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    I know this is an old thread, but it was bugging me too that I couldn't remember what show this was, that my searching for it brought me to your thread. So as I had nothing better to do this evening, I've just spent a good hour going through lists of old TV shows, and was about to give up, but then found it! It's "Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin". To quote from Wikipedia "The golden salamanders had been buried long ago to indicate where each mineral could be found. After the first one was found, the cryptogram on it would lead the children and the doctor to the next one. What they had to do in each case was to decipher the cryptogram on each salamander." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Poopsnagle's_Steam_Zeppelin Now just to find somewhere that streams the episodes!
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    The thread that that wouldn't die, on the forum that wouldn't die, answers the question that couldn't be answered, by someone out on the intartubes, who 10 years and 2 days later signs up and posts the answer. If this doesn't prove the feasibility of " Infinite Improbability Drive" nothing will. ?Is it !Atomic! .. !Yes Sir! .. It's very Atomic! ................................................................. By the way putting Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin into Google produces strange edcuation based results... methinks there is a problem with Google's brownian motion generator. A fresh cup of tea might sort it. Anways Hello and welcome to the Atomic Forums Kel
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    So, it's nothing like the Snowy Mountains Scheme - despite the name. I did not know that before, but somehow I am failing to be surprised. I've reached the point that if anyone in government announced Sunlight 2.0, I'd expect a packet of darkness. You're assuming they have some sort of self-awareness.
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    Lack of content and poster = why the hell would you want to engage in this thread?
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    https://radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pgM7rge83G?play=true ^for context
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    I once had a pet Kamchatka brown bear. That fucking Beresheet all over my house AND in my car.
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    The best Chilli Peppers song. Ever.
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    And the current jokers haven't? All I hear from the LNP side is how fantastic it is to have a budget surplus, the first in 12 years apparently, while conveniently ignoring the fact that for the previous 6 years they have been in government. So does that mean the LNP where useless before now or is it only bad when the ALP has a deficit. Also how much of this wonderful surplus is because they have deferred spending to the next budget, or cut or delayed other projects just to cook the current books?
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    Good luck with the surgery, @Waltish
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    Personal liberty is greatly hindered by poverty. For some people, personal habits may lead them down the path of poverty, but for the working poor, the conditions they work under are controlled by the company. Without industrial laws and unions, more people will be taken advantage of. In other countries we see people working extended hours who still don't make enough to feed their children, and they have no social structures to help them to liberate themselves from lives of hunger, illness and drudgery. Do we want to be one of those countries?
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    Indeed it is, Newt. Personally, I'm of the opinion that point is just about where miscarriage becomes 'premature birth' - ie: it has even a chance of surviving outside of the womb. Thankfully, the decision is not mine to make, and never will be. A large proportion of the women I've known who have had an abortion either regret it completely, or suffer a large amount of remorse. A large portion of those who probably should have considered it, but went ahead with the pregnancy because of beliefs, have *also* had regrets and/or remorse, though. The choice is obviously not one to be made lightly.
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    well thats far more correct. but still not correct. the OLC memos werent ignored at all, but rather it was adherence to them that was clearly stated as instrumental in the report being non-committal on the question of guilt. and to my understanding at least, no specific "statute" applies here. the 'rule' (such that it is) in question, is that of a prevailing (and arguably binding) interpretation of the constitution by the DoJ (detailed here) which was observed during the Nixon and Clinton presidencies.
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    Gwen stimulated other memories so here for entertainment purposes....
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    Heh, It is not what Barr said, it's what he left out saying. You really should read the report not Barr's abbreviated Cliff Notes. As for access to the unredacted report I am pretty certain you do not understand. The report was commissioned by the Justice Department, under FOI any citizen or representative can request a copy and have the Department show just cause as to why there are redactions. That is not going to be justifiable under a cloak of "confidential" because too many people involved in the report in its totality would not meet that criteria. Strangely the very notification of the report possibly being "Confidential" in parts has been struck through. The redaction is nothing but a smokescreen and just why you would think any lies are blacked out is beyond me,.The report is in large measure about uncovering lies and its success in that regard is already measurable in the number of prosecutions it has generated, with very likely more to follow. Barr is in the end nothing but a Trump scapegoat, whether willingly or unwillingly is uncertain but he is not above the law, not close to as protected as the President is, by a large margin. The public interest is such that the full report WILL be released, what is going on is nothing but a delaying tactic. Expect then for Barr to disappear, under a cloud. Meanwhile the many other investigations into Trump will continue to add to the pile of evidence against his presidency. I said previously I never expected the Mueller report to bring Trump down, in that regard it has gone further than I anticipated and is a rich environment for follow-up investigation just as Mueller it is widely believed intended. What is interesting is that its very brief does not go to the real underlying questions. Those are: Why were the Russians interested in influencing the 2016 election in the first place, and to what extent did they succeed ? Some but I'd suspect by no means all of the latter has been answered and from the tone and content of the report that leaves questions to be answered that will dig closer and closer to House Trump culpability. The House is becoming ever more entangled in its history of lies and deceit. Time will tell. Cheers
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    Its easy to see when they have only one wing, they just keep flying round in circles
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    Look, regardless of the side of the divide you're on (on ANY issue, not just politics - and especially not just this case), citing the guy suspected of twisting the truth, and as reported by a source known for bias, is NOT the way to get to truth. The redacted report is freely available online; why don't you try reading it for yourself? I think, if you do, you will see that even based on the material Barr left *in* the document released he's being exceedingly misleading - if not outright lying. For example, he restates multiple times Trump's favourite "no collusion" mantra,, and he's technically correct - because the charge was not collusion it was conspiracy. Now, in daily use, those are almost interchangeable terms, but they're very different from a legal perspective. I don't care if you have a different opinion than me. I do care if your opinion is based on bullshit.
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    SpaceX Falcon Heavy ArabSat mission, edited to remove all the boring bits (except the 3 mins to ignition): Hot damn but those things are impressive! No matter how often I see watch the landings, those boosters coming back in tandem and setting down on their fold-out fins still looks like a scifi movie. Only Hollywood can't do dirt unartistically, and those puppies need some serious detailing.
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    Ahh good to know. Phr33X's Deep Purple one I bloody zenned it and thought, " nup, too easy " * shakes head in disgust with oneself * :D
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    a horrible result of having sex
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    not to worry, Gladys is probably already in negotiations to convert the Opera House into one.
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