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    https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-05-14/monsanto-loses-third-verdict-over-weedkiller-roundup/11111034 3rd case where Monsanto has lost concerning roundup, it will just snowball from here now given precedent is set.
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    Take a look at Rinehart and Palmer and tell me how this doesn't apply here as well.
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    Purely because of the headlines Nich, don't recall the last time I opened a single one of them. Cheers
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    Pretty good for someone who doesn't read about the royals online, doesn't read tabloids, and doesn't do modern social media.
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    Yeah, We were very careful on that. My mother's priest's sister works for this mob, they are one of the good guys it seems. The problem is that she has gone beyond what being in hospital can really do apart from outpatient support, like any hospital they need beds - constantly, but by the same token she can and has crashed to the degree that being in her own home is no longer an option. The halfway house is a full care facility with medical staff on call but still a degree of independence. It may well not be for long, she is much sicker than she admits to herself but it is the best option at the moment. Cheers
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    I hope it's one of the better homes, geez some of those nursing homes run by big corporations are just money sponges to steal from people in their twilight years.
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    Woo hoo! i'm about to eat some hobnobs with a cuppa
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    I guess we may see. What you do as prime minister is different to what you do as opposition leader. But yeah, what political party gets into half of what they promised they'd do?
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    Rotary, or 'Chinese' -style? I'll, uh... see myself out.
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    my mate drew always wears his "vote for pedro" shirt confuses the hell out of them
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    I've wondered if there is a god, if he puts out the religious texts to see who will persecute others in the face of inconsistent instructions. It seems like a very university psychology sort of experiment. So do you think there is another source that can be relied upon to help with this or is it all in the bible and you just have to make your best guess at which point makes more sense than the other? If you'd rather not make this a public discussion then feel free to pm me.
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