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    Yeah. They should be thanking their stars they aren't being starved and gassed and experimented on. Always best to set a low bar to compare your life "goodness" against.
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    Well if X570 really did drop latency by ~6% that could easily make a CPU limited game over 3% faster. Or maybe it is just margin of error in there tests time will tell I guess.
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    Sometimes I like to just ask questions and find out more info before I dump a wall of text full of blind assumptions. Then again I'm not the one calling eveln an idiot, so I guess I have some faith that some carefully worded questions will work better than talking down to her.
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    Well, unlike some here, I won't insult you for displaying a differing opinion. Thanks. I'm out for the day at least, need to do my job.
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    You could ask yourself if you think the situation you are in is warranted for a start. Are you being treated like a human being within the realms of the situation at hand? Of course you have to weigh up pros and cons. Do you feel safer than you did in the situation you were fleeing? Maybe you have better access to food now but you've lost family along the way. Just saying you're not in the worst possible situation isn't really a measure of humanity. Even saying it could be worse has it's limits as it could pretty much always be worse in some way., so can't be used as a yard stick on it's own. People are dying on the way to make this journey. Lots of them. There has to be a good reason to risk it all for such a trek. I agree with trying to do things to fix the country's they are in but a straight out "remove dictator x" just leaves a power vacuum and has rarely worked out well. Just throwing money at the country also doesn't work as the people at the top usually take most of that. Money with provisos and consequences is probably the best bet. Look at how it has worked for the Catholic church around the world. Not necessarily good for the people but the church got certain levels of compliance out of people. The thing is, you're comparing desperate people asking for help and being locked away to people who were hunted down because they were a particular race/religion and being locked away under worse circumstances. Have we learned nothing as people? Probably not enough. As for the bit about a building block... well they are all people who should have insurance and have legal recourse and live in a place where they are recognised citizens. There are systems in place to treat them as humans with meaningful lives. That would be the bar for them. That's not to say you can't look at how you could do things better in relation to making sure things don't happen like that but I don't think the circumstances are really comparable. Anyway, I probably rambled a bit. Let me know if I got nonsensical at any point.
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    Y'know, I've read the Bible. Cover to cover, more than once. I do not want to be 'loved' by that evil, genocidal, narcissistic psychopath. I'm really relieved that I've never seen any evidence whatsoever for a god's existence (despite believers of varying levels of rabidity and violent potential), because I'm pretty sure he'd just ignore the restraining order.
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    that song is on high rotation here - what a great track
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