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    Olaf from Frozen, right? or maybe its more like this :P
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    how about electric racing in a giant scalectrix track ? they could have a grid above with scrapers like a giant dodgem set up
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    Jeez I am, particularly a BEV ute. Instant full torque, quiet, economical and no more having to visit the service station. Pity I just can't afford any sort of replacement vehicle so I have to keep my old diesel ute running for the time being.
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    Vanilla tends to suck (half-second long-press delay, anyone?), so those with a DIY ethic can have a hard time understanding why so many folks don't care... especially given the vindication of so many backyard tweaks eventually becoming mainstream. The ignorant masses tend to react to those who push the boundaries in almost any field of endeavour that ultimately benefit society in negative ways; anywhere from background microaggressions to outright persecution; it's somewhat contemptible, no? Consider the douchebags who slag off environmentalists and 'social justice warriors' (in what demented headspace is that a bad thing?), who don't seem to mind advocating for a shittier world for their own descendants to inhabit. I'm well aware misanthropy isn't a healthy attitude, but damn. He might have a heart of gold under the layers of interalised propaganda, but the man in the street is a fucken dipshit. And I'm supposed to love him anyway... at this rate, it's gonna take while for the meek to inherit the Earth... not sure there's gonna be much left of it. But I digress. Howdy, Ivan!
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