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    Have done! I sadly lost a fair bit of the 2nd batch through black mould spores - from hanging too close to the brine tank in the coolroom and some *ahem* males not being careful enough with the hot water hose, letting steam & condensation rise. Lesson learnt - I'll not hang them that close again haha. I've got one more to finalise drying - my Lomo Di Cerdo - that one has another 65 days to go
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    Holy Hannah Dev !! Brilliant !!! Let the boys know, they will be rapt Cheers
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    Not cooking per se - but I've waited 200 days for this beauty! My home made Coppa
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    No need for regret, I was being fecetious
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    Might be just in my case... But maybe it is wide spread as survey shows... Either way those results are just to telling that something is not quite right. Still a great product for price/performance but why even say 4400mhz if most will get 4300mhz? They could just say 4300mhz is top boost for 3700x and if you got over that you would be less concerned and have a great product either way. If that were the case people be like I'm getting waht I'm supposed to be getting and a few would say Im getting even better, much happier users I would think... Need to keep these tech companies honest to advertised and commend what he and hardware unboxed is doing.
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    this mondo nutjob: first, watch the original video: then, the parody :
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    The fact you think this is a question worth asking gives me a slight twinge of quiet despair. Nobody is the the boss of you, man. Eat what you fucken want, and leave semantics out of it. And have a think about what makes a good question.
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