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    "Betty and Tim died in a car accident on the eve of their wedding. In heaven, they asked St. Peter if they could still be married. "Well", he said, looking flustered, " let me find out if this is possible, stay here, and I'll be right back". Six months passed and finally Peter returned. "Yes", he said with a smile, "we can do this for you". The couple looked a bit sheepish. " Seeing as we spent so much time waiting, we need to know that if things don't work out, can we be divorced ?" An irritated frown crossed St. Peter's face. "It took me six months to find a priest up here, how long do you think it' going to take for me to find a lawyer ?! " C/o my work mag.
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    I know this is an old thread, but it was bugging me too that I couldn't remember what show this was, that my searching for it brought me to your thread. So as I had nothing better to do this evening, I've just spent a good hour going through lists of old TV shows, and was about to give up, but then found it! It's "Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin". To quote from Wikipedia "The golden salamanders had been buried long ago to indicate where each mineral could be found. After the first one was found, the cryptogram on it would lead the children and the doctor to the next one. What they had to do in each case was to decipher the cryptogram on each salamander." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Poopsnagle's_Steam_Zeppelin Now just to find somewhere that streams the episodes!
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    is this not exactly what happened? she did not announce the call to prayer. "Most comments I've seen believe she responded perfectly in the aftermath of this crime, but that this oversteps the mark and will be more divisive as she is literally telling non-Muslims to participate in Islamic prayer, whether they believe in one God, no God or an entirely different ethos" i expect theres some truth that it will be divisive for a minority of non-islamophobic people. i just dont think it matters much in the grand scheme. because:- 1) i am sure we have had televised state funerals in this country drenched in all sorts of nutty Christian mumbo jumbo with sermons pitched at presumed believers — while everyone else has been expected to brush off their discomfort as a mark of respect, and done so with little trouble given the context. 2) this is a one-time-only ultimate fuck you to the aims of the perpetrator, and the good of that outweighs all else
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    When listening to Ardern, Morrison and Shorten respond to the attack, I couldn't help but be impressed, again and again by Ardern. Her comments and actions have been succinct, genuine and full of compassion for the victims and their families. Morrison and Shorten while offering their thoughts and prayers, always appear to be focused on the perpetrator. Of course the way I am interpreting their responses is tainted by years of political point scoring by Morrison and Shorten on terrorism, boarder protection and immigration. *sigh*
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    Hey everyone, It has been a long time since I frequented Atomic. Lot's has happened in life. some good, some bad. Recently I decided to try and make a dent in the world of Malware and share what I know. I started a YouTube series called Mickyj Whitehat. I am sharing the tools I use to find, remove and kill malware. I thought it might come in useful for training other IT pro's on what to do. Then I thought, people here might also like to take a peek. I only have a small subscriber base and to make the channel effective, I want to get some exposure. The channel is not monitised so I am not earning big bucks from it. It is simply me doing my bit for the community. So I would appreciate, if the information is of interest to you, that you subscribe or share the link around. I am a tech, not a sales person so I am not great at "selling myself" but I figure this info speaks for itself. The Channel has other stuff on it (https://www.youtube.com/michaeljenkin) and the playlist for the Malware stuff is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i17_ZtvAk9g&list=PLodEQVE4Lw01mtCM_LAn6e0tPNd5BfERv . I am a true geek and shyly hiding behind my keyboard but I have learnt to have a YouTube personality (loud and in your face) so I know some people I know form this forum may be a little shocked :) So, if you subscribe what's in it for you ? I can keep you up to date with teardowns on VBS, js, exe, scr, hta, powershell and more malware. I can satisfy that urge to know how something works. I can pull apart the latest ransomware for you. If you get something you want documented and pulled apart for the world to see, I would love to see it. I hope that this post does not violate any of the terms and conditions that I just accepted (again). It is not my intention however mods, feel free to remove if I have. thanks all, have a great day !
