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    Just what is fake about the news Ev ? Tax law in the U.S. is different to here, there are legal hoops to jump through but individual and company tax records can be ordered to be released to a court and in legal terms the House is a court. The point though is not if he has been fraudulent in his tax returns it is to confirm , as if any confirmation is needed, that he has again lied about various things including his business acumen and his true wealth. That's why it is the business of the house, and of the American people, they have a right to know what kind of a lying braggart is the Commander in Chief of their country. It's very apparent however that no matter what evidence is put in front of you it is not going to shake the very peculiar image you have of this very peculiar and frankly dangerous man. Cheers
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    I don't mind threads meandering. I do get frustrated by the number that all come back to exactly the same arguments that have been made by the same people in umpteen different threads and end us always back tot he same point.
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    i have zero time for spruikers, and i especially despise that chirpy breed of gladhand that loiters around the entrances of polling stations wearing their team colours. i dont care whose team youre on. if i havent sought eye contact with you, i am not interested. save that shit-eating grin for someone else. dont wave to me. dont call out to me. dont expect the slightest acknowledgement that you exist and breathe the same air i do. i am not sure that ive ever seen a "how to vote" card in the flesh. whoever needs one of these come polling day should probably forfeit their vote.
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    Well at least Danny didn't throw an egg, soft or hard boiled.
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