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    It started with Ben and a great idea Probably after a wine or a beer He started a mag and a forum for all That’s when it started and its been a ball There was Mael, virt, grams and more Since day one watching door Keeping out spammers, wankers and bots And more than a few, actually lots Flouncys baby started to grow Thousands of members we got to know Some young, some old, some crazies too But all entertaining for me and for you Along with moz, chaos, morris and others We had dads, mums, sisters and brothers All types came to watch and learn As atomic grew and and we all took a turn To make the mag and site our own We punched the keyboards or even our phones The topics were wide and there were heaps We laughed and joked, complained and we weeped We saw people leave throwing ted out of bed Only to come back and start a new thread We have others that leave without a fuss But always come back because they miss us So although much quieter than we once knew Atomic still lives because of people like you Its still a place we all remember and love It seems to fit us all like a glove I’m proud to have been a part of this place Its special, its different, it is in your face It was there every time we wanted to vent We wonder were the last 18 years went Lots has changed but some stay the same Still a place where you look for a name Be it Leo or scruffy , rybags or nic Every one here is here for the kicks So please feel free to add your own verse You can type it nicely or you can curse Remembering your time with the laughs and the fears The place called atomic that’s been here for years.
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    omm ... now ... early next week Walt has a cataract sorted. Now he's been remarkably patient whilst the vaseline glass he looks through steadily becomes more opaque . the worst of it over the last few years till present. One of the comments we've been getting is curiosity as to his reaction to how I will look to him ... so anyway tonight he asks me if I'm bothered , and then assures me that he will try not to throw up ...ffs ... I told him if he threw up he'd be able to see it to fucking clean it up
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    I know this is an old thread, but it was bugging me too that I couldn't remember what show this was, that my searching for it brought me to your thread. So as I had nothing better to do this evening, I've just spent a good hour going through lists of old TV shows, and was about to give up, but then found it! It's "Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin". To quote from Wikipedia "The golden salamanders had been buried long ago to indicate where each mineral could be found. After the first one was found, the cryptogram on it would lead the children and the doctor to the next one. What they had to do in each case was to decipher the cryptogram on each salamander." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Poopsnagle's_Steam_Zeppelin Now just to find somewhere that streams the episodes!
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    CSIRO are a shade of their past, under-funded and then their research gets sold off to the commercial sector for peanuts. it's criminal what our governments did to the CSIRO.
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    Such is the problem with laws that individuals are distinct entities and can be totally seperate from corporate ones which in turn can be seperate from other corporate ones. Such that a person can commit an utter cuntact and be untouchable. The thing with minor parties and independents is that they can promise the earth, be as populist as they want because even if they got 100% of the contested vote in their electorate/s they'd still be incapable of delivering their promises. As such, they can tell you they'll give you a duck that shits gold and there'll be no shortage of believers.
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    The thread that that wouldn't die, on the forum that wouldn't die, answers the question that couldn't be answered, by someone out on the intartubes, who 10 years and 2 days later signs up and posts the answer. If this doesn't prove the feasibility of " Infinite Improbability Drive" nothing will. ?Is it !Atomic! .. !Yes Sir! .. It's very Atomic! ................................................................. By the way putting Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin into Google produces strange edcuation based results... methinks there is a problem with Google's brownian motion generator. A fresh cup of tea might sort it. Anways Hello and welcome to the Atomic Forums Kel
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    So, it's nothing like the Snowy Mountains Scheme - despite the name. I did not know that before, but somehow I am failing to be surprised. I've reached the point that if anyone in government announced Sunlight 2.0, I'd expect a packet of darkness. You're assuming they have some sort of self-awareness.
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    well bestiality and necrophilia ... mmm you never going to get consent from the former and the latter are dead. I'd say those committing those acts are in need of help and guidance perhaps. A couple married / or not have sex with no actual payment crossing their palms ... a prostitute has sex and payment is paid. Both experiences leave someone fulfilled and ready to carry on their life ... that's quite fine by me
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    Pretty sure that doesn't mean pun intended; it's for when you quote an error and need to make it clear it's the quotee's error and not yours.
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    I'm of the opinion that nobody in a position of authority has any right to financial privacy - at least not from oversight positions. Whether that's IAD, the IRS, congress, or whatever, if your office is likely to be bribed, then any oversight body has to be able to see your records on demand. No dicking about in court giving you time to shift you ill-gotten gains to a better hiding space - right fucking now will do just fine. Yes, that's a bit heavy-handed, but I really don't see any alternative if you want to keep your authority figures accountable. And if they don't aren't prepared to be transparent in that regard, then maybe they're in the wrong job.
