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    bloody hell the front of my car and windscreen are plastered hard and dry with a week's worth of the bodies of every dusk-flying thing that is . so this morning there's some rain type stuff and being the multi-tasker supreme I put the car out to catch some wetness whilst I do other stuffs ( havin' a wee spell from the toil just now ) ... and well, the rain stops
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    Huh ?! So I managed to respond directly to you but not hit the " submit reply " when I posted ... ffs :\ I'm sorry fliptopia. you hit gold with your second call of " Howzat " ! I thought I did this last night ...
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    Think I have the CPU fairly well dialed in at 5000MHz core\cache and -1 offset for 4.9 AVX with 1.34v No luck yet with getting the RAM over 3733 but I have managed to tighten the timings which passed GSAT but is failing HCI very quick and extra v isnt helping so I need to work out what I need to dial back a bit. Unfortunately the primarys had to go back to c16
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    Current public chips but there's no higher end chips announced
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