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    So to get the ball rolling. Lets see what you got.
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    My abc news feed tells me the pollies in Tasmania (or rather, one of them ) is calling for hospital workers to think of the patient care ahead of their own needs. Seems to me if you don't look after your workers, they won't be able to look after you as you might need to be looked after. Yet again, the blind arrogance of the politician is disgraceful to say the least. I am reminded of the saying... " a poor workman always blames his tools." In this instance, the workman here is the pollie and he is guilty of not looking after his tools. Not perhaps very nice to call the hospital workers "tools", but to my mind, it is the way this Ferguson chap is treating the hospital staff. Surely, just as it makes sense not to upset your cook, so it makes sense to treat properly those you fully expect to aid you in your time of ill health. Crikey! The metaphors!
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    Targeting Christchurch mosques. Up to 27 killed. An Australian man is suspected of being one of (or the only) terrorist. There’s a manifesto as well. Fucking animals.
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    The way I see it, the public health system slowly loses its funding and faces privatisation in various sectors, which the opposition of the time vilifies. However, when their party gets back in power, it is rarely rectified and the public soon forgets. Of course, that isn't the only sector suffering. We're rabbits in boiling water.
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    From what I'm reading, he basically hates every ideology. Hates the left for being ethnic traitors, hates the right for being corporatist lackeys. He also livestreamed this on FB Live. I just watched part of the video. That was a mistake.
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    Fucken white supremacist fuckwit seems not to notice he's talking about himself.
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    Animals don't do mass killings for fun*. It takes humans to be that barbaric. *some do do single killings for fun, like orca with seals
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    Humble bundle has grid 2 for free for a couple of days if you sign up to their newsletter.
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    Exclusive: AMD’s 7nm Navi GPU Will Launch Roughly A Month After Ryzen 3000 Before I go into the details, I want to point out that roadmaps are whimsical things. Unlike concrete details like specifications etc., they are at the mercy of AMD’s management and may change without any intimation. The information that I am providing (as far as roadmaps go) is accurate at the time the article is published but may change in the future. Also, this is going to be a rather short piece since there is only so much you can discuss with just a launch window. With that little disclaimer, let’s get into the deets. I have been told that AMD’s Navi GPU is at least one whole month behind AMD’s 7nm Ryzen launch, so if the company launches the 3000 series desktop processors at Computex like they are planning to, you should not expect the Navi GPU to land before early August. The most likely candidates for launch during this window are Gamescom and Siggraph. I would personally lean towards Gamescom simply because it is a gaming product and is the more likely candidate but anything can happen with AMD! Some rumors previously had suggested an October launch, but as of now, AMD is telling its partners to expect the launch exactly a month after the Ryzen 7nm launch. Those who read my original exclusive will remember that I talked about how Navi is going to be the first non-GCN GPU and the first card to break free of the 4096 SP limit imposed by the GCN macro-architecture. Rumors about the RX 3000 series have been swirling for a while now with some that said that the company might even launch the cards at CES early in 2019. This is something I did not include in my pre-CES AMD agenda article and that is because I had been told that yields aren’t good enough for a consumer card yet – and that is where the Radeon VII entered the stage. Now that enough time has passed for yields to improve, we could see the first batch of 7nm Navi GPUs hit the shelves before the third quarter of 2019 is up.
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    Unfortunately the local metal work shop only has a plasma cutter which would warp the 2mm steel needed for a new mount plate and the closest laser cutter needed for making a new plate is 100k away and it will probably cost over half as much as the block itself just to draw it up on on the PC ready to be made. So I have run into a bit of a delay.
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    From your link, it’s worth noting : Australia may have opted not to join the statement due to its broad language, which calls for access to abortion without specifying that this should apply where abortion is legal. Australia has previously signed on to a different UN document, the ICPD Program of Action, which is more specific in saying that “in circumstances where abortion is not against the law, such abortion should be safe”.
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    ...but his trial was behind closed doors.
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    Lol, my opinion isn't based on high up friends, it's based on evidence. Or lack thereof. Pell's conviction boils down to one person's word against another. There was zero material evidence of any crime and there was circumstantial evidence that no crime had been committed. So, how can he be convicted 'beyond reasonable doubt'? Well, he cant....
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    She's of the opinion it will be cheaper, easier, and less disruptive to just let him get voted out at the next Federal election. Which is true... But also relies on him not being voted back in by his idiot base and the machinations of a mystifyingly hypnotised Party.
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    a thermomix is exactly the right thing for some very specific use cases. i think theres a lot of people with buyers remorse though. imo you cant beat the combination of multipurpose slow cooker + stick blender <-- that right there covers 90% of what the thermy does for 10% of the cost haha also, + steamer, like one of those multi-tiered ones maybe, even though the slow cooker can probably steam, because of options, like doing more things at once.
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