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    sad kermit does the best version
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    Don't be afraid to go up to 1.5v for 24\7 use but at that you will want airflow over the RAM while running stability tests to keep it stable. But there is a good chance that with Ryzen 2k you wont need that much vdimm as the memory controller will be your limit as it is for me on the 6700k. Nice you made it to 3466c14 To show subs https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-timing-checker/ Are you using the Stilt's timings profile for b die that is in the MB? I find Gsat much quicker for finding RAM errors than prime95 and HCI for memory controller errors which is built into the Ryzen timing calculator now https://www.overclock.net/forum/10-amd-cpus/1628751-official-amd-ryzen-ddr4-24-7-memory-stability-thread.html
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