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    Ok will edit my post to more cleariy indicate what I meant.
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    Interesting use of Game of Thrones, we all know what happens to the Kings of Westeros in the end. They all die ... not a nice way.
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    But the way I see it is that this other way of thinking about gay people made more sense to you presented as it was and then filtered through your belief system and your belief was updated because you could no longer believe the former in light of the latter. Beliefs are updated all the time. I used to strongly believe in a christian god until the weight of evidence against it that my "belief filter" would give credit to became so much I could no longer hold that belief. I think in our heads it feels like everything feels like you have an either/or and in one respect you do. But I'd say it's just you filtering everything through your beliefs systems to see if you agree or disagree with new information.
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    i disagree strongly ones beliefs are shaped by your experiences, you can choose to learn or not as a teen, I thought gays were icky, thus homosexuals deserved no rights in my 20s I realised that nobody would choose to be gay, you were born that way. so if a person had no choice to be gay then they had the same rights as everybody else I choose to change the way I thought
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    well thats far more correct. but still not correct. the OLC memos werent ignored at all, but rather it was adherence to them that was clearly stated as instrumental in the report being non-committal on the question of guilt. and to my understanding at least, no specific "statute" applies here. the 'rule' (such that it is) in question, is that of a prevailing (and arguably binding) interpretation of the constitution by the DoJ (detailed here) which was observed during the Nixon and Clinton presidencies.
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    Oh good, I'm glad the report being released didn't just boost people in the pre-existing corners.
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    Gwen stimulated other memories so here for entertainment purposes....
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    I'm on the same train with TMFP and what appears to be everyone else so far. I see the belief system as a spectrum. On that spectrum I'm on the far edge of agnosticism before it tips into atheism. I feel that true atheism is unscientific. None of us knows the truth for sure, despite some people espousing that they do.
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