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    Hey Evelyn, I don't know that anyone actually think George Pell is the only paedophile worth worrying about. But big names getting actual punishments seems important. I'd say it's probably more important to make his charge stick than some priest (or any other paedophile, but seeing as we're talking a high up catholic church figure I'm going by hierarchy) noone has heard of. You'd definitely want that one to stick but the message that no amount of money and political influence is going to save a paedophile any more. It's important the message gets to them and to more decent society so they can see the legal system has some sort of teeth and to future victims that feel they will get heard if they come forward. But I think Bill Cosby was a similarly big case for the entertainment industry. Probably a bigger deal in the States than here but that's how geographical divides go. As far a sympathisers, I don't think it sends a good message, especially for the LNP, when 2 of their (and the country's) former leaders are publicly in support of Pell. It sends a poor message for everyone I mentioned before. If they truly believe he is of good character I wish they could have got their statements in under the suppression order so noone knew. I think with such a sensitive subject that it would be better for the community, especially if he loses the appeal. So, to me, it's less about how many people on each side believe what about the case but what they are publicly doing.
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    The thread that that wouldn't die, on the forum that wouldn't die, answers the question that couldn't be answered, by someone out on the intartubes, who 10 years and 2 days later signs up and posts the answer. If this doesn't prove the feasibility of " Infinite Improbability Drive" nothing will. ?Is it !Atomic! .. !Yes Sir! .. It's very Atomic! ................................................................. By the way putting Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin into Google produces strange edcuation based results... methinks there is a problem with Google's brownian motion generator. A fresh cup of tea might sort it. Anways Hello and welcome to the Atomic Forums Kel
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    So, it's nothing like the Snowy Mountains Scheme - despite the name. I did not know that before, but somehow I am failing to be surprised. I've reached the point that if anyone in government announced Sunlight 2.0, I'd expect a packet of darkness. You're assuming they have some sort of self-awareness.
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    Travelling in the same cabin on a train were a Kiwi guy, an Australian bloke, a little old lady, and a good looking young lady. The Train goes into a dark tunnel and a few seconds later there is the sound of a loud slap. When the train emerges from the tunnel, the Kiwi has a bright red hand print on his cheek. No one speaks. The old lady thinks: "The Kiwi guy must have groped the blonde in the dark, and she slapped his cheek." The young lady thinks: "that Kiwi guy must have tried to grope me in the dark, but missed and fondled the old lady and she slapped his cheek." The Kiwi thinks: "that Aussie bloke must have groped the young check in the dark. She tried to slep hem but messed and got me instead." "The Australian thinks: "I can't wait for another tunnel, just so I can slap that Kiwi again!"
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    What got me was him playing some sort of tongue in cheek song on the way to the mosque. Then he gets in his car after the massacre and lets everyone know: ~"I dropped a few mags during the firefight..." blah blah. It was almost as if he was gunning for maximum -awesomeness- for his 4Chan personality. Not to mention he called it a "Firefight"? Sicko. I'm of the mind that the Manifesto is just some bullshit he wants to believe to justify his actions. While the real motive was as simple as getting fame with an internet community. Another Martin Bryant. Stupid simpleton deserves life in isolation. Make the years move slowly. A f'ing tragedy.
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    https://radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pgM7rge83G?play=true ^for context
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    I once had a pet Kamchatka brown bear. That fucking Beresheet all over my house AND in my car.
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    The best Chilli Peppers song. Ever.
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    And the current jokers haven't? All I hear from the LNP side is how fantastic it is to have a budget surplus, the first in 12 years apparently, while conveniently ignoring the fact that for the previous 6 years they have been in government. So does that mean the LNP where useless before now or is it only bad when the ALP has a deficit. Also how much of this wonderful surplus is because they have deferred spending to the next budget, or cut or delayed other projects just to cook the current books?
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    It would be so much better putting it into community projects or anything that uses the money as a collective really. Who is really going to have their lives changed in any meaningful way by these sorts of concessions. I do wonder if these sorts of things actually work to make people happier or if most people see it as pointless.
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    Sure am happy I sprung for the pv last year. Last quarter's bill was $6!
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    I merely made a cheap gag about Evelyn's typo. I thought it was pretty funny, but nobody around here seems to have much of a sense of humour.
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    My god. There really is an image for everything.
