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    Note the protest vote going the SFF party because the Nationals and Libs have abandoned the regional areas
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    Thanks, but that was back in January. today I am happy my health, both mental and physical, is all over the place. some days are good, some days are bad. I will get though
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    hey tmfp don't fret on life expectancy my man; we're all alive until we die, and that's all you can expect statistics don't tell an individual's use by date i remember when i was having chemo and did something "unhealthy" according to my daughter, and she advised me that for every episode of that behaviour i would lose 5 minutes off my life according to some questionable reference my memory is so dodgy these days i can't recall what it was - probably chocolate overload, or something equally agreeable my best response was "the last 5 minutes of my life are likely going to be shit anyway, so i won't mind not having to go through that" chin up ! being concerned about what will happen due to things that are in the past is wasting precious bodily fluids that could be spent enjoying being here while you are i feel for your situation - i am pretty much permanently stuck indoors, as sunshine is like being exposed to green kryptonite for me since my illness, and thus flying little planes with the dog, or having a surf, are almost impossible - as neither are great night-time activities; they were my favourite distractions from the less enjoyable aspects of existence, but as basil fawlty said " that particular avenue of pleasure has been closed off" best wishes from me
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    Looks like not much change in the seats in NSW, a shuffle in some seats but no real change. So the LNP has a mandate to sell everything not nailed down and building unwanted stadiums
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    what a sad state is nsw another run for the liberals, although telling that both the majors have lost ground... and the shooters and etc crew gained traction it's truly fucked up
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