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    OMM ? ... not too much. Had the day off from work, was chauffeur for Walt today. He can see beautifully with one eye ... adjusting this with the other that is now so much worse, is a curse for him. There's a lady that works in the newsagent close to where the Doc. is, she has lived a life with one eye, the other is blind and has been since birth. I try to keep her in mind when Walt struggles
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    Aeroplane by Bjork? Atomic by Blondie?
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    I'm kind of inherently averse to saying stuff that sounds at all cliched, so it's tough to come up with anything to say. Mortality can do your head in... who knows what lies on the other side, even those who've been briefly dead. Funny to think, that if what I figure most likely is actually the case, I'll never know...
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