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    I don't know how you could refer to a drink as "seasonal" in a place that might be under 15 degrees for a few dozen hours of the entire year.
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    cool. fascinating that d-glucose (dextrose) has more than double the "antifreezing capability" of l-glucose (glucose) when its practically the same molecule. as to how relevant some of that will be to me depends on the cost/effort equation. i quickly lose interest if i cant make something as good or better than whats in the supermarket freezer for significantly lower cost and minimal fucking about. i mean, pasteurisation? - no. a few bowls of ice cream are not worth all that babysitting a thermometer. maybe i couldve used some maltodextrin last time i made mango ice cream. i was doing it specifically for the challenge of using the cheapest nastiest pre-sliced frozen Woolworths mangoes. it wasnt too bad; a bit light on flavour and a bit too dense as you might expect. probably shouldve at least cooked them down first, but i was trying to cheat the equation! mainly i just do vanilla. cream, milk, sweetened condensed milk (for extra milk protein) and vanilla paste. no heating, no saucepans. blender --> fridge --> churner --> freezer. i boost the air content by taking it out before it sets and savaging it with a butter knife. works as good as any hand mixer. very cheap, very quick, very good — and consumed days before it sets too hard :)
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    \derail I like coming into this thread and seeing the beat the dead horse pic ... musta been one of the first memes for me on this forum ... sweet memories /end derail
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    oldie but goodie
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    Apparently the CH7 had a problem with it's beta BIOS for Ryzen 3k where it would cold boot with 1.2vdimm not sure if a BIOS update has fixed this yet. But if you reboot without it powering off it will hold the high v setting.
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    I am surprised 3900x has a IPC advantage across the board vs 3700x. lab501 is working on a RAM speed test where they tweak sub timings after finding 3733c14 was slower than 3733c16 due to poorly configured sub timings which could explain why reviews are seeing such a small improvement from higher RAM speeds. They managed to get latency down from 72ns at 3200c14 to 63ns at 3800c15 1:1
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    This probably became more famous when used somewhere else a few years later - can you guess what it is? Don't post your answer - just post the time index of when you realised it (most will probably not get it).
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    What if Britney Spears "Toxic" was recorded in the '60s instead?
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