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    Ahh. So if Labor had got in, then the AFP wouldn't have done what it obviously considers as it's job ? WRT to the journo who faced the trauma of being raided, I do find it quite weird that a raid was carried out so long after she'd published. And then, why the raid, she'd already made public the info ?? As for the files taken from the ABC, um, isn't there ongoing court issues wrt to various army personnel ? The whole thing seems very strange to me. I mean, it's like the AFP's job changes depending on who rules the roost ...
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    Wanna tell me again how putting these clowns back in was more responsible than the alternatives? https://www.theguardian.com/business/grogonomics/2019/jun/06/the-government-has-run-the-economy-into-the-ground
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    I got the 46mm one with LTE I traded up from the Gear S2, which was still in perfect working order, however, I did like the LTE option, and the 4x battery life of the Galaxy watch. I've also found the NFC contactless pay feature to be much more reliable.
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    it used to hate firefox, but then they grew up and realised a lot of people use it
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