn't miss *that* much when you got focussed on a game. The 1440 version is far more attractive at that size even though it drops back to 120hz from 144hz. The only reason I didn't take the cf791 over the ch890 was I found the 1500r to be a bit to curvy for every day use for my tastes. Like for photos I wouldn't mind flat but going back to 1800r was a reasonable compromise.
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    It's better than traditional haiku, and yes sir...it is very atomic! Hover over the elements for an explanatory haiku. https://vis.sciencemag.org/chemhaiku/?fbclid=IwAR3HA_i9FCFM6tafEKaGtJ7Rn66Lak2TY2lds1fPi4deArZY3IKT2n9zveE
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    I would concur with the former Oh yeah... it's still the same inefficient uarch, only now it's on race fuel. Navi will be mid-range first and... not sure what a Navi 20 form will take. but it needs to be good Don't even know if AMD will be splitting it's GPU architectures between compute and graphics... probably can't afford it.
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    I'm fairly sure they never existed and that you just made this video and propagated everything on Wikipedia etc about them.... And still got the last letter wrong.
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    I chose this book ..." The Reasons I won't be coming " by Elliot Perlman, because the title resonated . It's a collection of short stories. I'm more inclined to want a big book that I can get all caught up in, but this guy's writing is doing that for me anyway. He's only written a few books so far. I'm not finished with this book yet. I will miss it when it's finished.
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    It's just a damn shame I don't live closer to you or vice versa Devere. I love my charcuterie and have troubles finding people to team up with. Often doing charcuterie is a team game. Even if it's just for sanity. Ah well. I'll find someone that can eat it and enjoy making it (Wife can't eat it unfortunately. Well the bacon she can. But the other stuff sets of a medical condition. Blah) AD
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    separate houses, independent but get on well ? moving in sounds like a downgrade to me i figure if you enjoy your own company and enjoy hers too, then share it when you are together, and relish the fact that you are your own person too anything that happens from there can take as long as you like maybe "moving in together" is her way of saying she wants to be together ? sharing accommodation is just getting crowded the best year and a half of my life was spent living apart from the woman i adored - first in 2 houses, and then in two different states made being together really special, something that moving in might have made sour - but i'll never know, because she died, and while i have been married now for almost 30 years, and with the same woman for years longer than that), it's not the same sharing a space as it is sharing a longing for each other at any distance
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    First logged on about 18 years ago, different time back then. The internet was still a baby that we all enjoyed but as its grown its turned into not such a great entity in my eyes. I have recently learnt to put my phone down and only pick it up when it rings or if I need to ring. Sitting on the couch reading stalkbook stuff is something I once enjoyed but now find it more annoying than fun. Still haven't made the move to delete the account as it is a good way to keep a track on my kids ( another story) . These forums have and will always be important to me for many reasons. I modded here for a long time, seen lots come and go, I've upset people that I really regret and have had more than one hissy fit. Not proud of those but dealing with lots of issues at the time made me do and say things that I will always regret and it probably cost me a few friends here. I cant change that but time moves on as we all do and I still find myself dropping in here every few days just to see whos around and what's happening with the forums.
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    How about then instead of celebrating the date the constitution came in to effect, we celebrate the date it was passed into law. July 9th. Maybe not the best weather for BBQs and cricket, but good time of the year for a lamb roast!
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    I've always found this to be a good summary of our planet and the wonderful little cyberpunk future we have right now
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