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    I beat you both by a bit. And I'm still here, still actively kicking Nich's arse and will still be here when the lights go off. I've also been part of / am part of a number of forums outside of here. DIfference is that I don't mention it because it has no bearing on here. We don't have a say in what our playground is built on, and should perhaps just consider ourselves incredibly blessed to still have a playground at all that allows us to roam free like the wildebeast.
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    Nope doesn't happen. I grew spuds and swedes for fresh market and the last year I grew spuds for that company they had installed brand new equipment to automatically grade the produce as it went through the factory. So instead of a dozen people grading the veges you had one bod keeping half an eye on the line in case the machine missed a bad spud or it actually broke. Packing was pretty automated too so nowhere else in the production chain for them to go. On the picking side, spuds still need a tractor operator and at least two people on the harvester, but that's waaaaaaay down from the dozens farmers used to employ to hand pick the spuds after the tractor mounted spud lifter had been through. Swedes where still hand picked when we did them (crew of about a dozen on a 13 acre paddock) but now are all machine harvested and graded apparently. As for the smartarse unskilled labour comments by some, they might consider it unskilled but from doing some myself and working with other pickers etc it is actually a skilled job, just a different skill set to sitting on your arse in an office. A good example is the Swedes. A new picker or slacker would do 2 half tonne boxes a day if lucky. Someone with a bit of skill and knowledge could do 3 or 4 boxes a day and the swedes in the box would be trimmed better. So don't blather on to me about "unskilled" labour.
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    NAhhh mate, I'll out live you by more than a mile ... my staying power is truly phenomenal
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    a khadas tone board in simple terms, a dac for geeks, featuring : XMOS: XU208-128-QF48: 8 xCores, Core Share up to 500 MIPS DAC: ES9038Q2M 32-Bit Stereo Mobile Audio DAC Sampling Frequency: PCM: Up to 768KHz @ 32bit DSD: Up to DSD256 @ 1bit Audio Formats: APE2/FLAC/OGG/WAV/ACC/ALAC/MP3/WMA Line Out: 1x Red RCA for Right, 1 x White RCA for Left Mounting Holes: Size M2 x 5 S/PDIF IN: Up to 192KHz USB-C Port: Power Supply(5V/500mA) & USB 2.0 Data Dimensions: 82.0 x 74.5 x 17.0 mm Compatibility: Windows PC/ Linux PC/Mac OS/XRaspberry Pi read more about it here : https://www.khadas.com/tone-specs i am so looking forward to trying this out as the next step from my xonar hdav
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