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    I'm of the opinion that nobody in a position of authority has any right to financial privacy - at least not from oversight positions. Whether that's IAD, the IRS, congress, or whatever, if your office is likely to be bribed, then any oversight body has to be able to see your records on demand. No dicking about in court giving you time to shift you ill-gotten gains to a better hiding space - right fucking now will do just fine. Yes, that's a bit heavy-handed, but I really don't see any alternative if you want to keep your authority figures accountable. And if they don't aren't prepared to be transparent in that regard, then maybe they're in the wrong job.
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    six more sleeps, the clock is ticking who will govern ? who will go ? the campaign drags as punters think it's time, but jeez, it's moving slow roosters turn to feather dusters eggs are broken, - lo, and then local liberals see the lite and drought befalls the reigning men politics like climate changing terminates the dinosaurs something new to fill the vacuum cure the symptoms, treat the cause pardon the double post; i only later remembered i made this thread for such stuff
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    Yes - right up until Congress said "Give" (subpoena, actually), and right there it's totally a legal requirement. And everyone involved in non-compliance is open to contempt charges. Or would be if Pelosi had a spine - she thinks it's more important to not piss off 2/5ths of the population instead of the other 3/5ths, and incidentally doing her fucking job and upholding the law.
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    Have seen that particular one before. I wonder when the rot set in over there. It's here too, though not to that extent (Wittenoom does not count). --- And now for something completely different:
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