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    Had a few of these Bathurst comparos pop up lately, they're pretty good.
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    mr huang is trying to save face, and posture as a good guy my view is that when you place a bet each way, you don't get a refund if neither team wins for you perhaps the recipients aren't as dim as they sim ?
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    Dodgy dude is not bribing me. He's been bribing our over paid and over rated pollies and their various Parties. I think it's gonna be " tricky " in how the pollies deal with it ... who is gonna be the scapegoat/s for this one ...
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    OTOH, it could also be seen as "I didn't get what I paid for - I want my money back".
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    Wow, this is a big deal - Jeff Bezos 'blackmail' claim puts focus on National Enquirer links to Trump Remember the British phone hacking scandal that brought down a newspaper? Well, imagine the newspaper had cronies in government that provided MI5's resources to do the hacking! Holy fucken crap. Onya, Bezos.
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    That's a pretty fair call - okay, this dude seems dodgy AF, but let's see, you reckon he's bribing you, but you're still gonna keep the money. Dodgy dude has a point.
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    This review looks into undervolting and overclocking showing performance with both. Once undervolted performance remains much the same but efficiency and noise is improved significantly to the point where performance per watt is competitive with Nvidia. https://translate.google.com.au/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.computerbase.de%2F2019-02%2Famd-radeon-vii-test%2F2%2F%23abschnitt_undervoltage_ist_der_eigentliche_koenig_der_radeon_vii_uv
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    That is exactly correct. It's so good and Gary Numan got me in a Rammstein mood. Never thought I'd say that.
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    Updated a bunch of builds.
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    OK, maybe some more clarification needed. I work for a small business ISP, (we don't do retail/consumer connections, only for businesses). who provision NBN through their wholesaler. I'm getting the NBN connected by the company. It will be a static IP assigned over PPPoE, username/password will be unique. I'm more asking if anyone has had experience using this modem (originally for standard non-NBN internet over HFC) over the NBN HFC connection. I've checked with the guys at work, no one has seen this used on our service. But the theory goes any modem that can do PPPoE via WAN port SHOULD work okay. Just seeing if anyone knows if it works okay. Guess I'll just rake the "see what I see" approach. If I need a new router, so be it.
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