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    It's whatever you want it to be - you're an adult aren't you?
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    once again, its time to post this gem: https://www.thoughtsandprayersthegame.com/
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    Yea over the next few days I would like to make sure it is totally stable with these timings. I did a quick couple of runs on the below comparing my previous best scores to these timings. Im super curious of what the difference would be from 3200 stock ram vs 3733 would be. TimeSpy: Best vs Previous Best, CPU +6% https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8030996/spy/7829278 FireStrike: Best to Previous Best, Physics +.03% .. Combined +5.4% https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/20068095/fs/19873963 It seems to have helped my graphics scores a bit too or possibly driver updates played a part. Also, I have updated my chipset drives that came out a few days ago. Oh and the ryzen tool says not supported.
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