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    Curly went hunting one day up in The Northern Territory' and bagged three ducks. He put them in the back of his Ute and was about to drive home when he was confronted by a surly Territory game warden who didn't like smart alecs. The warden ordered Curly to show his hunting license, so Curly pulled out a valid Northern Territory license.. The game warden looked at the license, then reached over and picked up one of the ducks, sniffed its bum and said, "This duck ain't from The Territory. This is a Queensland duck. You got a Queensland huntin' license?" Curly reached into his wallet and produced a Queensland license. The game warden looked at it, then reached over and grabbed the second duck, sniffed its bum, and said "This ain't a Queensland duck. This duck's from West Australia. You got a West Australian license?" Curly reached into his wallet and produced a West Australian hunting license. The warden then reached over and picked up the third duck, Sniffed its bum, and said, "This ain't a Western Australian duck. This duck's from South Australia. You got a South Australian Huntin license?" Again Curly reached into his wallet and brought out a South Australian license. The game warden was extremely frustrated at this point, and he yelled at Curly "just where the hell are you from?" Curly smiled turned around, bent over, dropped his pants, and said, "You tell me, you're the expert...
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    How can she be swimming on our tax money? She retired and although receiving a pension that'd make most others look paltry, would be the same whether she stays at home or jetsets for the rest of her life.
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    Adani, they claim it would create 10000 jobs ... government minister reveals the real number of jobs by accident .. 1500. Always thought that 10K was a bit fantasy https://theaimn.com/bridget-mckenzie-revealed-the-adani-jobs-lie-and-no-one-noticed/ Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie made an amazing admission in an interview on Sky but nobody (except The Australia Institute) seemed to notice. “[Adani will] be employing 1500 through the construction phase and around about 100 ongoing.”
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    Aerogel, now if they could make stuff to put on CPUs ... it's too fragile at the moment (and expensive)
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    "fast" it's just so relative ... ain't it ? lol
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    What if Britney Spears "Toxic" was recorded in the '60s instead?
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