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    first dog nails it yet again i agree with other analysis that too much detail of potential change loses a winnable election, just like john hewson's "fightback" self goal; even dutton quoted "this is the sweetest victory of them all" with a nod to keating, and probably identified the similarity never underestimate the attraction of greed and "safety" over benefits to an entire nation my guess is that when the global recession hits any time soon, the libs will be unhappy that it's not possible to complain that "it's all labor's fault" not saying that the labor team would have any more hope of averting world financial disaster, but for the less privileged waiting for something to trickle down, it's unlikely they'll get anything that hasn't been filtered through wealthy kidneys hey! a little more time to fuck things up will make the prospect of a labor government with a suitably charismatic leader with no disturbingly fair policies a shoo in for the next democratic sausage fest
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    Even bigger Palmer laff - Jaquie Lambie (Senate ind, Tas) might just scrape over the line, and if she does it'll likely be on Palmer Senate preferences which means his entire spend of $80 million would have been not for nothing but for her benefit.
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    Well! If anyone is still reading this thread's occasional posts, no doubt you're aware that Forbes recently published a very unflattering piece on SC/Sq32. To be fair to them, they weren't entirely wrong, and I think I've said similar things at various times - I certainly thought them, and I'm not very good at keeping my trap shut for long. OTOH, they did base their 'research' seemingly entirely on the testimony of ex-employees (a famously impartial source ) and data at least a year (more likely 2) old, and I know I've stepped up to combat FUD before. Here's an excellent fan piece of a much more balanced view:
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    I avoid painkillers ... even if I have suffer pain. Dentist prescribed very strong painkillers for removal of wisdom teeth in case I wanted it, I didn't use it.
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    Models are great but TBH I'm always happy to wait for 100% of the votes to be tallied - unless there are obvious leads.
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    Senate looks like 33 Libs, 29 Labor, communists and a few independents for the rest. no-one has majority. Happy with that.
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    Except Abbott and Turnbull and possibly Morrison all won from it. Dutton certainly did.
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    So it looks like Anning is fucking gone. Pretty sure 99% of Australia can agree that's a good thing. Ironic, given all the death tax nonsense.
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    80s band and T does not stand for 'the'.
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    well bestiality and necrophilia ... mmm you never going to get consent from the former and the latter are dead. I'd say those committing those acts are in need of help and guidance perhaps. A couple married / or not have sex with no actual payment crossing their palms ... a prostitute has sex and payment is paid. Both experiences leave someone fulfilled and ready to carry on their life ... that's quite fine by me
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