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    woah, youve latched onto that one word and gone mental haha she didnt say, "I'm a very conservative person politically...". she probably meant conservative of temperament (since terminating your own pregnancy is an extreme intervention) and conservative sexually (because a no sex before marriage lifestyle choice tends to be very effective at eliminating all but the most unthinkable scenarios for an unwanted pregnancy). while its safe to assume 99% of social "conservatives" are "conservatives" politically, that does not mean the word is interchangeable and connotations within context can be overlooked. its also safe to assume theres a fair proportion of sexually promiscuous atheists who happen to be conservative voters, so it should be pretty fricken obvious that the main thrust of her comment was not to invoke an association with the entirety of those on the right of politics. moreover, with her answers, she was pretty much doing the exact opposite of what youre accusing her of! she resisted offering a personal view, repeatedly downplayed its supposed relevance, and generally displayed a level of reluctance befitting someone with a healthy respect for the separation between church and state. so who is she trying to make feel guilty? first she said "I don't want to make people feel guilty who have had to go down that path." later she said "Ben, you've been naughty in pushing me to say that, because I don't want anyone to feel guilty about decisions they've made, because I'm not in their shoes." oh, i see it now. it must have been the last bit that set you off: "...not in their shoes". she was clearly echoing the famous aphorism that says we should cast hasty judgments on people with different life circumstances. i see your point now. by the way, just as an aside, when she says "I've not been in a situation where I've had to contemplate that, and nor would I", i totally believe her. being someone who grew up as a god-fearing christian, theres every chance she knows to take precautions whenever she rolls over for Alan Jones.
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    She's on the radio show as the Premier ffs. Of course it's political. by the way, I bloody love that clip, you know when I was writing that bit about conservative women having had abortions there was something naggin' at me ... and your post of that clip solved the nag . lol. again, you can think you're conservative till the cows come home, but when and if you are faced with the question is the telling point. but as I initially inferred, ya just don't know till ya have to Know
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    Maybe because the question is so loaded and not expected. Add to that the way every answer any polition gives is analysed, especially on hot button issues like this currently is. I'd probably take a moment. She is trying to find a way to tow the conservative party line while not alienating the other other side. I imagine the answer worked for some people and not others.
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    Would mean redoing mounts or adding another crossmember but there is nothing stopping the shocks from being angled in or forward or back at the top. They don't have to be vertical. May be just me but I would be welding in some internal triangular gussets at each corner just to stiffen things a bit. This sort of thing I also assume at some point you will fit bump stops for the springs so you don't bottom out the shocks. But probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs!!!!!
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    change youre mind? something tells me it would be easier to invent a time machine to go back and have you aborted. no, i think the horse has bolted in that regard. but i do like to think that one day an anti-abortionist gene will be identified that could be screened for in the womb, and then a referendum passed requiring the humane disposal of all afflicted foetuses.
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