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    TBH the fuel burn on a Gulfstream is a damned sight less than that of Trump Force One, a 757 that he used in his campaign. The Gulfstream is one of the most fuel efficient bizjets around, only a Citation would be likely to do better and probably not then on a seat/mile cost but that's rather irrelevant. A candidate for President can hardly do his job crunched up in cattle-class especially when a lot of places he would want/need to go to don't have commercial airlines operating there. The travel bill stated in that article is a drop in the ocean compared to total cost of a campaign and the environmental impact of a Gulfstream would be irrelevant in the scheme of a days worth of commercial air movements in the U.S. I wonder what the Trump impact is of jetting to Florida to play golf rather often? Cheers And get very little done whilst in flight Leo? Air Force one does exist for a reason so does efficient transport point-to-point for any candidate. The worst offenders in terms of pollution in the U.S. are semi-trailers that deliver 70% of all freight in the country, an unfortunate reality but America runs on 18 wheelers Cheers
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    So I heard on the way home that Pell will spend tonight in prison, and that he also will not be sentenced till around March 13, I think ... his bail has been revoked. I also saw a news item that said Howard and The Melb. Arch Bishop were to send letters of good character reference for Pell. They weren't the only two, but are the only ones I can recall just now. I don't know much about the Bishop, but as far as I'm concerned an endorsement from Howard literally means sweet fuck all. imo.
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    Oh? Student of history, eh? So what's your explanation for the patterns in the vast trove of data compiled by Thomas Piketty and his team? And it's a bit odd how you jump up and down crying gulags at the prospect of some policies to reverse the upwards wealth redistribution that's been unrelenting for the last four decades, and moves to reinstate the kind of checks and balances that gave rise to and sustained what pretty much everyone (particularly your MAGA chums) regard as a golden age. Nothing about Bernie's platform would be considered at all radical between 1930 and 1970. Put down the fucking Chicago School kool-aid. That shit is the propaganda of class war, honky.
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    I just wish I was a capitalist-rich Socialist as he is. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Should I run for President on a platform of screwing the poor and future mass graves, but mask it with rainbow promises of equality and fairness for everyone? Please advise....
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    Time pressures. You are aware that actual humans have those, I assume? A commercial flight will add 2 hours minimum to any trip, and add more if you need a connecting flight. As Chris has just pointed out, it's a minimal cost anyway, but it's also irrelevant: the man's goal is a far larger reduction than any cost incurred now, but if the cost isn't paid he doesn't get a chance to enact it. Like solar panels EVs pollute to make, but save on pollution over time. Leo, you are capable of much better argument than this Tucker Carlson shit - I'm going to assume you're tired. Put down the keyboard and get some sleep.
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    Like making Peter Hollingworth GG of Australia ... which happened
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    Don't pretend to be stupid - it doesn't suit you. You know as well as I do that nobody makes a green aircraft, and that campaigns need you to be in many widely separated places in swift succession. That means you get a damn charter, even if you'd rather ride there on a pushbike - which I strongly doubt he could do.
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    He was strongly implicated in pedo priest shuffling in the *'80s* (of course nobody outside the Church could prove anything), and every time that or any other instance of kiddyfiddling priests came up he evaded, redirected, and generally squirmed quite obviously (an actor he is not). That scumbag should never have received the award in the first place.
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    Oh yes, Pell still has his Order of Australia Companion from 2005 ... you think they should revoke it now?
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    In earlier times in the Catholic Church a Jesuit agent would have spiked his sacramental wine with arsenic or similar by now. Cheers
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