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    I'm sorry, I really think you are misunderstanding me. I'll try to get this as right as I can but try and see this through fresh understanding and not through the lens of what you think om trying to say (easier said than done, I know). I was saying that they *did* act like security but that the boy wasn't to know how they were to react, they weren't exactly uniformed people who you could guarantee would behave in a way that was safe for him. You could hear the journalists tell the guy who had him in a headlock to take his hand off his neck. That guy at least felt that they may be going at him a bit hard but like I said, they are unlikely to be actual trained security people so probably restraining best as they could. In that respect it was a dangerous move for eggboy to make. But at the same time putting your arm around someone's neck can be too. Again, I don't know if that guy was trained to do that safely or not but I'm pretty sure he would be pretty fired up when he did it. I can understand that too though. Hitting someone from behind, also dangerous for him because, as you said, anning would not know at first that it was just an egg and he put himself in arms reach. The guy holding Anning back appears to be part of the journalistic crew, I didn't look like it was one of his supporters so I can't really credit them with that restraint. As far as supporting egg boy? I can say it was a poor move on his part, sure. Disrespectful? Sure. But have if you have ever seen a kid do something that is wrong and you have to tell them off for it but inside you are trying like hell not to laugh then you know how I feel about it. I am not *as* condemning of it as you are of his actions but I think we both just have to live with that. I hope that clears up a few things. If not I'll leave it there anyway... unless you particularly want something clarified. Also, I truly am sorry if I've made this whole thing uncomfortable for you. I know you're big enough to handle yourself. I just want to you know I'm not trying to be disagreeable or piss you off.
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    Dear Judge Floro Waltish, if your intention, via these eerie nudge nudge wink wink invocations appended to your posts of late is to come across like a wild-eyed loon standing on a street corner shouting to nobody, or someone people should be a little worried about, then job done. but if youre actually bothering to post in the hope of 'shining a light' on the supposed truth for anyone here willing to listen, then i think you'll have more success without them.
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    My abc news feed tells me the pollies in Tasmania (or rather, one of them ) is calling for hospital workers to think of the patient care ahead of their own needs. Seems to me if you don't look after your workers, they won't be able to look after you as you might need to be looked after. Yet again, the blind arrogance of the politician is disgraceful to say the least. I am reminded of the saying... " a poor workman always blames his tools." In this instance, the workman here is the pollie and he is guilty of not looking after his tools. Not perhaps very nice to call the hospital workers "tools", but to my mind, it is the way this Ferguson chap is treating the hospital staff. Surely, just as it makes sense not to upset your cook, so it makes sense to treat properly those you fully expect to aid you in your time of ill health. Crikey! The metaphors!
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    and a big shout out to scomo for his efforts, as the coalition apparently decreases its share for the 50th news poll in succession doesn't matter who takes the helm on the titanic it seems, history repeats...
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    May be left compared to the LNP dropkicks but the ALP is hardly a left wing party these days. Both major parties have shifted quite a bit to the right since the 1970s at least.
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    SIOD He had quite a history with Atomic actually, including some SQL injection. https://www.youtube.com/user/wolfgangsiod Then, IIRC, he posted this before his suicide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A5VjEhmqDI Dude clearly struggled with some shit. and I know he rubbed a few people the wrong way. I guess it just always stuck in my head, as a self destructive suicide, rather than an accident. This is probably a good time to mention that some people here really saved my ass too. I'm gettin old now but when I joined I had literally just started highschool. I got called into the IT office, for using more data than the update server did, on a single webpage..... this one. They blocked the .com.au not knowing we had a .com..... silly. Anyway; as you can imagine, overweight IT nerd (overweight slightly fixed, IT nerd slightly increased nowadays :P) heading into highschool, the old 'unpopular' stereotype played out. Without rabbiting on; even though there were literally tens upon tens of nights that people on here had me falling asleep in tears (I was an ignorant teen, I had it coming :P); The more important aspect was that people were there. You all listened, you all supported, attacked or critiqued without prejudice; based on idea alone (usually :P) Even someone hating your ideas or thoughts, not attacking you, is extremely valuable (for a teen) when compared to being ignored, feeling unimportant, and spiraling down that common black hole of self loathing. While I like to be an individual, this community is part of my identity. I still vinyl cut Atomic logos for all my things (cars, laptops, office door at work), it's really the only tattoo I've ever considered also.... This place gave me friends, family, and knowledge far beyond anything I could have achieved alone. I wish there was a stronger word than family, but, it'll do
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