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    There is actually international super company's buying up our water as a commodity now that they have changed the laws so you don't need to be a land holder to own water, they are manipulating the markets to drive up prices and holding our agricultural industry to ransom. Combined with them flushing huge environmental flows down the river greater than what is running into the catchments due to it being a drought... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that is not sustainable or natural. The rivers in this country use to dry up during a drought not flow 24\7. But maybe I am bias living on a dairy farm on the Goulburn system. And while cows may fart and burp they are eating grass grown for them that has captured that carbon in the first place they are not just producing it out of thin air. We have also planted thousands of trees on our property.
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    Buildzoid RAM and FCLK settings vs performance on Ryzen 3000
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