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    Now that does sound good stadl, might have to give it a go Cheers
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    It can be for any, but I'd be more likely to have it for dinner. Also if you think baked beans & melted cheese is good. Try it with picked jalapenos added - Yum.
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    ive made them from scratch a handful of times over the years. i think... pretty sure... its just...there wasnt any baking involved? and my tomato sauce was actually palatable. kinda defeats the purpose though, when i imagine half the point for most is the impromptu convenience of the canned stuff.
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    Any, but not as a regular thing unless it's for breakfast. It's a full meal if you have two pieces of toast, a can of beans and two slices of cheese. Appropriateness ranking: breakfast, lunch then dinner.
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    I guess any President would need that. Crikey I bet our Scotty has a deal of self belief too ... bloody sure Shorten did as well ...
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    Go google bake beans. I just did ( I would have put a link in but " there is a problem loading this ... OK " ) ... maybe later . It's not haute cuisine it 's just baked beans ... got to be just as healthy as eating home made ice cream
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    wouldn't surprise me too much if it transpired that DMB / NZT48 was not an alt of chrisg's and he ( chrisg ) just forgets which member he's signed in as ...;)
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    I can't actually say I recall the last time I had baked beans, not exactly something I would go out of my way to eat. Cheers
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    is there ever an appropriate time to ruin perfectly good cheese and toast? not sure that ive ever had it. baked beans — out of a can at least — is dog food.
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    It's the sort of thing I might occasionally have as an evening meal if I get home late and can't be bothered with cooking but not only do I not do much about breakfast I rarely bother much with lunch either. Cheers
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    It's seriously a first world issue , and it is too a meal ! You lot eat waaay more than your body actually requires in one sitting !
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    Arguably it's not even a meal, it's a snack. But if it's only one, it's probably not dinner, nor a meal, as it's not substantive enough.
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    i approve of devere's assessment not so keen on cheese with 'em, and prefer ham sauce on the beans rather than standard but unless in desperation for quick calories (invariably as a short order ersatz "dinner"), bb on toast here usually get served with crispy bacon and soft fried egg, and a side order of extra toast to clean the plate ... oh, and decent espresso if it's breakfast or brunch, and likely more espresso if it's a late-ish lunch more recently the go to quick lunch or dinner here is the freshly cooked woolies free range organic chook, using the breast meat diced through a package caesar salad mix... which i have yet to get excited enough to add diced hard boiled egg as an ingrediend the wings and legs are snack food for 'ron, and any extra meat and skin is bequeathed to the domestic short hair, as her favourite food every time
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    It's whatever you want it to be - you're an adult aren't you?
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    Is baked beans on toast with cheese a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal? Whatever you want. Chuck a couple of poached or fried eggs on there and it's even better. Yum. Most appropriate? Possibly brekky and lunch. For dinner definitely add the eggs and even a bit of bacon, fried or grilled ham or a sausage or two with some green tomato pickles to top it off. Yummo.
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    I don't do breakfast. Will eat bb on toast with cheese for either lunch or dinner. No preference here, either is a win for me.
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