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    It must be getting on time for some paint, in a couple of episodes... And they better tell us how much it weighs when they're done!
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    I've no idea what you might be reading there but Neal actually came under fire last month for his committee - Ways and Means, not acting quickly enough on demanding the release of Trump's tax returns. Ah, just found it - his political record is pretty lightweight really but nothing to suggest what you imply, just seems to be a guy who likes to get all his ducks in order which was the case in his committee not rushing to make demands of Trump. That committee would be the one to actually issue a demand so I'd suggest he is just following the correct process. American politics can seriously do your head in and not only from the outside Cheers
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    Woo hoo! i'm about to eat some hobnobs with a cuppa
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    Hate computers! Fresh dual OS install on a MBP 2011, High Sierra on an APFS partition then Windows 10. Unknown to me there's an issue with sound not working on EFI installs of Win10 on plenty of Macs thanks to improper system config data which MacOS ignores but Windows doesn't. Various fixes which can take time and can be risky to the point of bricking the machine. But the easy way out is to just do an MBR/Bios mode install of Win10. But there's no choice there, it's one or the other depending on whether the disk is a hybrid GPT/MBR which they used to use but apparently APFS disks don't operate that way. So my solution looks to be to throw out the couple of hours I've so far spent configuring everything and just start again using Sierra and HFS+ to ensure my Windows install is the legacy type.
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    I'm of the opinion that nobody in a position of authority has any right to financial privacy - at least not from oversight positions. Whether that's IAD, the IRS, congress, or whatever, if your office is likely to be bribed, then any oversight body has to be able to see your records on demand. No dicking about in court giving you time to shift you ill-gotten gains to a better hiding space - right fucking now will do just fine. Yes, that's a bit heavy-handed, but I really don't see any alternative if you want to keep your authority figures accountable. And if they don't aren't prepared to be transparent in that regard, then maybe they're in the wrong job.
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    It's more a case of asking in the correct manner and down what path. From this: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/07/opinion/trump-tax-returns-congress.html Mnuchin is wrong, but of course he is going to try, he's a Republican, a member of Trump's cabinet being asked by a Democrat. What's more interesting is that if there is nothing to hide then why so much wriggling ? No smoke without fire. The President is in one respect still a citizen and not above the law so what the SC has said applies equally to him as it does to anyone else. In another respect he is the President, a politician, a servant of the people, the people want to know how he has been handling his affairs and by extension if he has been telling the truth (that would be a first) and if he is fit to hold the office. Congress will get them eventually, if they get stonewalled, illegally on this pass they are already working the New York angle and FBI, who have no reason whatsoever to like Trump are, along with Treasury (under which the Secret Service operates,) very experienced at dealing with tax dodgers. Cheers
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    You know how the tabloids went on about Diana's death ? Well they used almost the same energy about Harry's ( the guy you have time for ) chosen mate. My abc feed was filled with it. To not know Meghan's heritage would make Danny just about the most incompetent journo of all fucking time ... and according to some it would generally seem that he was not incompetent and as I know you to be one that posts news from news.com.au I know they more than generously covered the whole Royal happenings too
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    Best way to look at an overdraft is as a business credit card. It can be attached to your main account and allows it to go negative. Its main function is to smooth out cash flow in the gap between AR and AP. As an FYI, we could get an overdraft before ICAC was handed down. Soon as it got handed down, we couldn't. Now our bank manager is calling us again, saying its available. This event has had nothing to do with our cash flows - it has everything to do with the knee-jerk reaction the other way, as a function of ICAC. It has had an extremely deleterious effect on business, which hasn't been helped by having two elections in Australia's premier financial state and the Federal circus coming up next week. You take that back. Right now.
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    'course he knew Her family heritage. All the tabloids know. They ( the tabloids ) had big mobs of fun showing the various members of her family in a not so great light ... whole heap a shit about how selfish Meghan is in not paying the way for her family to attend the wedding, for starters . Christ sakes the wedding photos of course included her mum I mean get a grip chrisg ... course he knew of the diversity ... that's why the Freudian slip occurred. None of us know how Danny really feels about Harry marrying a divorced American now do we ?? ... and then to produce a baby too ... well that might sent Danny's sensibilities over the top ! ... yes I'm being sarcastic
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    I don't mind threads meandering. I do get frustrated by the number that all come back to exactly the same arguments that have been made by the same people in umpteen different threads and end us always back tot he same point.
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    did he know that she is half black? because she's just your garden variety dark skinned English royal, right? the whole country is very aware of it. media coverage has largely been devoid of the veiled racism you might have seen a couple of decades ago, and furthermore has been vocal in hailing the marriage as a celebration of diversity. (and theyre probably extra incentivised to do so given the xenophobia brexit has stirred up). he knew it as a citizen, plus he worked for the beeb. "did he know"... 0_o i couldnt be bothered searching myriad examples, so here's just two recent stories reported in our country: 2 May Meghan Markle's baby a symbol of hope for diverse Britain and a target for racist trolls 5 may British Royals launch social media protocols after trolling of Meghan Markle and Kate both preceding Danny's monkey moment
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    Yes. It's worth listening to this if you've not heard it before.
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    Hey, I can cope with whatever happens. I'm just saying that *if* you're going to take action, then ^that's the one I'd favour - it'd be a lot easier to search for a thread name containing "Trump" than knowing you have to go looking 4-5 pages from the end of whatever thread that was.
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    Too hot to touch, apparently
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    There's just no fucking charity left is there ? People are so selfish !
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