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    The work finally begun before work this afternoon, this bit being home thing is really getting old but hey a start is a start right
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    I don't mind some concerns if it means a better route is taken but I don't like it when things seem to get obstructionistic for the sake of it. Like 2 trees are the only 2 trees and there will be no more trees. All this stuff seems to be a result of all these concerns being almost completely ignored for ages and now everything has swung too far the other way. Hopefully it settles back to a sane position.
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    All of my parts arrived yesterday but sadly Ive been unable to put them together as I have not been home yet, its so frustrating.. No i dont need patience, you need patience.. be quiet
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    here's a question for you Kimmo: were you eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when somebody took a shit in your cereal? yeah its a silly question, but it did lead to some discussion. what motivated it i wonder? my theory: Robzy is trying to settle an argument with his partner. she's all like "Grrr. Baked beans is not a romantic dinner! It's not even a dinner!" now that the first part is settled, i am awaiting the next thread, in which Robzy asks: "Is any meal eaten by candlelight romantic?"
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