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    i have zero time for spruikers, and i especially despise that chirpy breed of gladhand that loiters around the entrances of polling stations wearing their team colours. i dont care whose team youre on. if i havent sought eye contact with you, i am not interested. save that shit-eating grin for someone else. dont wave to me. dont call out to me. dont expect the slightest acknowledgement that you exist and breathe the same air i do. i am not sure that ive ever seen a "how to vote" card in the flesh. whoever needs one of these come polling day should probably forfeit their vote.
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    Have seen that particular one before. I wonder when the rot set in over there. It's here too, though not to that extent (Wittenoom does not count). --- And now for something completely different:
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    leo, you see "business" from the bubble of a niche supplier in i.t. i have a similarly luxurious gig in a boutique general practice where "bulk bill" is a non-event, although "zero gap" at my discretion is a personal choice for patients who are on hard times but have previously paid like everyone else and are my professional responsibility the difference seems to be that i have also done enough time in the public system, where even in this well heeled (and well healed) locale there are people who are screwed by the liberal protocols, and who have tony abbott to stand up for them, meaning they have no representation people like you and me will do well under (and even despite) a labor government because we have the flexibility and intelligence and chutzpah to make it happen as much as i appreciate that people generally vote for self interest, i tend to consider adverse affects of therapies, rather than the 1% cure rate if i apply a serious poison to a sick recipient the liberals are medicine for the 1%
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    He is Trump Lite in a way. But, he likes to sit in the comfortable space between the two major parties, and cherry pick the policies of both.
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    Lack of content and poster = why the hell would you want to engage in this thread?
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    https://radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pgM7rge83G?play=true ^for context
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    I once had a pet Kamchatka brown bear. That fucking Beresheet all over my house AND in my car.
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    The best Chilli Peppers song. Ever.
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    And the current jokers haven't? All I hear from the LNP side is how fantastic it is to have a budget surplus, the first in 12 years apparently, while conveniently ignoring the fact that for the previous 6 years they have been in government. So does that mean the LNP where useless before now or is it only bad when the ALP has a deficit. Also how much of this wonderful surplus is because they have deferred spending to the next budget, or cut or delayed other projects just to cook the current books?
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    Heh, It is not what Barr said, it's what he left out saying. You really should read the report not Barr's abbreviated Cliff Notes. As for access to the unredacted report I am pretty certain you do not understand. The report was commissioned by the Justice Department, under FOI any citizen or representative can request a copy and have the Department show just cause as to why there are redactions. That is not going to be justifiable under a cloak of "confidential" because too many people involved in the report in its totality would not meet that criteria. Strangely the very notification of the report possibly being "Confidential" in parts has been struck through. The redaction is nothing but a smokescreen and just why you would think any lies are blacked out is beyond me,.The report is in large measure about uncovering lies and its success in that regard is already measurable in the number of prosecutions it has generated, with very likely more to follow. Barr is in the end nothing but a Trump scapegoat, whether willingly or unwillingly is uncertain but he is not above the law, not close to as protected as the President is, by a large margin. The public interest is such that the full report WILL be released, what is going on is nothing but a delaying tactic. Expect then for Barr to disappear, under a cloud. Meanwhile the many other investigations into Trump will continue to add to the pile of evidence against his presidency. I said previously I never expected the Mueller report to bring Trump down, in that regard it has gone further than I anticipated and is a rich environment for follow-up investigation just as Mueller it is widely believed intended. What is interesting is that its very brief does not go to the real underlying questions. Those are: Why were the Russians interested in influencing the 2016 election in the first place, and to what extent did they succeed ? Some but I'd suspect by no means all of the latter has been answered and from the tone and content of the report that leaves questions to be answered that will dig closer and closer to House Trump culpability. The House is becoming ever more entangled in its history of lies and deceit. Time will tell. Cheers
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    The Snowy project was mostly a huge employment program - and it worked: put money in the pockets of broke people who then spend 100% of it, mostly on domestic products. By extension, ^that one would be the same sort of thing. If the object is shifting money, then a "cost blowout" (provided it isn't in sourcing overseas supplies) really isn't much of an issue. That the Snowy project happened to have substantial ongoing benefits of itself was and is cream.
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